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Week 8 in Survivor Pools

The Saints came marching in to the Superdome and left with their first win at home, which pleased many Survivor Pool hopefuls, including myself. Thanks to Reggie Bush muscling his way into the end zone, I

improved my record to 7-0 on the year.

How Did I Do in Week 7?


5 STARS = REDSKINS over Cardinals =


*4 STARS =

SAINTS over Falcons =



over Jets =


* = My Week 7 Pick

On to Week 8… 


Short and Sweet this week….

* * * * * GIANTS over Dolphins – The G-Men are on fire. They have won five straight games and there is no reason to believe they should slow down. I contemplated this pick this week, but finally settled on the Giants when the heart of the Dolphins offense, Ronnie Brown, went down for the year. On the other side of the ball, Zach Thomas also may be out for the Fins. There is some risk involved since this game is in London and Miami is bound to win sometime, but too many things are going wrong for Miami on and off the field. There are not many quality matchups like this one for the Giants down the stretch other than a Week 12 home date with the Vikings, which doesn’t stand out at me too much anyway.

* * * * COLTS over Panthers – Road team alert. Trap game alert. Those are the reasons why this only gets 4 stars. The Colts will likely be too much for Carolina and whoever starts at QB for the Panthers won’t be able to keep up with Peyton.

Obvious Statement: The Pats are an option every week. If you still have them, use them in a week where you’re not confident in anyone else. I’ve already used them, so I will not have any Patriot insight the rest of the way.

MY PICK: There’s always a risk involved when you put trust in your team. I’m doing it this week. The only thing that can affect the Giants this week is the trip across the pond. Let’s hope that doesn’t affect them. Even if it does, it should not be significant enough for them to lose to Miami. Remember, Miami has to deal with it too. Like I do every week, I’ll be rooting for the Giants. This time, the game has even more meaning. Don’t fail me, Big Blue. Go



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