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Weekend Box Score Review – June 27, 2011

Tuesday marks the halfway point for most teams, this is probably your last chance to boost your roster for the second half as the owners on the bottom half of the standings slowly lose interest…especially if the NFL gets their ducks in a row over the next couple of weeks as it looks like they will.  Send out those trade offers!

Atlanta Braves – It was going to be difficult to pry Brian McCann from his owners, but the last two weeks have likely made that impossible.  McCann owners, rejoice!

Arizona Diamondbacks – This smoke and mirrors game is going to come to an end sooner or later, but it may not be soon enough to effect trade deadline decisions. 

Baltimore Orioles – Nick Markakis isn’t ever going to develop into the power hitter many believed just a couple of years ago, but he’s also nowhere near as bad as he was through the first two months.  Those who bought before his recent tear should expect more of the same.

Boston Red Sox –Those experiencing problems in the middle infield should dial up Marco Scutaro for the short term.  He doesn’t run much nor is there much mashing, but the counting stats will be there in the Red Sox lineup and when he’s on (he has been lately) he’s an on base machine.

Chicago Cubs – What a mess, given their contracts the Cubs don’t even have any tradeable assets to help grow for the future.  Carlos Pena is really the only one that makes sense and given his one year deal not much can be expected in return.

Chicago White Sox – Speculative save chasers, dial up Matt Thornton.  He is still letting too many people on base, but they’re not scoring and his competition has done poorly lately.

Cincinnati Reds – Homer Bailey sure is a fun starting pitcher to own, isn’t he?  I’d roll him out there again this week and then re-evaluate.  When he’s healthy he’s just too good to bench.

Cleveland Indians – Just as Shin Soo Choo was getting it together he gets plunked on the wrist, I’d cut bait in all redraft leagues.  He probably won’t be back until early September and wrist injuries take some time to come back from.

Colorado Rockies – Huston Street is already fragile and he’s been given a heavy workload this year, he was unavailable Saturday due to a sore groin.  Could be a ‘nothing to see here,’ but save chasers can’t wait.  Go get Matt Lindstrom.

Detroit Tigers – The Tigers may not need to make any deals to take the division, but they need some dire top of the order help if they want to compete in October.  Be looking out for this team to make a move in July and Austin Jackson to get knocked down to the bottom third of the order.

Florida Marlins – It really depends on what they get in return, but I believe there’s a very real chance Hanley Ramirez gets moved in the next month.  This is the type of organization to move a guy below peak value, see Cameron Maybin, and all signs point toward a change of scenery being best for both sides.

Houston Astros – Sunday is over, back off the ledge Mark Melancon owners, it happens to all closers.  Just ask the guys that jumped from the Brandon League ship in May.  Patience, young grasshopper.

Kansas City Royals – Joakim Soria’s back to his normal self, hope you listened two weeks ago and bought low!

Los Angeles Angels – The rest of his stats leave a lot to be desired, but Vernon Wells has been mashing for most of June.  He’s still floating around out there in some leagues, go get him.

Los Angeles Dodgers – Sunday’s game is exactly why Dee Gordon needs to be in your lineup every day, he’s been struggling at the plate but on a day off he still nets a run scored and a stolen base.

Milwaukee Brewers – 100% speculation on my part, but I think Mat Gamel is going to get a look at 3B soon unless Casey McGehee pulls a 180 before the All Star break.  Deep leaguers, go get him now.

Minnesota Twins – This is just not the Twins year, sure losing Delmon Young may seem like addition by subtraction but he’s one of the guys that could turn it around and give them a second half boost.  Not anymore, he’ll be out until August with his ankle injury.

New York Mets – Is anyone else getting the feeling that they’re not going to move anyone at the trade deadline?  It may make sense to unload their veteran big contracts but the Mets just seem content to hold steady to apease their fans.  I don’t get it.

New York Yankees – It may be time to add Jesus Montero, not because he’s doing well in the minors (he’s not) or because he’s due for the Yankees soon (nope)…but because he’s likely their trade piece to patch their pitching for the stretch run.  Not sure where he’s going, but wherever he goes he’ll be starting.

Oakland A’s – Jermile Weeks is running a lot more than I expected, if he’s still available he’s a better short term middle infield add than Marco Scutaro.

Philadelphia Phillies – The Phillies can recover from Roy Oswalt’s back injury, but their margin of error with the remaining three is now nil as there’s no guarantee he’ll be right again this year.  Good thing for them the other three have been borderline unhittable; they just need to stay healthy.

Pittsburgh Pirates – For those that didn’t see Jose Tabata’s injury, it was bad.  Most news items here are to add Alex Presley or Garrett Jones, but I think deciding whether to cut Tabata or not is more significant.  I’d wait for test results early this week to confirm, but I’d strongly lean towards cut unless the MRI says otherwise.  His value lies in his speed and I doubt he runs much again this year.

San Diego Padres – Had I known Cory Leubke would start this past week he’d have been in last week’s write up, it may not be too late to go get him though.  I wouldn’t wait though.  He may not maintain 9+K/IP, but he’ll be close and he still pitches in Petco.

San Francisco Giants – This fake DL stint for Jonathan Sanchez, yea I went there, is exactly what both he and the Giants need.  His walk numbers have always been high, but the last few starts have been unacceptable.

Seattle Mariners – Are you Dustin Ackley owners bored yet?  Much better baseball player than fantasy player, sorry.

St. Louis Cardinals – As an owner heavily invested in Cardinals bats (Lance Berkman, Jon Jay, Colby Rasmus, Allen Craig) I’m very concerned about a Pujols injury hangover, it seems to have effected the whole lineup.  I’m not sure where the spark is going to come from, but they need one.  Now.

Tampa Bay Rays – I hate owning BJ Upton too, but if you don’t think about it and just start him every day he will produce for your team, he’s on pace for 80/22/82/40.

Texas Rangers – Elvis Andrus, I admire your toughness, but hurt wrists are not something you battle through.  Do like I’m doing with you this week and sit this one out.  See you in July.  Please?

Toronto Blue Jays – The timetable for Brett Lawrie continues to be pushed back, if you haven’t already I’d throw the towel in all non head-to-head redraft leagues.

Washington Nationals – I don’t understand what it is about fantasy owners and their distaste for four category, low average players but Danny Espinosa is giving you the finger.  Blows my mind that he’s still available in so many leagues.

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