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Weekend Box Score Review – June 20, 2011

Atlanta Braves – Jason Heyward is back in a literal sense, but you can’t tell from the boxscore.  Granted it has only been five games, but the power is still not there (only one extra base hit – a double).  Be on alert, here.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Expect Paul Goldschmidt and Colin Cowgill up to the big league club in the next couple of weeks, speculate now and ask questions later.  Lots of upside with both of them.

Baltimore Orioles – Whether it’s by trade or demotion, Kevin Gregg is going to yield the job to Koji Uehera sooner rather than later.  Gregg has lucked his way to his mediocre numbers whereas Uehera has been dominant.

Boston Red Sox – The DL list keeps growing and they just keep winning anyway.  I’m anxious to see Andrew Miller pitch tonight as a baseball fan, but he’s not on my fantasy radar nor should he be on yours either.

Chicago Cubs – Something’s a miss with Matt Garza, had all the signs of a phenomenal buy low in May but since his return from the DL his K:BB is a putrid 10:9 in 16 innings pitched as his ERA has gone up from 3.72 to 4.14.  It’d be a good idea to sit hi9m against the south siders this week.

Chicago White Sox – John Danks continues his hot streak, hope you got him low.  Juan Pierre?  Hope you passed on that one, Dayan Viciedo is up and taking at bats from him, rightfully so.

Cincinnati Reds – Jay Bruce owners feeling a little panic?  Look at his May numbers, you’ll feel better.  He will be fine.

Cleveland Indians – Amidst all of their recent struggles, Carlos Carrasco’s dominance has gotten lost.  He’s given up just one earned run in his last three outings while accumulating a 17:5 K:BB over 21 2/3 innings.  This is legit, people.  His newfound trust in his fastball is paying dividends.

Colorado Rockies – I have zero faith in the guy but there are owners out there still suffering through issues at 3B.  Go get Ian Stewart, he’s going to get an opportunity again in July.  It may be in Colorado and it may be elsewhere and he may continue to flop, but he’s coming regardless.

Detroit Tigers – I really hope the Tigers are playing Magglio Ordonez just to try to boost what minimal trade value he has, he needs out of the lineup even if that means quad A types are in it.  At this point, quad A is better than Ordonez.

Florida Marlins – I’m real curious to see how the Marlins bounce back in the next couple of weeks, the writing was on the wall earlier this month of some undisclosed tension behind closed doors and the manager walking out Sunday solidified that.  Was he the problem? Or did he leave because the real problem isn’t being solved?  Either way, I blame Hanley, and as a Logan Morrison owner am growing worried.

Houston Astros – Brandon Lyon’s doctor did Brad Mills and all Mark Melancon owners a favor by finally sliding the knife in him, ending his season.  Now, only if the Astros will give Melancon some save opportunities.

Kansas City Royals – The buy low window on Joakim Soria has been emphatically slammed shut, looks like a Brandon League-like blip on the radar and not a Matt Thornton-esque face plant.

Los Angeles Angels – Why isn’t Peter Bourjos running more?  If he’s been dropped I wouldn’t rush out to get him in all but the deepest of leagues, but his value is in his defense and his speed.  Someone to watch the rest of the season just to get a better read on him for 2012, something doesn’t smell right here.

Los Angeles Dodgers – With the Dodgers continuing to fade those waiting on Jonathan Broxton to return may be disappointed because he’s a likely trade candidate.  Speculate on Kenley Jansen now because he’s the only guy in that pen with closer upside, the rest are just temporary stopgaps.  Maybe this time he won’t implode when given closing opportunities.

Milwaukee Brewers – Shaun Marcum says his hip issue isn’t a big deal, but I’ll believe that after he successfully makes it through his side session.  I’m preparing for a DL stint.

nnesota Twins – As a fan of another AL Central team I have a very hard time writing this because I know what this team is capable of, but this recent hot streak reaks of smoke and mirrors to me.  Sell your Twins.

New York Mets – I’m an admitted save chaser and I believe I usually have a grasp on who the true handcuffs are on most teams, but not this one.  Can I get a little help?  Isringhausen’s going to get traded along with Rodriguez and the only other arm in the pen with talent is currently on the shelf, Taylor Buchholz.

New York Yankees – Phil Hughes’ fastball is back, if he’s on waivers go get him and prepare to sell when he’s getting his first start.  Nothing he’s done has earned my trust his entire career and that blame falls squarely on the Yankees for not knowing how to develop young arms.

Oakland A’s – Just when the seller speculation picked up the A’s went out and won 5 in a row, big couple of weeks for this team as what they do at the deadline greatly impacts the value of several players.

Philadelphia Phillies – This team hasn’t been dominant and they’re still pulling away from the division, head to head league owners need to take notice as these guys are likely to be resting come the end of September.

Pittsburgh Pirates – This is not the same Pirates team of old, watched a lot of them this weekend and this team is playing like they believe they can win, even though they got swept.  They’re not going to go quietly into that good night, if you’ve got some dead weight on your roster pitch owners of non Andrew McCutchen owners an offer.

San Diego Padres – Cameron Maybin still isn’t right, he looked like he was moving at half speed all weekend.  At the very least, move him to your bench for the time being.  He has a tendency to get big games out of nowhere, but make him do it once before you put him back in your lineup.

San Francisco Giants – Concerned Pablo Sandoval owner here, a very sluggish return and given the nature of his injury it’s not a surprise.  Keep him benched until he proves otherwise.

Seattle Mariners – Thank you for freeing Dustin Ackley!  Now, his owners, sell sell sell.  He has a big name, but his five home runs and five steals the rest of the way will do little to help you win your title.  Neil Walker will get you better numbers at a smaller price.

St. Louis Cardinals – Do you chase saves?  Then go get Mitchell Boggs.  The rest of the pen isn’t pretty and he’s been dominant since his return earlier this month.

Tampa Bay Rays – As an admitted Kyle Farnsworth hater I have been waiting a very long time to write this, he’s pitching as well as any 9th inning guy out there right now.  You have no idea how hard it was for me to write that and, no, I still won’t roster him on my team.  Bitter, party of one.

Texas Rangers – Nelson Cruz showing base stealing ability again isn’t something to gloss over, it’s a sign he’s feeling healthy and to expect a hot streak soon.

Toronto Blue Jays – This was not the year to draft Kyle Drabek, but he is going to put up some numbers in September when he gets the next call and is going to break out in 2012.  Patience.

Washington Nationals – Michael Morse is this year’s Jose Bautista, whether 2012 Michael Morse is 2011 Jose Bautista or not we’ll have to wait and see but while others are being very dismissive about it based on what I’ve seen, I believe.

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