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Week Seven Waiver Wire Pickups

Random baseball thought before getting to the list, I really like the strike zone thingy that they are showing, which spells out exactly whether a pitch was a ball or a strike. Couldn’t we take that to the next level and show a graphic of what has been a ball/strike on this particular night? Everyone knows that each umpire has a slightly different strike zone… which I have no problem with, couldn’t we see a distribution of what has and hasn’t been a strike on a particular night? Sort of like basketball has that “where a player’s shots were taken from” graphic? You know, the one with the red dots for “missed” shots and green dots for “made” shots? That way we could see if that same pitch was still being called as it has been all night. Feel free to run with this idea for the World Series, guys.

Things on the waiver wire haven’t completely dried up, you always need to be vigilent. That said, it’s probably getting to be slim pickings. We highlight a couple of guys this week that may not be available, but there is news on both players that could propel them into your starting lineup. The Packers may have finally decided on a starting RB, and Seattle has one of their WRs coming back from injury. Don’t be afraid to scan other team rosters for players they aren’t using.

Ok, enough babble, let’s get into it!

Smokin’ Hot

RB DeShawn Wynn, Green Bay

Wynn shouldn’t be available in many (any?) leagues, but he makes this week’s list at the top. The Packers look like they’ve finally made a decision on RB1, and Wynn looks like that guy. Perhaps the Wynn owner in your league isn’t “in the know”, or perhaps you can convince him that the Packers running game will never amount to anything. Heh-heh.

WR DJ Hackett, Seattle

This is another guy that may not be available, so perhaps a trade target? Hackett has been out with injury for most of the season, and though I have my doubts that he will be back this week, he should be on the field after Seattle’s bye week. Like the Seahawks, I had high hopes that Hackett would be a solid fantasy producer, so now might not be a bad time to take a chance and see if you can acquire him.

WRs David Patten and Lance Moore, New Orleans

The starting job is still up for grabs and both of these guys are in the mix for that playing time. I see Patten as getting more fantasy numbers, but I also see Moore as being in the mix so if you miss out on Patten, go ahead and grab Moore.

Solid Pickups (aka. QBs that will be playing)

QB Tim Rattay, Arizona

With Kurt Warner out for a week, Rattay looks like he’ll get a spot start this upcoming week. Probably just a one week gig, but if you are in need at the QB position, Rattay will be on the field.

QB Vinnie Testaverde, Carolina

Ok, this is really for the deep leagues, and honestly, Testaverde is probably not a guy you should go out and acquire, but when else am I going to be able to have him on the waiver list?? He was probably a one and done (already done), but one never knows about back injuries so keep an eye on David Carr.

On the Radar

RB Kevin Faulk, New England

The Patriots continue to roll no matter who is the starter. They’ve shown that they have no problem giving guys plenty of time off to heal from injury (see also Maroney,Laurence). Faulk gets his playing time on third down no matter what, should Sammy Morris get dinged up at all, Faulk’s workload would increase.

RB Leonard Weaver, Seattle

I debated on having Weaver in the Dynasty List, but he ends up here this week. Shaun Alexander looks awful, and it all can’t be attributed to his injured hand. Weaver got more playing time last week when it mattered, beyond his usual third down duties. He catches the ball and is running hard, worth a roster spot if you have the room.

RB Michael Bennett, Tampa Bay

Late breaking news…the Bucs appear to have acquired Bennett from Kansas City.  Tampa Bay was in dire need of depth at the position, Bennett could sneak into the rotation with Earnest Graham.

RB Priest Holmes, Kansas City

Yup, that’s right.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Or something like that.  Meaning, the trading of Bennett clears some room in the Kansas City depth chart…is that an indication that Holmes is healthy enough to come off the PUP list and play?? 

TE David Martin, Miami

Martin seems to have found a friend in Cleo Lemon. His numbers have been steadily on the rise, so he might not be a bad bye week fill in if you are hard up.

TE Bo Scaife, Tennessee

Scaife is behind Ben Troupe, but every once in a while he has a mildly decent game. Last week was such a game. And yes, I realize that three catches for 45 yards is extremely mild.

TE Michael Gaines, Buffalo

Perhaps a bit of a reach here, but Gaines seems to be seeing a little more action, or, at least, a few more looks. Perhaps worth a flyer.

Dynasty Only

RB Mewelde Moore, Minnesota

The trade talks are getting louder and louder. Reports are that the Vikings have lowered their initial (rediculously high) asking price. That indicates to me that Moore could be dealt, if not this year, then next year. Exactly the type of RB that you in the dynasty league should target as a long term acquisition.

QB Tim Hasselbeck, Free Agent/Arizona

Reports are that the Cardinals are looking for some depth and have been talking to Hasselbeck. An extreme reach here, but what is happening to Cardinal QBs can’t be ignored. Something in the water?

QB John Beck, Miami

We close out this week digging extremely deep for a very long term prospect. There is talk in Miami that Trent Green is going to call it a career, that would propel Beck to QB2 on the depth chart. As I said, very long term prospect here, but he’s one step closer to seeing the field.






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