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Week 9 Waiver Wire Pickups

Good golly, it’s week 9 already? It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was giddy waiting for the season opener! So much as changed since then. If you want to laugh, look at your preseason draft. Who got Tiki Barber when he slipped to the 4th? Who laughed at the guy who picked Testaverde in the last round? Who’s this Antonio Gates guy anyhow? And who blew their top pick on Ricky Williams in an early draft? You poor Ricky owners have been getting waxed this season I’m sure…unless of course you’ve been reading the Waiver Wire column all year! And speaking of the column…lets go!!

Smokin’ Hot!!!

Anthony Thomas RB Chicago Bears

The A-Train is back on track! Thomas Jones sprained his ankle early in the Bears game against the Niners this week, and Anthony stepped up big as his replacement with 98 yards rushing to go with a nice 4 catches for 46 in the air. A-Train is a capable back and isn’t far removed from two 1000+ yard seasons and a Rookie of the Year award. Jones has never been able to string together a successful season from start to finish and I never really understood why he was considered much of an upgrade for the Bears to begin with. Chicago lives, and (mostly) dies by the run game, and the Train is a workhorse who will get plenty of carries if Jones misses time. It’s a little murky as to how bad the ankle is, but if it’s looking like Jones is still hobbled going into the weekend, don’t be afraid to ride the Train to the Meadowlands against the Giants this weekend! My top waiver wire pick of the week. All aboard!

Solid Pickups

Nate Burleson WR Minnesota Vikings

How much do I hate Mike Tice? Getting two consecutive weeks of a big goose egg out of Randy Moss is just killing me! He’s just too good to bench, but Tice is sneaking up on Shanahan status with his fantasy-team killing injury spin! Anyhow, the Vikes seem to get their passing yards whether Randy’s smoking DBs or not, and Burleson has benefitted big time from his absence. Nate caught 6 balls for 43 yards and a TD this past weekend, following up a 6 for 53 week before that. He’s no Moss, but he’s a decent #3 WR or better for your team this coming week against a pourous Colts pass D…on Monday Night Football nonetheless!!! There’s nothing better than having guys in the MNF to make your opponent twist in the wind, right? Lovin’ it!!

Anquan Boldin WR Arizona Cardinals

This guy really has no business on your waiver wire, but in case he’s been forgotten in your league, snag him quick! Last year’s All-Pro rookie made his season debut last week in Buffalo and looked fairly good. I’m still of the opinion that trying to groom Josh McCown into a starting QB is rather like trying to spit-shine a turd, but Boldin will get his points nonetheless. I hope that your league isn’t made up of *complete* guppies, but you never know…Boldin has been under the radar all year.

Eric Parker WR San Diego Chargers

Did Drew Brees make a deal with the devil this year or what? 5 TDs last week? Did he have that many all of last season? Unreal! Don’t expect a Chargers airshow every week, but the Bolts seem to have gotten a servicable throwing game somewhere along the line. And Eric Parker has really been stepping it up lately…he was really overmatched as the #1 WR the Chargers were trying to make him, but since the arrival of McCardell and emergence of Antonio Gates, Parker is putting up some servicable fantasy numbers. Six catches for 91 yards gets my attention every time, and the hot Chargers (how long has that phrase been an oxymoron?) play an absolutely horrible Saints pass defense next week. Watch Parker put up some great numbers against New Orleans on Sunday and look like a genius! We’ll keep this our little secret though, right? But don’t think I’ll forget about that beer you’ll owe me…

Drew Brees QB San Diego Chargers

If you just read the Eric Parker thread, you know the Brees story. I’m glad I don’t own Phillip Rivers right now…the Bolts are sudden playoff contenders and barring a complete collapse (this is the Chargers we’re talking about remember), Brees looks to be the field general for a pretty good offense for the rest of the season. And like I said, Brees is a damn good starter this week against a Saints pass D that only a Mother could love. Well, maybe not Ditka’s Mother, or Bum Phillips’ either…but you get the idea.

Kevin Faulk RB New England Patriots

With Dillon inactive last week due to injury, the ‘other Faulk’ was the only show in town for the Pats this week. And it really wasn’t much of a show at all. Five carries for 6 yards is pretty poor, but pair that with 8 catches for 72 yards and you have a fairly decent Fantasy day, especially in point-per-catch leagues. If Dillon is out again this week, Faulk might not be a bad start…he’s a shifty back with good hands and his game is made for the turf. With the mighty Pats playing in a dome against a Rams team in what could be a high-scoring affair, Marshall might not be the only startable Faulk in the building on Sunday. As Tom Cruise said…”Sometimes you just just have to say…what the Faulk…and make your move”! Of course, this sweet story all depends on the health of Dillon, so pay attention this week. If you already own Dillon…I certainly hope you don’t need further prodding on what to do next!

Dorsey Levens RB Philadelphia Eagles

This guy is old and slow, but he ran pretty hard this past weekend and he’s the starter for the best team in football…at least for the time being. Dorsey had a pretty lackluster 40 yard rushing performance against a tough Ravens run D. If you’re hard up for a RB, you could do worse if Westbrook misses another week, as he’s expected to do at this time. Hey, you have to grab any starting RB you can get off the waiver wire, right?!

On the Radar

Jabar Gaffney WR Houston Texans

Texans love their cars, but a Carr has been driving the Texans to a pretty good season this year! The sky-hookless Jabar had 5 catches for 88 yards this week in another Houston win and is putting together a pretty good season. Not an awful spot-start at Mile High this week should you need to do so.

Joey Harris RB Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have been absolutely destroyed by injury at their skill positions this year, and it’s unclear when Steven Davis will return anytime soon. Brad Hoover started this past week, but his skillset is quite limited. Harris came from nowhere to get 9 carries for 45 yards on Sunday. Who knows what to expect from this guy, but he’s someone to watch in case Davis isn’t back in the near future.

Darius Watts WR Denver Broncos

This rookie impressed big-time in training camp and he finally had a good game this week with 7 catches for 86 yards and a TD. He’s still the #3 for the Broncos, but he’s a talent and he may emerge into a future fantasy stud. And he’s from Marshall, which produced another pretty good wide reciever that you may have heard of. Hmmmm…..what’s his name….hmmmm….oh yeah….Troy Brown!!

Craig Krenzel QB Chicago Bears

A repeat member of the On the Radar section from last week, Krenzel led the Bears to victory over the lowly Niners this past weekend, and played well enough to keep the job for the forseeable future. The Bears passing game is a complete fantasy wasteland, but if your throwers have been whittled by injury or bye-weeks…Krenzel’s good for at least 100 yards passing this Sunday! You heard it here first!! If only Drew Bledsoe could have done the same…

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