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Weekend Box Score Review – June 13, 2011

Atlanta Braves – I believe the Braves in them saying that Craig Kimbrel is still the primary closer, but they’re setting the table for a change if there’s one more poor outing from Kimbrel.  Playing head games with a rookie doesn’t usually benefit anyone, silliness on their part.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Paul Goldschmidt is going to force his way to Phoenix before the year is over, he has nothing left to prove in AA ball so I’m baffled as to why he’s still there.

Baltimore Orioles – Just when Mark Reynolds shows signs of life he gets hurt, hopefully it’s only a two-three day issue but even then I wouldn’t start him until he gets in the groove again.

Boston Red Sox – Remember when the sky was falling in April?  Patience peopkle, this is the best team in the league.

Chicago Cubs – Is this the beginning of a hot streak for Aramis Ramirez? or a blip in the decline?  Given the sorry state of 3B’s if his owner isn’t charging a premium price buy now and be the one to find out.

Chicago White Sox – I’m betting John Danks has conquered whatever mental demons got to him the first two months, he was on waivers in one of my leagues and if he is on yours too go get him.

Cincinnati Reds – Devin Mesoraco and Yonder Alonso do not have anything else to prove at the minor league level, but there’s just not a place for them on the big league club.  Expect trades to open up room for them, most likely meaning one or both are elsewhere but don’t be surprised if the Reds move current starters to make room for these two either.

Cleveland Indians – Lonnie Chisenhall’s promotions is nearing, the Indians need a spark and there really isn’t anyone else in house who may light the fire.

Colorado Rockies – If someone can explain to me what the Rockies are doing with Eric Young it’d be greatly appreciated, I don’t know if he’s a legit player or not but he’s going to need to be traded elsewhere to prove it.  He’s been treated like a utility player for the last year, he’s more valuable to other teams so move the guy already.

Detroit Tigers – Magglio Ordonez returns to the Tigers Monday, what will that mean for Brennan Boesch?  Hopefully nothing, but I don’t trust Leyland enough to come out and say that.  When the lineup gets posted Monday if it says anything other than Boesch batting third and Ordonez in the bottom third someone in that clubhouse needs to tie the skipper up and not let him out until it changes, I would nominate Carlos Guillen but he would tear his hamstring and quadricep simultaneously if asked to.

Florida Marlins – Hanley Ramirez was fat and lazy this offseason, so the Marlins start off slow out of the gate.  I know what to do, fire the hitting coach!  At least the clubhouse recognizes the true problem too, hat tip to Logan Morrison.

Houston Astros – Brad Mills loyalty to Brandon Lyon is quite simply amusing.  To no one’s surprise except for Mills the noodle armed reliever was beaten mercilessly in a high leverage situation Saturday.  Melancon is your best bullpen arm, stop screwing with him.

Kansas City Royals – They’re not going to make a run in 2011, but there’s enough young talent on this squad to keep them competitive until the end.  Mike Moustakas is the latest addition, and yes just like Eric Hosmer if he isn’t already on your team it’s too late.

Los Angeles Angels – Has anyone seen the lineup this team has been trotting out lately?  it’s very Seattle Mariners-esque.  Why they aren’t giving Mike Trout a look by now is beyond me.

Los Angeles Dodgers – What fantasy owners are griping about in regards to Eric Young and Jason Bourgious, legitimately, they have in Dee Gordon.  He runs a lot, we’ll see how often he can get on base though.

Milwaukee Brewers – They’re healthy and now they’re in a groove, the rest of the NL Central better be careful or they’ll find themselves far back in the rear view mirror before too long.

Minnesota Twins – Justin Morneau is not going to be right until he gets a trip to the DL, here’s hoping he’s sent there after his tests today.  If not, still, don’t start him.

New York Mets – I feel for Jason Bay and am beginning to become more and more concerned with concussions and future performance for those players.  Also see Morneau and Brian Roberts.

New York Yankees – Welcome to the party Jorge Posada!  He’s getting hot just in time to save his job, he’s still out there in a lot of leagues, I just hope those are all one catcher leagues (hint hint, nudge nudge).

Oakland A’s – The A’s pitchers are slowly cracking and it’s showing in the win-loss column, Trevor Cahill is set to be next but his is more of a case of bad luck than poor pitching.  Lots of bloop singles in his last outing, keep the faith.

Philadelphia Phillies – Dominic Brown owners that missed the sell high window when he was first called up take note, at the first sign of life don’t miss that opportunity to sell.  A lot of polish still needed on this kid’s game.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Good news for the Pirates and Pedro Alvarez, he had a setback in his rehab so there’s still an excuse not to play him.  2011 isn’t lost yet but it probably will be, hopefully he learns his lesson for this offseason to take training more seriously.

San Diego Padres – I’m a little surprised the Padres aren’t itching to give the ball to Corey Leubke with both Aaron Harang and Dustin Moseley headed to the DL, but all it does is remind me there are some teams out there that actually have plans for their future arms and will stick to them.  Decision makers in cases like Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, and Neftali Feliz should take note.  Leubke will start in 2012 and maybe September this season, that’s it though.

San Francisco Giants – It sounds like the Giants have come to their senses and do not plan to utilize Pablo Sandoval as a part time catcher, fantasy owners think this would have been a good thing but it really would not have.  For reasons why see Brandon Inge’s performance when the Tigers did that to him, expecting players to make that transition in season just isn’t reasonable.  Oh, and Tim Lincecum owners, don’t panic.  See, August 2010 and how he responded for reasons why.

Seattle Mariners – Free Dustin Ackley!  You’re in the race dammit!

St. Louis Cardinals – Even with Matt Holiday on the mend Jon Jay should maintain regular playing time with Allen Craig heading to the DL, redraft Craig owners can probably look elsewhere but keeper league owners should stash in hopes he gains 2B eligibility for 2012 after he returns.  Strong Martin Prado potential here if the guy can stay healthy.

Tampa Bay Rays – There’s a lot of questions in the Rays outfield right now, Desmond Jennings is going to get called up sometime but what are the Rays going to do with BJ Upton?  Depending on what happens there keep a close eye on Brandon Guyer, he’s not a world beater but he will definitely be startable if he gets everyday at bats and Upton being moved may do just that.

Texas Rangers – Mike Napoli being placed on the DL made a lot of people happy, Mitch Moreland owners because he’ll go back to an everyday job as well as Napoli owners so they can stop asking ‘where is Napoli’ when they check the boxscore every day.

Toronto Blue Jays – Brandon Morrow is why I am apprehensive about investing heavily in pitchers with control issues, when your command goes the opposition won’t swing unless they know what’s coming.  Injury doesn’t seem to be the problem here, he just can’t get ahead and is letting the batter control each at bat.

Washington Nationals – I was wrong about Jordan Zimmermann, he’s showing ace potential in 2011 and not 2012 like I projected.  He’s still out there in many leagues, change that.

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