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Week Four: The Beginning of the Bye’s

*UPDATED* Due to injuries and benchings I’ve had to go back an change some of the players.

The season is starting to move faster now. It seems as soon as you submit your roster and make your waiver claims for the week, the games have started and you’re already looking towards the next match-up on your schedule.


Take my advice and don’t ignore the present match-ups you face. So many times owners loose focus and start looking ahead to when their studs are on byes coming up that they pay little attention to the opponent they face in the up coming week.


This will be the week the waivers get raided if you’re in regular size leagues. Some owners that have players on the same bye and can’t replace them with a bench player due to injuries or poor performances find themselves scrambling to make an adjustment. Do you play the player who has basically giving you nothing or do you risk dropping a player who is currently injured?

There are studs under performing and players we drafted high that we might want to move to another team for players that will help us. If you can avoid it, don’t drop the player you invested a high pick and let someone just snatch him up. Unless you play in a non-trade, redraft league where the player is useless once he is injured. These are the questions you must answer this week and could be the difference between winning and losing.


Another thing you should think about for those who play in leagues that have priority waivers where the worst teams get 1st pick. This can be a killer to teams that get off to a good start. I’ve salvaged plenty of seasons grabbing guys like

Samkon Gado,

David Garrard and

Anthony Thomas in the past after starting slow. Nothing is more frustrating to an owner when he’s starting to face injuries or byes but can’t pick up any of the hot waiver picks ups do to priority. So plan better if you are on top or look for the hot players if you are behind.


I have one thing for you waiver wire chasers, the ones picking up the one week wonders. Stop chasing the players that won’t produce every week. Did you drop

Robert Meachem in week one to pick up

Drew Carter? Did you drop D. Carter to pick up

Glenn Holt? These guys may produce a good game here and there but they won’t produce consistent points and if you find yourself on a bye week crunch or an injury bind, you may find it hard to count on these types of players to pull you through.


I’m riding high this week. I’m 3-0 in both my money leagues. In a league where the teams are pretty even because it is hard to draft a stacked team due to the size of the league, having a 3 game start is big. Especially since the bye weeks are starting and many players are going down to in a 14 week season. A 10 or 9 win season can get you in the playoffs no problem. Last year I finished at 7-7 and still made the playoffs. I’m 1/3 the way to securing a spot and hope that I can keep the streak going in week 4.


Let’s look at the players not available and what players you can use to fill the void.


QB’s on Week Four Bye:

The list is small this week,

Drew Brees


Vince Young,

Jason Campbell and

David Garrard. If you have one of these players on a bye you should look to your #2 to replace them. Your best bet for starting a back up are 
Chad Pennington,

David Carr, Kyle Boller (if starting) and

Brian Griese. Both these QB’s are facing poor defenses. What better way to make your 1st start of the season.


RB’s on Week Four Bye:

This list includes

Maurice Jones-Drew,

Fred Taylor,

Reggie Bush,

Deuce McAllister,

Clinton Portis,

Ladell Betts,

Chris brown and

LenDale White. You drafted players to plug in while your guys are out of the line up and if you drafted well then it shouldn’t be any worries. Players looking really good to fill in are

DeAngelo Williams,

DeShawn Foster,

Cedric Benson,

Samkon Gado,
Kevin Jones and

LaMont Jordan.

WR’s on Week Four Bye:

The WR groups that will be out won’t be a big lost for most owners.

Marques Colston,

Devery Henderson,

Santa Moss and company, The Titans receivers and the Jaguars receivers will all be out this week. Other then Colston and Moss, you weren’t sweating your WR bye this week. Some good fill ins are

Kevin Curtis,

Drew Bennett,

Isaac Bruce,

Mark Clayton,

Chris Chambers,

Jerricho Cotchery

, and

Roscoe Parrish.

TE’s on Week Four Bye:

The only notable TE’s that are not available are

Chris Cooley and

Bo Scaife. If you were counting on any of the other TE’s on the bye this week then your team is in trouble. Still if you really need a TE you can look at

Dallas Clark or

Donald Lee.


DEF’s on Week Four Bye:


Jacksonville should be a starter of this group and maybe the Saints in deep leagues. If you had one to pick up a defense on the fly take a chance on the Rams, Bills, or Texans.


The Golden Mug Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who came through for their team.

Kevin Curtis

– Maybe you started him as a flex, maybe you started him because of an injury, But I’m sure after the game you were glad he was in your line up. He put up 221 yds and 3TDs for a break out game.


The Urinal Cake Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who you would like to, well you know.

Drew Brees- He’s hurting your team, bad. 225 yds, 4INTS and 1 fumble is not the game you need from a top 5 drafted QB. It’s even worse if you waited until the later rounds to select

Byron Leftwhich or

J.P. Losman. Hit the Panic button!


Note: Injured players never make this list.


The match-ups

I like this week for QB’s:

Donavan McNabb

against the Giants. McNabb bounced back in week three to show that he hasn’t lost it. In fact he showed he can still be a dominant QB. He gets to keep that hot hand going against the Giants. The Giants played better defense last week in their win over the Redskins but are still giving up 32 points a game. Last year McNabb only played in the 1st game of the season series with NY but he put up 350 yds and 2TDs with 31 yrds rushing. Expect more of the same with the passing but not the rushing, especially with the status of Westbrook.


Steve McNair/ Kyle Boller

against the Browns. If there ever was a time to start McNair, this would be the time. The Ravens play against the Browns who give up good amount of yards and TD’s. Even though you would expect the defense to dominate the game, the offense will just have better field position to work with.


The match-ups

I like this week for RB’s:

DeShaun Foster

against the Buccaneers. With all the preseason hype on

DeAngelo Williams, it’s Foster who produced in the last game. Foster just won’t die and this is the week to use him to fill in those byes. The Bucs rank 21st in rushing defense and have given up 124.7 yds a game.


Laurence Maroney/Sammy Morris

against the Bengals. The Bengals rank 27th in the league in rushing and have given up 145 yds a game. The 4.7 yds per carry the Bengals allow is the worst in the league.


The match-ups

I don’t like this week for QB’s:

Damon Huard

against the Chargers. The Chiefs are just struggle bad on offense. The Chargers are in a little disarray but I think they will focus hard on this game to make a statement.



Matt Leinart


Kurt Warner against the Steelers. The Steelers defense is hot right now. Playing them right is not a good move. Leinart remains the starter but Warner played well to make the situation cloudy. Both are poor plays this week however.


The match-ups

I don’t like this week for RB’s:

Jamal Lewis

against the Ravens.

   At home against his former team, Jamal will be ready and eager to run. The reality is the Ravens are the #1 rushing defense and they have only allowed 61.7 yds a game and have yet to surrender a rushing TD. If you exclude the Bengals game he’s averaging 45.5 yds a game. Don’t let one game cloud your judgment. Let him ride the pine until week 6.


This is just a little side note from me. I used to be a baseball guy back in the day. I lived in NY just blocks from Yankee Stadium during the Championship runs in the 90’s. Back then when I was in college, we had limited access to the internet. I never heard of Fantasy Sports and outside of the box scores in the back of the paper, I didn’t pay much attention to stats in football. The baseball season is heading into the post-season soon and it made me think back to those times. I am now a football guy but I will always keep up with my baseball roots.


Week three’s brew of choice was Killians and Amstel Light. I like to change up my beer every now and then but sometimes if I’m out at a bar, I’ll drink what’s on tap. As always drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive.


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