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Week Five: Crossroads

The second round of byes continues this week. It only torments us more when realize just how thin our rosters are. It doesn’t matter whether your 4-0 or 0-4, heck even 2-2 or any combination of wins and losses and your starting to sweat. This week is a bigger bye week then last week as we have more key players out. Bengals, Eagles, Vikings and Raiders are unavailable to bail you out this week.


I had a hard decision in week 4. I had to decide between starting

Jon Kitna or

Donovan McNabb in my first money league. Although McNabb has shaken off the rust, I could not bare and put him in the line up. Because you see, I am a die hard Giants fan. I was at a crossroads between my fantasy team and my favorite team. I even sought out the advice of my fellow Sharks on this matter. Thanks to all who gave me advice and selected McNabb over Kitna.


I was at a crossroads, an ill feeling of wanting your fantasy players to perform well but still have your favorite team win. The Shark in me thought about ignoring the match-up and just play McNabb. After all, I’m in that league to win games and eventually money. I’ve read all the write ups and thought to myself that it will be fine. Then it dawned on me while I was selecting players for one of those free weekly things. The Giants and Eagles play Sunday night. Oh how my heart sink. It would have been one thing to just play McNabb and not look at the score of that game until it was over. However, having a game on Sunday night where there was no other game to switch to, no other match-ups to watch, that was the deciding factor. I would win or lose with Kitna at the wheel and hope that my team survives without McNabb. My fantasy side wasn’t happy about that decision, but the NFC East rivalry is too big to ignore. You’re not as pumped up for a football game as you are when your favorite team is facing a heated rival. As it turned out, McNabb had 138 yds passing and a fumble and Kitna went 247 yds and 2TDs. I won my game by 2 points keeping my team at 4-0.


I’m sure some of you will have the same crossroads in your season. Whether you have to play your

Carson Palmer against your beloved Steelers or your fantasy team is facing the owner with

Tom Brady and you just so happen to have tickets to go see the Patriots play, it’s a tough decision to make. I say, if your facing this situation then go with your gut. Some people might not care if their team is facing their best fantasy stud. They would be more then happy to have that player go bananas instead of lose a fantasy game. Whatever you can sleep better at night doing is ok by me. Just don’t cry about it.


Let’s look at the players not available and what players you can use to fill the void.


QB’s on Week Five Bye:

The list is for this week includes,


Palmer, Donovan McNabb, Tarvaris Jackson/Kelly Holcomb


Daunte Culpepper. That’s two QB1’s and a few bottom QB2’s. Your best options for starting a back up are

Jake Delhomme/David Carr,

Chad Pennington,

Eli Manning and

Jason Campbell. For those of you who have sulked about the poor start of

Drew Brees, this is the week he will get back on track. If he doesn’t, then you better have a back up plan.


RB’s on Week Five Bye:

This list includes

Rudi Johnson,

Kenny Watson,

Adrian Peterson,

Chester Taylor,

LaMont Jordan,

Dominic Rhodes and

Brian Westbrook. Not a big blow to your line up unless your struggling with injuries. Players looking really good to start this week are

Edgerrin James


Ahman Green,

Thomas Jones and

Clinton Portis.


WR’s on Week Five Bye:

The WR groups that will be out won’t be a big lost for most owners again this week. The Big ones are

Chad Johnson and



. Other includes the Vikings receivers, the Raiders receivers,

Reggie Brown and

Kevin Curtis. Some good fill ins are


TE’s on Week Five Bye:

The TE’s that are not available are

L.J. Smith and

Visanthe Shiancoe. If you have

Cincinnati or Oakland TE’s on your roster, please drop them now.


DEF’s on Week Five Bye:

The Vikings, Eagles, Raiders and Bengals are off this week. Start Jaguars, Packers or Titans.


The Golden Mug Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who came through for their team.

Patrick Crayton –

Many people picked him up when

Terry Glenn had to have surgery. He was quiet the 1st few games but came through for owners this week with a strong performance. 184 yds and 2 TDs.


The Urinal Cake Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who you would like to, well you know.

Donavan McNabb

– He’s been the theme in this article I know. Hopefully for McNabb owners, he will use the bye week to figure out what’s wrong before Philly nation calls for his head. McNabb hung his owners out to dry by giving them big optimism after a big week 3 performance. He put up 138 yds and fumbled. He should be ashamed.


Note: Injured players never make this list.


The match-ups

I like this week for QB’s:

Vince Young

against the Falcons. Coming off a bye after their big Monday night win over the Saints, Young looks to handle the up and down Falcons at home.


David Carr

against the Saints.

David Carr played poor last week, but then again the whole Panthers team played poor. This will be Carr’s biggest game of 2007. He has to prove that he is still an NFL QB and play well against a Saints team that has struggled. If the Panthers want to make a run at the division, then this is the game they must win.


The match-ups

I like this week for RB’s:




Ladell Betts against the Lions. The Lions are 17th in the league in Rushing defense giving up 114.2 yds a game.

Washington wants to bounce back after loosing to the Giants before the bye.


Ronnie Brown

against the Texans. Brown has been well the last few weeks dispute the Dolphins dropping to 0-4. Although

Houston is 6th in the league against the rush, the offense is struggling with injuries.

Miami will need to rely on Brown in order to salvage their season.


The match-ups

I don’t like this week for QBs:


Trent Edwards

against the Cowboys. Edwards well in the absence of Losman and lead

Buffalo to a win last week against the division rival Jets. This is a match-up Edwards will struggle with.

Dallas is 8th in the league when defending the pass. Add the pressure of playing on Monday night and the odds are stacked against Edwards.


Brian Griese

against the Packers. Griese put up some numbers last week finishing with 286 yds and 2 TDs. However, when you pass 52 times in a game, you should have some stats. The problem is that Griese threw 3 INTs. If you league scores -2 points for INTs, that’s losing a TD worth of points. The packers defense is playing well. Only giving up 16.5 points a game. Griese will have another tough outing and make Bears fans call for

Kyle Orton to start.


The match-ups

I don’t like this week for RB’s:

Warrick Dunn




   against the Titans. The Falcons are 22nd in the league in rushing with 89.9 yrds per game. They are facing the Titans who has the 2nd ranked rushing defense in the league only 63.3 yds a game. Given the fact that both RBs don’t get enough touches and the match-up is tough forces you to keep the Falcons running game on the bench.


Jamal Lewis

against the Patriots. Despite Lewis’s big game in week 2 and the browns beating two divisional opponents, Lewis has been average with only 155 yds and a TD in the other 3 games. The Patriots have been shutting down the run, mainly because teams fall behind early. The Pats give up 69.8 yds a game which Lewis will not even reach.


Week Four’s brew of choice was Dos Equis Amber. As always drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive.


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