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Week Ten: Misconceptions

Week ten is the last week of byes and I am glad that they are over. Most of my players have already been off but with injuries, you don’t need anyone else out of your lineup.


I’ve been traveling a lot over the last month and this week I traveled to

Atlanta. While in

Atlanta I took the wife to the Georgia Aquarium. Which by the way, will earn you big points if you take your wife, girlfriend or kids to. As well as for you ladies who have husbands, boyfriends and kids. The next day I went to the Falcons and 49ers game. This is the 1st regular season game I have attended this year as I’ve went to two Panther preseason games as well. Even though the score was close, it wasn’t very exciting. Good thing I was on the club level and got to watch other games while I frequent the concession stand. The second half was all field goals. I was hoping to see

Jerious Norwood breakout but he was limited again behind

Warrick Dunn and injured himself twice during the game. Despite Dunn getting 100 yds and a TD in that game, he has only 81 yards and 1TD on the season more than

Norwood on almost 3 times as many carries.

Joey Harrington and

Alex Smith were horrible. Harrington put up 138 yds and 1INT. Smith didn’t light it up either, posting 149 yds and 3INTs. Their stats were as bad as the number of

Michael Vick jersey’s I saw. I can understand that it may be the only jersey they own and shelled out a good amount of money for it but I would keep it in the closet for awhile until he plays again, if ever.


On that note, let’s look at a few misconceptions we had prior to the season. The message boards are filled with topics and the numerous articles and magazines published all voice bold predictions before the 1st game has been played. Here are ten topics which many of us were way off on.



  1. Randy Moss has lost a step– Preseason reports was his injury is a concern and that he is no longer a top 5 WR. Even scouts indicated that his skills were in rapid decline. Well how wrong have all of them been? Moss has 56 rec for 924 yds and 12TDs heading into the bye week. To put that into perspective, his best season was 2003 and during the same amount of games he had 63 rec for 998 yds and 10TDs. His ADP was 44.4 and 14th among WRs. I’m picking him for the greatest draft value pick of 2007.

  2. Cedric Benson will be a stud– With Jones traded to the Jets and only Peterson behind him, many felt Benson would step up and produce. Although he wasn’t drafted in the 1st round, he still had an ADP of 28.5 and was the 17th RB taken on average. Benson has just one 100 yard game this season and only 2 TD. The last score coming in week 5. He’s good for 58 yds a game.

  3. Rex Grossman will be a top 10 QB– Grossman entered the season healthy and poised to break out. He had one of the most favorable SOS and a defense that could hand him a short field. Although he was selected in most drafts as a QB2. Some people stack up on other positions and selected Grossman late. He lasted just 3 games. Throwing only 1TD to go with 6INTs.

  4. Calvin Johnson will be ROY– Many saw Johnson as the best prospect in the 2007 draft and he was entering a great situation.

    Detroit’s pass happy offense with Roy Williams on the other side and a projected bad defense would give Johnson monster numbers. Although you can’t fault someone because of injuries, Johnson has struggled to stay on the field early. He hasn’t scored a receiving TD since week 2 and has yet to go over 100 yards.

  5. The Panthers let Keyshawn Johnson go, grab Dwaynn Jarrett– The Panthers drafted Jarrett and let Johnson go right after the draft. Many were high on Jarrett as Steve Smith would get the majority of the defenses attention. Jarrett didn’t pick up the offense and has been behind the learning curve all season. Smith interrupted an interview last week to tell Jarrett he should be watching film instead of talking to the media. Jarrett has 1 rec for 6 yds which came in week 4. Smells like

    Mike Williams to me.

  6. Steve Smith is the #1 Fantasy WR– Ok you can’t blame Smith for this, he’s talented and can beat anyone at anytime, but you had to be cautious and not draft him as the #1 WR. The injuries to the QB position have killed his stats. As good as smith has been in the past, he went way too early in most drafts with an ADP of 19.5. Since week 2 he’s only had one big game, week 6 vs

    Arizona. The other 5 games since week 2 have produce only 15 rec for 122 yds and 1TD.

  7. Brandon Jackson will be the top Rookie RB – The opportunity was great for this guy to be the best rookie RB this year. Lynch and Peterson grabbed all the headlines but many believed that

    Jackson was in the best situation. Morency was injured most of the Preseason and

    Jackson played in a similar style of offense in college. He was primed to be this years Frank Gore until he couldn’t stay healthy himself and started the year poorly. He has just 115 yds and 1TD on the season.

  8. Jerious

    Norwood will take over as starter– Like Jackson the buzz on

    Norwood was opportunity. Dunn had surgery during the preseason and

    Norwood was set for a breakout season after a strong rookie season. So far,

    Norwood is still stuck as the no.2 in

    Atlanta frustrating his owners (yes me) and keeping him from getting enough touches. He is only getting 6.7 rushes a game which limits the amount of production he can have.

  9. Laurence Maroney is a Top 5 RB- Drafted in the top 10 and expected to be a top 5 RB. Maroney proved that he is not a durable RB and is currently 44th among RBs. Even though he is back in the lineup, he still has only one 100 yd game and 0TDs.

  10. There is no Madden Curse– For all the people who dismiss the curse; it seems to continue every year.

    Vince Young sustained a quad injury in week 6 and hasn’t thrown over 200 yds in a game. He is averaging just 122 yds a game and only has 3 passing TDs. The most surprising stat of them all? He only has 165 rushing yards on the season or 23 yds a game.

Interesting information about the teams off this week and the receiving production over the last 3 weeks:



: Won 3 last 3 games and 9 straight overall. The Patriots are on fire and not even

Don Shula can dampen their stats.

Wes Welker is the highest targeted receiver on the team and has caught 23 of the 26 passes thrown his way for 265 yds and 4 TDs. He is the best WR3 in the league who is putting up WR1 points putting him in the top 5 among fantasy WR.

Randy Moss seems to be playing out of his mind right now. Throw it up and he’ll come down with it. He has 24 targets for 16 rec 314 yds and 4TDs.

Donte Stallworth has been kind of a forgotten man after the 1st two receivers as he’s receiving less targets then

Kevin Faulk (16 targets). Stallworth has 14 targets for 9 rec 137 yds and 1TD. The running game is the only area where the Patriots haven’t been dominant lately. Faulk is only averaging 29.3 yds over those games and

Laurence Maroney is only averaging 55 yds over the same span. Between them they have no rushing TDs.



: lost 2 of last 3 games.

Jeff Garcia has done a nice job spreading the ball around but he looks for his main target

Joey Galloway regularly.

Galloway has 32 targets for 16 rec 245 yds and 2 TDs.

Ike Hilliard has been playing well, and having his best season since 2003. He has 27 targets over the last 3 weeks for 185 yds and 1TD. After the 1st two receivers, the Bucs have had minimal contribution from

Michael Clayton and

Maurice Stovall. They have combined for 8 rec 80 yds and 1TD.

Earnest Graham has filled in nicely for the injured

Cadillac Williams but has been up and down some. He posted great stats in week 7 and then was mediocre in week 8. He rebounded last week to go over 100 yds. He finally got into the end zone last week after going scoreless since week 4.



: Lost 2 of last 3 games. The Texans need the production of

Andre Johnson who should return to the line up soon giving Houston and his owners some help. In his absence,

Houston has used 5 different receivers and the results have been mixed. Over the last 3 weeks,

Kevin Walters has been productive with 30 targets for 16 rec 207 yds and 1TD.

Andre Davis has had 18 targets for 7 rec 145 yds and 2 TDs. Jacoby Jones has been the only other productive WR with 11 targets for 8 rec and 62 yds. The Texans have leaned on Owens Daniels for their other receiving offense with 16 targets for 10 rec 92 yds. If only the running game could stay healthy,

Ahman Green missed one of the games the last few weeks and has only produced 67 yds and 1TD.

Ron Dayne has missed time as well over that span with only one big game posting 122 yds and 1TD in week 9.

Adimchinobe “Joe” Echemandu has only 12 rush for 62 yds as well. Many people snatched him up but those who started him last week only received 2 rushes for 6 yds.



: Lost last 3 games and 8 of the last 9 games overall. The Jets woes have not come with out some production.

Jerricho Cotchery has been targeted 25 times for 16 rec 197 yds and 1TD.

Laveranues Coles has 17 targets for 9 rec 146 yds and 2TDs.Brad Smith has been the 3rd WR receiving 19 targets for 8 rec 82 yds. After a monster game in week 6 Thomas Jones has been average over the last 3 games. He has posted an average of 62 yds rushing with no TDs. The Jets season has over shadowed the poor production Jones has had.

Cedric Benson has been criticized tremendously this year for his 466 yds rushing and 2TDs but Jones has only 606 yds rushing this year and has not scored at all.


Let’s look at the players not available for this week and what players you can use to fill the void.


QBs on Week Ten Bye:

The list for this week includes,

Tom Brady,



Kellen Clemens,

Jeff Garcia,

Matt Schaub/

Sage Rosenfels. This last week of byes you probably will stick with your usual starter but if you had Brady and are sad that you must make him inactive, hopefully you stashed someone decent on your Bench. Waiver wire QB’s are more available with guys getting starting chances and coming back from injuries. Look for

Ben Roethlisberger,

Brett Farve,

Matt Hasselbeck and

Damon Huard to have great games and I would look at

Donavan McNabb one last time. If he doesn’t play well this week, he should be benched the rest of the year.


RBs on Week Ten Bye:

This list includes



Kevin Faulk,

Thomas Jones/

Leon Washington,

Ernest Graham/

Michael Pittman/

Michael Bennett and

Ahman Green/

Ron Dayne/

Adimchinobe Echemandu. You got to go with the hot hand in this situation and look for the RB’s who have a good opportunity to do well.

Kevin Jones,

Marshawn Lynch,

Brandon Jacobs and

LenDale White will work well.


WRs on Week Ten Bye:

This list includes

Randy Moss/

Wes Welker/

Donte Stallworth,

Laveranues Coles


Jerricho Cotchery,

Joey Galloway/

Ike Hilliard and

Andre Johnson/

Kevin Walters. Without the

New England receivers this week some owners will have to rely on guys that have been riding pine all year. Hopefully you haven’t been blinded by the juice stats you’ve been reaping and picked up some productive options. Ride the hot streak of

Santonio Holmes,

Lee Evans,

Marques Colston,

Dwayne Bowe and

Greg Jennings.


TEs on Week Ten Bye:

This list includes

Ben Watson,

Chris Baker,

Alex Smith and

Owen Daniels. Watson has been hurt and Daniels has been the only other productive TE of the group. You should be able to find plenty of options if you do not have a 2nd TE already.


DEFs on Week Ten Bye:

This list includes Patriots, Jets, Buccaneers and Texans. The Pats and the Bucs have been playing well and in their absence look for Seahawks, Saints, Lions, Chiefs and Titans to have a good week.


The Golden Mug Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who came through for their team.

Adrian Peterson

– Did you expect anyone else? He has been my Frank Gore this year. I grabbed him in my money league as my RB3! He set the record and could very well finish the season over 2,000 yds. Let’s hope!

Honorable Mention

Jamal Lewis-

I don’t think I would have seen his name up here and I know a few owners who are kicking themselves Monday morning after Lewis punched it in 4 times.


The Urinal Cake Award

Awarded to the fantasy player who you would like to, well you know.

Alex Smith

– as I stated earlier 149 yds and 3INTs. He came back from injury to post those numbers? Why bother? Rest him for next year.

Dishonorable Mention

Joey Harrington

– You can say a win is a win but in fantasy 138 yds and 1INT is a lose no matter how you slice it.



The match-ups

I like this week for QBs:

Drew Brees

against the Rams- Hopefully you’ve survived before week 6 with out him or you lucked out by getting him after a team dropped him or traded him to you. The good times are back and Brees looks like the Brees we thought he would be. 9 of his 12 passing TDs of the season have come in the last 3 games. He’s primed for another great game. The Rams are 28th in the league still in points allowed, giving up 27.4 per game. Although they have played the pass well and only give up 205.5 per game, which is 13th in the league. They are 25th against the run which will open up lanes for

Reggie Bush to catch screens and dump offs. Brees will also take shoots down field.


Ben Roethlisberger

against the Browns. Big Ben put up Brady type numbers in the 1st half against the Ravens and looks to try and match that in this game. Roethlisberger has a TD in every game this year and has 5 multi-TD games. The Browns are now 30th in the league with 30.1 points a game and are the sole owners of the worst passing yards given up in the league. They surrender 276.6 yds per game. Just save some of that offense for

Willie Parker please.


The match-ups

I like this week for RBs:

Kevin Jones

against the Cardinals. Jones has been productive since resuming his starting spot and only his owners really know how productive he’s been. He has 252 yds over the past 3 weeks with 2TDs. He faces an

Arizona team that gave up over 100 yds rushing last week and is 18th in the league with 115 yds allowed per game. Jones remains a focal point for the Lions and should do well in this match-up.


Joseph Addai

against the Chargers. Addai after his 1st lose of the season must have thought his performance was tops in the league until he saw the sports center highlight of Adrian Peterson running all over the Chargers. He must be licking his chops and thinking he too can grab the record. After all, he posted over 100 yds rushing and receiving against a good Patriots defense.

San Diego is now 22nd in the league allowing 125 yds per game.



The match-ups

I don’t like this week for QBs:

Joey Harrington

against the Panthers. He seems to be the anti-star of the article but don’t let Harrington’s week 3 stats fool you. His only other productive game came the following week and he hasn’t thrown a TD since. The Panthers are as much a mess as the Falcons are at this point but the Panthers are playing at home and have been embarrassed the last two weeks. The Falcons may still come out on top but Harrington vs

Vinny Testaverde will not produce any fireworks. Look for the Panthers to improve on the 210.9 yds passing allowed.


Vince Young

against the Jaguars. Even though

Jacksonville is towards the bottom of the league in passing yards allowed you can’t rely on Young. Normally a team that gives up 246.1 yds passing a game would be a great game to start your QB, but like I said earlier, the Madden curse lives. 122 yds a game isn’t going to matter against any passing defense.


The match-up

I don’t like this week for RBs:


Ryan Grant


Vernand Morency


Brandon Jackson against the Vikings. The Vikings have done wonders to go 7-1 this season dispite having the worst rushing yards per game in the league. These RBs have combined for an average of 72.1 per game. Grant has played well as of late but the injuries may keep him out. Injuries have been the theme for the

Green Bay rushing attack and they all face the Vikings who are 2nd in the league allowing just 70.4 yds a game and held LT to just 40 yds on the ground last week.


Steven Jackson


Brian Leonard against the Saints. If you read my good match up for Brees, then you know the Rams will be behind fast and will need to throw to try and keep up in this game.

Jackson will likely play but at what point will he get hurt? He returned in week 8 to post 40 yds and a TD before getting hurt. Leonard is averaging just 33 yds rushing over the last 3 weeks and hasn’t scored all season. The Rams are 29th in the league in rushing yards averaging just 82.1 per game. The Saints are hot and surprisingly are 10th in the league against the run allowing 96.9 yds per game.


Week nine’s brew of choice was Molson XXX. I first tried this beer when I was in

Montreal and it definitely has a kick. As always drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive.


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