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Week Six Waiver Wire Pickups

Welcome to another week of the Waiver Wire Wonders! Thanks for all the… umm… feedback regarding last week’s list. Just a quick reminder of what we’re trying to do here, we’re putting together a list of players that you should consider picking up for your fantasy team if you have the room on your roster and the need to replace players. Players that will help you win your championship. Sometimes that means we’ll go out on a limb and recommend players a week or two before they become hot commodities. There’s no sense in putting together the same list of players that everyone already knows about, guys that you will have to fight for on the waiver wire since everyone in your league knows about and wants to pick up. This forward thinking is for the owner in the league whose team is chugging along, and each week they find themselves at the bottom of the waiver wire, having to pick through the scraps. I’m trying to find some scraps for that owner, something that may pan out in a few weeks, or something that may not but was worth taking the chance on.

All these lists depend on your league, your roster size, and the players you have on your team. I am of the opinion that you shouldn’t waste a roster spot. Even though the last guy on your roster is someone that may never see your starting lineup, that guy is a player that the rest of the teams in your league cannot start against you. And if injuries or other factors come into play, that player may all of a sudden be something valuable that can be traded.

Garrett Wolfe on last week’s list, perhaps it was a bit of a stretch to have him on the hot list, but I stand by the recommendation. 
Cedric Benson continues to struggle, and yes, this is because the Bears in general are having problems moving the ball on the ground. The fumbles are a concern and at some point if it continues, the coach needs to make a difficult decision to go with someone that can hold onto the ball. 
Adrian Peterson has been hurt all season, and for a rookie trying to make a name for himself, this is the kind of thing that can last an entire season (see also Benson,Cedric for the past two years). Wolfe is waiting in the wings behind these two, and last I checked, “size doesn’t matter” (at least that’s what they tell us). Whoever the Chicago starting RB is will be a fantasy producer.

So judging by the reaction to last week’s list, I think we accomplished our goal, people are reading and thinking about what I’m putting in here. You don’t need to agree with the opinions that are expressed here, in fact, I wouldn’t want you to. Just think about what’s here, come to your own conclusions and react accordingly. Good luck and thanks for reading!

Oh yea, let’s get to this week’s list that is sure to infuriate and perplex!

Smokin’ Hot

WR Jerry Porter, Oakland

Old friend Jerry Porter makes the hot list this week. Though the Oakland WR has only touched the ball seven times in four games, three of those times he ended up in the end zone. His three catch, 53 yard performance in week four saw him hit paydirt twice, it could be that he and Culpepper are making a connection. The Raiders have already had their bye week, Porter is a guy that you can consider picking up and putting right into your starting lineup to cover a bye week.

WR Ike Hilliard, Tampa Bay

Another veteran WR joins Porter on this week’s hot list, Ike Hilliard. Though you wouldn’t think of much fantasy production coming out of the Bucs passing game, Hilliard has 15 catches for 172 yards in the last two games. No touchdowns, but those are pretty good numbers. As with Porter, I’d consider Hilliard as a pickup and start to cover a bye week or injury to one of your starters.

QB Kurt Warner, Arizona

Warner gets the upgrade from the ‘Solid’ list to the ‘Hot” list, probably his last listing since he should be owned in all leagues. Matt Leinart is sidelined indefinitely, Boldin and Fitzgerald owner rejoice as Warner looks as good as he ever has!

Solid Pickups (aka. QBs that will be playing)

QB Gus Frerotte, St.Louis

Frerotte had a very nice week, 262 yards and three touchdown throws. Marc Bulger might not be ready to come back yet, if you are hard up for this upcoming week, Frerotte may be able to help you out.

QB Cleo Lemon, Miami

Ok, starting to dig a little deep here. I can’t recommend going out and getting Lemon to start him, but if you are without options… it sounds like Trent Green might be out for an extended period of time, maybe even for the season. The Dolphins will be turning over the reigns to Lemon.

QB Matt Moore, Carolina

Another from the “this guys is listed here because he might be playing this week” file. Jake Delhomme is done for the season, and David Carr is visiting a back specialist this week. Next on the depth chart, undrafted rookie Matt Moore!

On the Radar

WR Andre’ Davis, Houston

With Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones missing time, Davis has stepped it up and is producing. He should continue to get playing time even when those guys return. In the meantime, he could be a spot starter to cover a bye week.

WR  Drew Bennett, St.Louis

Bennett hasn’t done much this season, but this past week he finally found the end zone. He’s a capable WR, and now that Isaac Bruce and his hamstrings have begun their yearly issues, Bennett will find more playing time. 

Good potential here if you have the roster space for Bennett.

Dynasty Only

RB Andre Hall, Denver

We’re digging into the depths for you dynasty players out there, and what better place that to visit the Denver Broncos depth chart. The Travis Henry situation is going to play itself out, there is a chance nothing happens, there is a chance he’ll get suspended. Those of you with a space at the bottom of your roster might want to consider grabbing Hall and seeing how this all plays out.

QB Tim Rattay, Free Agent

Continuing to dig extremely deep, with all the injuries to QBs, Rattay’s phone has been ringing. Obviously not a player that I’d count on for this season, but I always felt that he got a bit of a raw deal in San Francisco. Given the opportunity, I think he could play in the league, but finding that opportunity has proved to be very difficult. Dynasty leagues can be a tough place to find a future QB, if you have space at the end of your roster, pick up Rattay on the cheap and hold onto him.

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