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Week Eight Waiver Wire Pickups

I’m not going to list him on the Smokin’ Hot category, but if Ricky Williams is available in your league, especially in a dynasty league, you need to consider finding the roster space for him. The NFL is going to rule on his reinstatement very soon and it is possible that he could be available to play in two weeks. That’s right, this could happen very quickly. And given what’s just happened in Miami’s backfield, I wonder if they might be inclined to put him on the field to see what he still might have left in the tank. If nothing else, it might push up his trade value so that the Dolphins can continue to stock pile draft picks for next year. That wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

Keep up your vigilance on the waiver wire, a player out for the season in the NFL presents an opportunity on the waiver wire for the fantasy owner. Ok, enough babble, let’s get into it!

Smokin’ Hot

RB Jesse Chatman, Miami

No surprise here, with Ronnie Brown out for the season, Chatman will take over as the primary ball carrier for the Dolphins. Unfortunate on many levels, first and foremost since Brown was the only bright spot on a Miami team with very little fantasy going for them. Though Chatman is a capable running, Brown was really seeing a lot of action in the air, action that I don’t quite see going in Chatman’s direction. So while I do anticipate Chatman to have decent fantasy numbers, he obviously will not be putting up what Brown has done for you.

WR Brandon Stokley, Denver

The waters at WR on the waiver wire are probably thin in your league, with a 70 yard and a touchdown performance last week, that gets Stokley onto this week’s hot list. He and Jay Cutler looked very good together, so it may be that Stokley is worth a look in your league, especially going forward.

Solid Pickups (aka. QBs that will be playing)

QB Sage Rosenfels, Houston

Each week we point out the ‘new’ guys that will are projected to get playing time at quarterback, but this week it looks like we’ve only got one new entry. As David Carr found out last year, Matt Shaub is hurting. Rosenfels stepped in last week and looked great, keep an eye out to see if Shaub will be missing any time as the Houston passing offense looks decent.

On the Radar

WR Roydell Williams, Tennessee

We start the watch list this week with a trio of WRs that might be able to help your team, all of which have upside going forward. Williams went for over a hundred yards last week, and any time that happens you should pay attention. Is it an abberration? Could be. But he seems to be getting close to five catches in each of the last few games so if you’ve got the need and the roster space, Williams is a guy worth considering.

WR Muhsin Muhammed, Chicago

Could it be that the Bears passing game is coming to life? And along with it, a Muhsin Muhammed sighting? It could be that the owner that drafted Muhammed has given up on him, I’d make sure that he’s not on your waiver wire. While his numbers are not worthy of a start at this time, he has scored in three of Griese’s four starts. Five catches for nearly 80 yards last week is an eye catcher as well.

WR Kevin Walter, Houston

Walter was heavily involved in the Texans furious comeback attempt this week, nearly going for 100 yards and a score. Every week it’s the same story with Andre Johnson, so until he actually does step onto the field, Walter and the other Houston WRs are worth taking a chance on for the desperate for WR owner.

TE Tony Scheffler, Denver

Slowly but surely, the TE in the Broncos offense is becoming involved. Health has always been a factor, but last week’s five for fifty and a touch might be a sign of good things to come.

TE Donald Lee, Green Bay

Both Lee and Bubba Franks have been getting a lot of looks in the Packers passing game, both worth a start if you are hurting at the position. Now it looks like Franks is hurt, which should translate into higher numbers for Lee. While Lee may not be available, see if you can make a trade for him from an unsuspecting owner.



Dynasty Only

RB Ricky Williams (under contract to Miami)

If this guy is available in your dynasty league, then you should find room for him. The NFL will be hearing Williams’ case within the next week or so, and he could be reinstated within that time frame. Running backs are in high demand, especially given the injuries to this year’s studs. If Miami decides to part ways with Mr. Williams, then I would expect another team desperate at the position to give him a chance to play.

RB Patrick Cobbs, Miami

As we discussed above, Jesse Chatman will get the bulk of the carries, but any injury bumps everyone up the food chain. Cobbs will take over as the primary backup. He did enjoy some success when given the chance in New England so keep an eye on Chatman’s health going forward.

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