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Week Nine Waiver Wire Pick Ups

Congrats to the Boston Red Sox! PFGH! Pennant Fever Grips Hub! Best sign seen at yesterday’s victory celebration: “Manny was right, the World didn’t come to an end!” Indeed it didn’t. Apologies for the late submissions the last couple of weeks. Now that The Series is over, we should be back to the usual Tuesday AM posting. As always, thanks for reading. Enjoy!

Smokin’ Hot

RB Ryan Grant, Green Bay

Rookie Brandon Jackson is completely out of the picture, not even suiting up on game day when he’s healthy. DeShawn Wynn’s season is over, placed on injured reserve. Grant put in his claim to the Packers starting job with a one hundred yard effort last week. That should make him the starter from this point forward, until he falters, or gets hurt. And by the way, tremendous matchup this week, too!

RB Adimchinobe Echemandu, Houston

With Ahman Green hurting, The Big E put up some surprisingly good numbers this past week. The Texans situation at running back is very muddled, but Big E has put in his claim to be the guy. He tweaked his hamstring a bit, so that’s a concern, but for the time being if he can keep himself on the field, then he’ll put up some good fantasy numbers.

Solid Pickups (aka. QBs that will be playing)

QB Quinn Gray, Jacksonville

David Garrard isn’t likely to be back this week so Gray should get another start. Don’t get too excited as I don’t expect even a hundred yards passing from him as the Jaguars won’t ask much of him, only to not make any mistakes.

QB Kellen Clemens, New York Jets

New York has finally made the move, and no, I’m not talking about hiring the other Joe to be the manager of their baseball team. The Jets have announced that Clemens will be the starter this week. I wouldn’t expect great numbers, but he should throw for around 200 yards or so per week. Not bad if you are hard up.

On the Radar

TE Vishanthe Shiancoe, Minnesota

You wouldn’t think there would be anything worth looking at in the Vikings passing game, but Shiancoe is worth a look. Five catches for fifty and a touch this past week, you can certainly do worse at the position to cover a bye week or injury.

WR David Patten, New Orleans

Patten appears to be the other starting WR in the Saints offense, which is starting to wake up. Drew Brees is returning to last year’s form, so if you can, hitch a ride to one of the New Orleans WRs and enjoy.

Dynasty Only

RB Dwayne Wright, Buffalo

Anthony Thomas’ injury has resulted in Wright seeing more playing time as Marshawn Lynch’s backup. Wright isn’t going to push Lynch for playing time, but the rookie could be next in line should Lynch get hurt. Always a good thing for a rookie like Wright to be eased onto the playing field. Dynasty owners take note and get him on your roster.







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