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Week 7 – Where all the WRs at?

One of my teams has been riddled with injuries and if I wasn’t such a competitive SOB I would set the roster and never look back but while looking for a WR to replace Caldwell, the second or third WR that I have grabbed from the waiver wire, I realized that I would have a better chance scoring a ticket to a Playboy party then finding a WR worth his salt on the wire.


Sure there are some mediocre WR available and they may sniff the endzone at some point but as I sat there trying to decide which fourth tier WR would be starting on my squad I realized that stud fantasy WRs are about as rare as finding the beloved Sin City Betbot 6000 sober. “Showgirls and gin my friend, Showgirls and beeping gin”.


How many WR do you think fall into the top 40 Fantasy players up to this point? 10? How about 8? Nope. 6 WRs found their way into the top 40 up to this point (15%). 35% of the top forty is made up of 14 RBs, more then twice the number of WRs and the rest, 50%, is made up of 20 QBs.


The once endangered fantasy RB seems to have been resurrected while WRs are dropping faster then beers in Boston. And since the number of quality players at each skill position play a part in most owners draft boards this seems like something worth noting. Now I don’t know about you but that I will remember this come draft time next season and rest assured Stud WRs will move up a few slots on my draft board.


Had a lot of question this week and here are the 5 I picked out of the bunch. Remember if you have a question…hit me up and I will hook you up




Running backs seem like a toss-up this week. Need 2 from: Corey Dillon, Marshall Faulk, Thomas Jones, and Mewelde Moore.


I’m pretty confident in my wide out picks this week, but another opinion doesn’t hurt. Need 3 from: Amani Toomer, Michael Clayton, Nate Burleson, and Randy Hymes.


Thank God I’ve got Culpepper.




I like Jones and Moore here. Dillion faces a stingy Jets defense that gives up 88 yards rushing a game and has allowed RBs to hit pay dirt only three times. Marshall is giving up more and more carries to Jackson each week so his value is dropping fast.


Jones will more then likely get 20+ carries and could break a few against this not what it us to be Tampa defense. Moore is tearing it up and has been a factor both rushing and receiving. He should fair well against Tennessee. 


Go with what you know at WR. 



Hey man, how’s it going?  Well it looks like I’ve hit the jackpot at RB for now: Edge, Fred, Domanick, Reuben, and Mewelde.  I’m looking to improve my WR, where I have Andre Johnson, Ronald Curry, and David Givens. 


I figure Mewelde would be good trade bait, since he is starting once again this week.  However, I’m concerned that when Onterrio returns, they will split.  So, can you rank the order in which WRs I should go after: Darrell Jackson, Holt, Marvin, or Reggie Wayne?  OR, should I just hang on to Mewelde? 






If you read my rant above you know that trading seems to be the only way to improve at the WR spot but I don’t think that Holt, Marvin, or Wayne will be available for Mewelde alone. Maybe as part of a package deal but not one for one.


Darrell Jackson is a maybe but you better hope that his team owner doesn’t know that K Rob will be serving a suspension and thus boosting DJ’s value.




Hi there. Thanks again for answering my question. I’m trying to play match – ups right now but I seem to have a boatload of solid match – ups this week.

J. Plummer vs. Cincy or M. Vick vs. KC?
T. Barber vs. Det or R. Droughns vs. Cincy?
A. Gates vs. Car or J. Shockey vs. Det?

Who would you start? I am leaning towards Plummer/Barber/Shockey.




We need to talk Bennett.


Start Plummer over Vick? I know Vick has been up and down but vs. a pathetic KC defense he should be fine. Look what Lefty did to them last week.


Start Barber over Droughns who is facing the second worst fantasy rush defense? The Bungles are giving up an average of 150 yards on the ground per game. This kid is tearing it up right now and should be riden like a circus pony by fantasy owners.


Start Shockey over Gates? Gates is a favorite target for Brees and should give you some solid points this week against Carolina. Shockey is showing signs of life but Gates is still out performing him right now and with Caldwell out for the season Gates is going to get a ton of looks for Brees.




I’ve been offered a trade of Chad Johnson, Roy Williams, and Chad Pennington for Daunte Culpepper, David Givens, and (Lee Evans or Keary Colbert). We get 1 pt per reception, 1 pt for 10 yards receiving, 1 pt for every 20 yards passing, 4 pts for every pass td, 1 pt for every 10 yards rushing, 6 pts for each rushing td.

My team stands at 2-4 due to an inconsistent receiving group. My other WR’s are Brandon Stokley, Rod Smith, and Eddie Kennison. I feel this trade would give my team more balance. Would you make this trade?




Ahh…No. You’re right in wanting to improve your team balance but not by trading away Culpepper. When it comes to trades like this I look at the total fantasy points for the players involved. In your case you’re giving up 231 total fantasy points (according to ESPN) and your getting 151 points in return. Sorry but I can’t recommend giving up a stud like Culpepper AND 80 points for those guys.


Don’t do it.




Hey, Corey!


You gave me some great advice last season, so here I am bugging you again… Season’s going pretty good so far, should be 5-1 after tonight’s game.


I got a bad feeling about Pennington vs. NE in week 7. I think they just might get spanked. The only other decent D he’s faced (MIA) held him to just 3 FFL points, and he’s only averaging a little over 12 anyway. My backup QB – Rattay – is on the bye. On the wire is Brees vs. CAR (I’m already starting LT2 & Gates), Warner vs. DET and Griese vs. CHI. What should I do?


Also, Atlanta’s defense is starting to let me down, but there’s not much on the wire. Any sleepers you see for week 7, or should I stick with them? Thanks in advance!


My team: QB – Pennington, Rattay / RB – Tomlinson, Westbrook, D. Davis, Moore, Chatman / WR – Ward, Horn, Moulds, Stokley, Branch / TE – Gates / K – Carney / DEF – ATL



Thanks for the kind words Robert!


Pennington is going to have a rough one against New England so if your still looking for some help from the wire I would grab up Brees. Though Brees hasn’t been incredible he has been consistent and safe for the last few weeks. His consistent play makes him a perfect filler for your situation.


Stick with Atlanta for another week and if they stink it up again this week, blame me and then hit me up. We will figure something out with what is available on your wire.

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