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Week One: Test Run

Week One: The Test Run


In just a few days the moment we’ve been waiting for since the Super Bowl ended will arrive. I’m talking about the start of a new season. Your draft is done but unlike the real NFL, you don’t really know how well your team is going to perform. The 1st week is your test run. No one wins or loses a championship in week one but you always want to start the season with a win. This is the week where the owner who scores the most points feels like a god and the other owner whose team performed poorly feels inferior.


This is the week you get a look at your team in action and start to evaluate your depth and your strengths. You need to look at the performance of other teams in your division to see how your team measures up. Waiver wire pick ups are the most crucial in week one because there will be players not drafted that will get out of the gates fast. Beware of the one week wonders though. These are players that for some reason have the game of their life but in reality, they will never perform that well the rest of the year.

Troy Williamson is a good example. In week one he posted 77 yards and the next game he had 102 yards. He did not post another game worth anything until week 16 where he had just 74 yards. Anther good example is

Heath Miller, a big sleeper pick in 2006. Week one he lit it up with 101 yards and a score but after that week he never had more than 35 yards in a game but did put up 4 scores the rest of the year.


Proceed with caution in week one. Remember this is your test run. If your team performs well then you’re on the right track. If for some reason you didn’t start well, you need to see where you came up short.

DON’T PANIC! I’ve seen many owners over react in the 1st week and start dropping guys they drafted as sleepers or back ups to add the one week wonders.


The key to having a good week one is to pay attention to the match-ups. There are plenty of teams with favorable week one games and if you have players on that team, they can give you a boost. Also keep an eye on players coming off injuries during the offseason and training camp as these players sometimes start off slow.


The two match ups

I like the most is are the Giants at the Cowboys and the Cardinals at the 49ers.



This is the first Sunday night game of the season and it is a division game. Great start to 2007. The Giants go into this game having won 4 of the last 6 games against the Cowboys the past 3 seasons. These games are always a battle as both teams come to play.



These two up and coming teams are picked to be sleepers this year. Another division match up where the Cardinals have won 4 of the last 6 games, sweeping the 49ers last year. Everyone has high hopes for both teams offense and this should be a good fantasy source for points.


The match ups

I don’t like are the Bears at the Chargers and the Broncos at the Bills.



The Bears are starting the season after losing to the Colts in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl losers have missed the playoffs 5 of the last 6 years. The Chargers start the season after a heartbreaking loss to the Patriots in the playoffs which they should have won. Both the Bears and the Chargers have good defenses making this match up hard to predict if it will be a low scoring game. These teams haven’t played each other since 2003 and both franchises have made big changes since then.



These teams led by young QB’s and good defenses will also be a tough match up. These teams haven’t played each other since 2005 with

Denver winning in that game. Both teams are looking to get back to the playoffs this year.


Good luck to all in week one and I will be back in week two with another edition of the Brew Crew Corner. I have one thing to ask if I may, since this is the 1st week of the season. If you’re going to have a beer, make it a good one. Kick off the season with a good beer, not the crappy keg beer for a buck. Enjoy the each game as we are officially in the season.

If you do drink, please be responsible and get home safe.


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