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Week 7 Survivor Pools

The Vikings snuck out a ‘W’ last week while the Saints rolled over the Raiders. However, that trap game I talked about for the Skins after coming off back-to-back road divisional wins caught them. The Rams defeated

Washington on the road and if you took my advice to keep away from that game, you should be moving on …


The Rules:




Stay away from road teams.



Stay away from divisional matchups.



Never take a divisional team on the road.


On to Week 7 …


Chargers @ Bills – Cross-country game for SD and Bills are 4-1. Avoid.


Vikings @ Bears – NFC North rivalry. Keep away.


Steelers @ Bengals – Violates rule #3, but Ryan Fitzpatrick should be an exception to the rule. Possibly an option.


Titans @ Chiefs – Another team on the road that could be an option, but KC burned the Bronco pick a few weeks back in Arrowhead so I’m a bit wary.


Cowboys @ Rams – This looked like the pick until Monday morning. Still an option, but with the Boys in turmoil, it’s no longer a sure-fire lock.


Ravens @ Dolphins – Anxious to see how the BALT defense responds, but not a survivor game.


49ers @ Giants – Giants should rebound on both sides of the ball Sunday and take care of the Niners traveling across the country for an early 1 p.m. start. You may have used them though with all of their favorable matchups to start the year. If you haven’t, they’re the #1 option this week.


Saints @ Panthers – No deal.


Lions @ Texans – Houston is a solid sleeper option since you won’t be considering them for most of the season. They’re a big favorite at home over the Lions who just got worse with the loss of Roy Williams. The Lions got worse. Wow, that doesn’t sound pretty.


Jets @ Raiders – I don’t trust the Jets.


Colts @ Packers – Good AFC-NFC game.


Browns @ Redskins – Who knows what to expect from the Browns? Let’s see them one more week.


Seahawks @ Buccaneers – Hasselbeck’s out and the Bucs are a worthy pick on SNF.

Seattle has not looked good so far and without their QB again, they’ll be in trouble.

Tampa makes for another solid Week 7 selection.


Broncos @ Patriots – Look elsewhere for the Monday nighter.


In summary, it looks like we have some options this week:

1. Steelers

2. Titans

3. Cowboys

4. Giants

5. Texans

6. Buccaneers


I would avoid the Titans as a gut feeling this weekend. That narrows it down to five options. Here’s how I rank them.


Most confident to least confident:

1. Giants – at home vs. a 2-4 West coast team with an early start time.

2. Texans – what’s not to like about a team home vs. the Lions?

3. Bucs – defense is playing at a high level and running game is clicking.

4. Cowboys – probably not the week to take them but should win at home.

5. Steelers – because they’re on the road, they get the fifth rank.


If you want to be gutsy and hold on to the better teams, pick

Houston or

Tampa. You have a lot of options this week.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at



Good luck this week!


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