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Week Eight: Bye Week Hell Part II

The light at the end of the tunnel is nearing. The dreaded 6 team byes are almost passed us. The injuries however, keep mounting and it seems to come at the worst times. It’s bad enough when you have key players on a bye such as T.O., Romo, Edge or the Ravens D this week but if you had

Ronnie Brown,

David Garrard or

Javon Walker, you now find yourself really short handed. You need to evaluate what options you have. Do you have a stud in a

Willie Parker or

Randy Moss that you could trade for a few key players? I know that most owners would never think of trading their best player but if it came down to one player that gives you 16 points a game or two players that can give you 20 points combine, you might want to consider making the move. Looking at the waiver options, it’s pretty much slim pickings from here. You can’t even make a desperate attempt to add Priest Holmes because he will be off this week as well. If you’ve gotten by with players you have through the 1st few bye weeks, consider yourself lucky. In one league I have 4 or 5 players off this week. I’ve tried swinging some trades and there isn’t any waiver help so instead of making a move that will hurt me down the road, I’ll stick with what I have and not worry about the lose.


Interesting information about the teams off this week and the receiving production over the last 3 weeks:




Arizona is 1-2 in the last 3 weeks with 2 losses heading into the bye.

Anquan Boldin was targeted 13 times and converted 8 passes for 29 yds and 2 TD this weekend. It was the same amount of TDs of all the receivers combined in the last 3 weeks.

Jerheme Urban was targeted 12 times for 111 yds. Urban who?

Larry Fitzgerald has carried the bulk of the load with 32 targets catching 21 passes for 330 yds and 1 TD. 16 of his 21 catches have also gone for 1st downs.




Atlanta has lost the last 3 heading into the bye.

Roddy White is the clear cut #1 receiver for the falcons over posting 20 targets resulting in 15 catches for 229 and 1 TD. The problem with the Falcons is that they only have 1 passing TD from all the Receivers combined. Interesting enough,

Joe Horn,

Laurent Robinson and

Michael Jenkins have all also had 20 targets each but have all combined for just 235 yds.




Baltimore has won 2 of 3 heading into the bye. The Ravens, like the Falcons have 1 go to receiver in

Derek Mason who has the only receiving TD. Mason has been Targeted 31 times resulting in 23 catches for 242 and 1TD. Interesting enough,

Mark Clayton and

Demetrius Williams have been targeted 17 teams each, but only combining for 179 yds.

Quinn Sypniewski has stepped in for

Todd Heap but hasn’t put up Heap’s numbers. Sypniewski has been target 16 times. He’s caught 10 of them but only for 71 yds.




Dallas is 2-1 heading into the bye. There is no question

Jason Witten is the favorite target for

Tony Romo.

Witten has 33 of the 81 Targets thrown to WRs or TEs. The result is 22 rec for 236 yds with 1 TD.

Terrell Ownens and

Patrick Crayton have put up similar numbers over the past 3 weeks with T.O. having the edge in yards. Owens has 25 targets, 15 rec for 194 yds with 2 TDs and Crayton has 22 targets, 13 rec for 138 yds and 2 TDs as well.




Kansas City is 2-1 heading into the bye. Just like the Cowboys, the TE position is the key to their offense.

Tony Gonzalez has 34 targets as compared to 50 for the rest of the WRs and TE. Gonzalez has converted those targets into 21 rec for 268 yds and 2 TDs. the rest of the WR’s have combined for only 27 rec for 383 yds and 1TD.

Dwayne Bowe has 200 of those rec yds.



Seattle is 1-2 heading into the bye. Going into the season the Seahawks looked solid at WR but have lost

D.J. Hackett and

Deion Branch for a good amount of time due to injury. Stepping in to pick up the slack is

Bobby Engram and

Nate Burleson with

Ben Obomanu starting to produce. Although the targets have been pretty even among the 3, Engram has converted 17 of the 26 targets for 218 yds while Burleson has only converted 8 of his 23 targets for 82 yds and 1 TD. Obomanu has caught 6 of 19 targets for 110 yds and 1 TD.


Let’s look at the players not available for this week and what players you can use to fill the void.


QB’s on Week Seven Bye:

The list for this week includes,

Kurt Warner,

Joey Harrington/

Byron Leftwhich,

Steve McNair/

Kyle Boller,

Tony Romo,

Damon Huard, and

Matt Hasselbeck. These QB’s have favorable match-ups this week,

Marc Bulger,

Brian Greise,

Jay Cutler,

Brett Favre,




Donovan McNabb.


RB’s on Week Eight Bye:

This list includes

Edgerrin James,

Warrick Dunn/

Jerious Norwood,

Willis McGahee,

Julius Jones/

Marion Barber,

Shaun Alexander/

Maurice Morris and

Larry Johnson. These RB have favorable match-ups this week,

Marshawn Lynch,

Cedric Benson/

Adrian Peterson,

Jamal Lewis/

Jerome Harrison,

Fred Taylor/

Maurice Jones-Drew,

Thomas Jones and

LenDale White/

Chris Henry.


WR’s on Week Eight Bye:

This list includes

Anqaun Boldin/

Larry Fitzgerald,

Joe Horn/

Michael Jenkins/

Roddy White,

Derek Mason/

Demetrius Williams/

Mark Clayton,

Terrell Owens/

Patrick Crayton/

Sam Hurd,

Dwayne Bowe/

Eddie Kennison/

Sammy Parker and

Bobby Engram/

Nate Burleson/

Deion Branch. The WR with favorable match-ups are Bernard Berrian/ Muhsin Muhammad,

Laveranues Coles


Jerricho Cotchery,

Ronnald Curry/

Jerry Porter,

Reggie Brown/

Kevin Curtis,

Hines Ward/

Santonio Holmes and

Torry Holt/

Isaac Bruce.


TE’s on Week Eight Bye:

This list includes

Alge Crumpler,

Todd Heap,

Jason Witten,

Tony Gonzalez,

Marcus Pollard, and

Leonard Pope. Although there is some good TE’s off this week, there are TE’s with really good match-ups. The list includes,

Daniel Graham,

Donald Lee,

Owen Daniels,

David Martin,

Eric Johnson,

Heath Miller and

Marcus Pollard.


DEF’s on Week Eight Bye:

This list includes Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, Chiefs, Cowboys and Seahawks. Teams with a good match-up are the Titans, Saints, Beards and Bills.



The Golden Mug Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who came through for their team.

Rob Bironas

– It’s not every week you get this type of production out of your KR spot but when it happens, boy does it feel good. Especially when you have other players on your team out either on a bye or just stinking up the joint. Bironas connected on 8 FG and 2 XP. That’s 26 points alone. If your league rewards extra points for distance then you scored a little extra. Keep in mind that he was averaging 7 points a game prior to this game.

Honorable Mention

Some guy named

Tom Brady and

Randy Moss, you may have heard about them all week. Since I don’t own either on any team, I rather not hear anymore. Can’t wait for a bye week or a lose.

The Urinal Cake Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who you would like to, well you know.

Shaun Alexander

– Has he been on this list before? I’ve added him this week simply because he had a really good match-up and didn’t come away with anything special. If you didn’t catch the game, you figured the Seahawks winning 33-6 over the Rams would have scored you big points but then you look at your live scoring only to see 47 yds and no TD. He’s only given his owners 107 yds over the last 3 games. Sad, so very sad. If there is any one willing to trade you for him, take what you can get.

Dishonorable Mention

Rudi Johnson

(See RB match-up below for why).



The match-ups

I like this week for QB’s:

Brian Greise

against the Lions. The Lions played well last week only giving up 16 points but most of the credit goes to the Bucs for shooting themselves in the foot. Garcia still had 316 yds. Greise put up over 300 yds last week and will seek revenge for the Bears after losing their 1st match-up with the Lions.

Detroit is still 30th in the league in passing and there is no reason that Greise shouldn’t have another big game.


Marc Bulger

against the Browns. Bulger has been a big disappointment for his owners this year and most people are benching him until they see some life. Bulger gets a favorable match-up with

Cleveland. If you had to play him one time over the course of the season, this would be the best time to play him because the Rams will be off next week and he doesn’t seem to have another goods match-up until week 14. Don’t forget

Cleveland is still 29th in the league in passing yards allowed and 30th in points given up.


The match-ups

I like this week for RB’s:

LenDale White


Chris Henry against the Raiders. Lost in the excitement over of



’ 8 FG was the Titans running game. White and Henry ran well against a good Texan defense. White had 104 yds and 1TD and Henry had 57 yds and 1 TD. Vince Young will likely play which will help the running attack.

Tennessee is 5th in the league in rushing with 144 yds a game.

They get a nice match-up against

Oakland which ranks 29th in the league in rushing yards allowed, giving up 141.7 yds a game.


Marshawn Lynch

against the Jets. Lynch ran well against a good Ravens defense running for 84 yds and 1TD. In week 4 Lynch ran for 79 yds and 1TD. This week he faces the Jets again and should put up better numbers as the Jets are not stopping anyone. They are giving up 138 yds a game on the ground. Divisional games are usually closer games but the Jets are getting worse each week and the Bills seem to be improving.


The match-ups

I don’t like this week for QB’s:

Quinn Gray

against the Buccaneers. Over the past two year Gray has played in two games. Against KC last year he played well 13 for 22 for 166, also rushing for 26 yds and 2 TDs. On Monday night against the Colts he was 9 for 24 for only 56 yds and 2INTs. He reminds me of almost an identical copy of Garrard as Quinn is 6-3 246 lbs and Garrard is 6-1 237 lbs. Both seem to play the game the same, making plays with their feet and trying to manage the game. Quinn however is not as good as managing the game as Garrard and that’s why I don’t like this match-up.

Tampa’s defense is playing well. It held Kitna last week to just 147 yds and should have won the game if it were not for 3 Garcia fumbles. The Bucs are now 5th in the league only allowing 185.6 yds passing a game.

Vinny Testaverde


David Carr against the Colts. If Vinny played the rest of the year and got the Panthers into the playoffs, he should be the comeback player of the year. He’s came back so many times I can’t remember when he wasn’t in the league. Still, you have to monitor who will start this game as the reports from

Charlotte is Carr may be healthy enough to play. Vinny must be thinking in the back of his mind, “Glad I get to hold the clip board.” Who wants to face the Colts right now?

Carolina doesn’t match-up well against them and the Indy defense is playing very well. They are 1st in the league in passing yds allowed only giving up 162.2. They are also 6th in the league giving up only 15.8 points a game.


The match-up

I don’t like this week for RB’s:

Lamont Jordan


Dominic Rhodes against the Titans. The Titans were playing good defense last week until they played poor in the 4th quarter. Still I said last week not to play Ahman Green against the Titans and I was right! He ran for only 39 yds. I guess it also helped that the Texans had to throw it a lot to come from behind but the Raiders will be playing from behind as well.

Jordan only ran for 29 yds and

Rhodes had almost as many touches but only has 21 yds rushing. Although

Oakland is 4th in the league in rushing with 145.8 yds a game, They have been horrible over the last 2 games and this will be the 3rd game in a row as

Tennessee ranks 1st in the league with 59.7 yds allowed a game.



Rudi Johnson


Kenny Watson against the Steelers. Johnson has not played well since coming back from his hamstring injury. He started the year slow only posting one good game in week 2 when he ran for 118 yds. In his return he posted 8 yds. He’s only posted one TD on the year and that was a receiving TD in week 2.

Cincinnati is 21st in the league in rushing. They are only getting 98 yds a game. Watson has played better in place of Johnson. He had a break out game last week with 130 yds and 3TDs, but is only averaging 61 yds over the previous 3 games. Expect the Bengals to work both RB’s but struggle on the ground. The Steelers are still 1st in the league in points allowed only giving up 13.0 per game and they are 3rd in the league in rushing yards allowed only giving up 75.5 yds a game.


Week seven’s brew of choice was Yuengling, if you have to drink a light beer this is a pretty good one to drink. As always drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive.

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