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Weekend Box Score Review – April 18, 2011

Saturday April 16, 2011

Cleveland Indians 6

Baltimore Orioles 2

With news of Grady Sizemore returning momentarily, it sure didn’t light a fire under current lead off hitter Michael Brantley, who went 0-5 with two punch outs.  As well as he’s hit he looks destined to be moved to the 9 hole when Grady returns, even though the lineup would be better off with Grady hitting in the middle of it.

New York Yankees 5

Texas Rangers 2

Alex Rodriguez left with an oblique problem, seems to be an epidemic this April.  Teixeira continues to defy the Laws of April hitting Teixeira with another long ball.  The five in the first two weeks have probably doubled his career April totals.

Kansas City Royals 7

Seattle Mariners 0

Second pounding of Felix Hernandez in a row, don’t panic yet as this one was heavily on the defense but I’d be on alert.  Alex Gordon continues his quest to being the first post-post-post-post hype sleeper as he went 3-4 with 3 runs, and 2 RBI.  He is still striking out way too much but when he is connecting he is hitting it hard.

Boston Red Sox 4

Toronto Blue Jays 1

For as much press as the Blue Jays get about home runs they have been running a lot early this year, Aaron Hill and Travis Snider both swiped number five today and neither are threatening base stealers, at least on paper.  Jed Lowrie led off and is on fire, if you’re sitting on a cold hitting Kelly Johnson and missed on Jonathan Herrera go get him.  If you’re set consider getting him anyway.  Oh, and Josh Beckett is kind of good.

Cincinnati Reds 11

Pittsburgh Pirates 2

Too early to write off James McDonald, but it is not too early to send him to waivers until he shows signs that he’s figuring it out…if you haven’t already.  Ramon Hernandez is now 7-9 with 2 HR’s and 7 RBI in two games this season, in the rest?  2-21 and 1 RBI.  His roto numbers might look decent, but if you just lost Mauer or are growing impatient with Geovany Soto, Matt Wieters, Carlos Santana, etc. he is not the answer.

Atlanta Braves 4

New York Mets 2 (game one)

As much fun as it is to poke fun of the Mets, thank you for the years of material Omar Minaya, it is tough to razz this team about struggling during consecutive double headers.  Has that ever happened before?

Tampa Bay Rays 4

Minnesota Twins 3

Scott Baker effectively making it past the 5th inning is a good sign, typically a slow starter and notably bad after 85 pitches anytime Baker pitches well deep into a game is something to make note of.  Add now, ask questions later.  Joe Nathan?  He’s still got a ways to go, Gardenhire agrees as he demotes him from the closer role.

Los Angeles Angels 7

Chicago White Sox 2

Alex Gordon, you may have met your match for post-post-post-post hype sleeper, I give you Howie Kendrick.  Home run #5 and his average is north of .300.

Houston Astros 5

San Diego Padres 3

Brandon Lyon may have netted the save, but it was another ugly performance.  Mark Melancon should be on your speed dial if he isn’t on your roster already.

Atlanta Braves 4

New York Mets 0 (game two)

Jair Jurrjens with a gem in his 2011 debut, if for whatever reason he was dropped while he was hurt please go get him now.  Mike Pelfrey?  Not so much.

San Francisco Giants 5

Arizona Diamondbacks 3

Pablo Sandoval is off to a great start, but he is still stuck behind the cold hitting and mediocre Aubrey Huff, Pat Burrell, and even Miguel Tejada.  I know, I don’t get it either.

Chicago Cubs 8

Colorado Rockies 3

Starlin Castro came one short of the cycle, he’s not going to tease with .400 all season as he is now but he has the tools to flirt with Ted Williams’ record in the future.  This season is the cheapest you’ll get him for a long, long time.

Oakland Athletics 6

Detroit Tigers 2

Lots of sloppy baseball in this one from the Tigers, notably Peralta and Raburn, I guess they needed to give a mulligan to Oakland after their choke job Friday night.  Dallas Braden pitched well, but had to be pulled early due to a shoulder problem.  Uh oh.

St. Luis Cardinals 9

Los Angeles Dodgers 2

Bad Clayton finally reared its ugly head, he had avoided his Achilles heel in 2011 to this point.  Walks have been what have kept Kershaw from being mentioned in the game’s elite to date and he had five free passes in this one.  Oof.

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