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Week 9 Waiver Wire Pickups

Just after draft day, you were all set at quarterback.  With Chad Pennington backing up Duante Culpepper, any roster worries you’d have would certainly be elsewhere.  NOT!  Hey, I’ve been there myself brotha.  That’s why, even in week 9, it’s *never* too late to be scouring the waiver wire.  Now how much would you pay for advice like this?  But wait…we have not one, not two, but *three* Johnsons to mention!  Call now!!

Smokin’ Hot!!!
Kevin Curtis  WR  St. Louis Rams
With Ike Bruce and Torry Holt riding pine with injuries lately, Curtis has been tearing it up!  With a 105 yard and a TD performance last week against a good Jags D, Kevin’s now scored a TD in three of his last four games, and has over 60 receiving yards in each of his last five!  Yeah, I know he’s long since been been scooped up in many sharkier circles, but he’s available in close to 50% of leagues!  The return of Holt and / or Bruce will likely squelch his stats a bit, but until you see a productive game out of one of the two, Curtis is a rock-solid #2 fantasy WR for as long as the ride lasts.  Remember that the Rams are on bye in Week 9…watch the Rams injury report closely.

Solid Pickups
Antonio Chatman  WR  Green Bay Packers
NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa…Chat…Man!!!  Antonio was mentioned here last week as a WR who would be stepping up in the absence of Javon Walker, and step-up he did.  Chatman snagged 8 balls for 97 yards against a stout Cincinnati defense…that’s a whole three more Farve passes than the Bengals caught!  This smurfish receiver makes Emmanuel Lewis look like B.A. Baracus, but he’ll put up stats this year.  A nice fill-in or #3 for larger leagues, or those squads in bye-week and injury H.E. double hockey-sticks.   It’s a shame Favre is wrapping up his career this way, isn’t it?

Erick Lynne Williams  RB  Miami Dolphins
Man, with a name like that, you think he’d be a little more P.Oed, don’t you?  Yes, you guessed it, our favorite ‘Ricky’ is back!  And he actually had his first fantasy-worthy game since 2003 on Sunday.  The Fins ran, ran, and then ran some more against a withering Saints team, and Ricky got his share.  Seventeen carries for 82 yards is a solid game indeed.  The bad news for Ricky is that Ronnie Brown looked good too, and Williams will likely be the lesser end of a RBBC barring injury or ineffectiveness by Brown.  Nonetheless, Erick Lynne is certainly rosterable and is a nice handcuff for Brown owners down the stretch…he’s available in close to 1/2 of all leagues.

Brad Johnson  QB  Minnesota Vikings
With Doctor meeting with Pepper as we speak, it looks like grizzled vet Johnson will be captaining the shipwreck that is the Vikings for the forseeable future.  As crazy as it sounds, don’t be suprised if BJ puts up some pretty respectable fantasy numbers.  No, I haven’t been using Magic Markers in an unventilated room!  Johnson is old, but doesn’t have a lot of tread on his tires…he knows how to play.  And with the Vikes in a doughboy-soft division and looking to be playing from behind almost continuously, ol’ Brad may put up some pretty handsome garbage-time stats.  Of course, he could just as likely be broken in half by repeated hits from enraged yet unblocked defensive ends.  Alas, this is the world of the Week 9 waiver wire.  If he lives past Detroit and the Giants, look for some nice stats against the Pack on Monday night and the Browns.

Kyle Johnson  FB  Denver Broncos
Don’t even consider this guy unless you’re in a TD-only league.  I’ve never played in one myself and am not sure I even know someone who has, but apparently they’re out there.  Who knows why, but for whatever reason Shanahan *loves* this guy in the red-zone.  Johnson amazingly has 5 TDs on only 8 catches and 4 rushing attempts!  How much do Mike Anderson owners hate this guy?  Answer..a lot!  No real upside for him, but there’s a better-than-even chance that he’ll score a TD if you start him.

On the Radar
Ernest Wilford  WR  Jacksonville Jaguars
Didn’t Wilford once do those Quaker Oats commercials?  Nah, I think that’s a different Wilford.  Anyhow,  *this* Wilford broke his streak of one and two catch games with a monster 6 grab for 145 yards and a TD performance against the Rams this past weekend.  Where did that come from?  At 6-4 and 220+ lbs, he could be monster red-zone target for Leftwich and Jimmy Smith has to slow down sooner or later…doesn’t he?  I’d like to see a little more from him before starting a death-sprint to the waiver wire, but a game like that puts Wilford on the radar.  I’m hoping he someday ends a preseason holdout so the Jacksonville paper can run the “Ernest Goes to Camp” headline they’ve been waiting so long to print…

Bryant Johnson  WR  Arizona Cardinals
As of this writing, it looks like Anquan Boldin could miss some considerable time with a knee injury.  The Cards have actually had a pretty solid fantasy passing attack of late, and former Penn State first-rounder Johnson should see more balls starting next week.  He’s been in the shadow of uber-talents Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald up to this point…now we’ll see what Johnson can do on the field. 

Courtney Roby  WR  Tennessee Titans
Someone was likely to emerge from the young and injured Titans receiving corp, and this past weekend it was rookie Courtney Roby, a third-rounder out of Indiana.  With Drew Bennett out for another week or two, there’s no reason why Roby doesn’t have a chance to duplicate his 7 / 83 / TD performance against the lowly Browns this week.  If you *must* start a Titans receiver this week, Roby’s your man!

Charlie Frye  QB  Cleveland Browns
The Charlie Frye watch continues…Dilfer is bad, the Browns are basically out of the playoff hunt, expect to see Frye soon, for better or for worse.

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