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Weekend Box Score Review – June 6, 2011

Arizona Diamondbacks – Josh Collmenter has certainly created a buzz, but he strikes me as the type that accumulates all of his good stats before you pick him up and start him…so, don’t.

Atlanta Braves – Still no word on the return of Jason Heyward, consider this a red flag since clearly he won’t be ready after the minimum 15 days.  Something may be seriously wrong with him, try to sell him the day before he returns…whenever that is.

Baltimore Orioles – Ok, I was wrong, Mark Reynolds is a Rob Deer clone; not the anamoly I thought he was.  Jump ship if you haven’t already.

Boston Red Sox – For as high as I was on Josh Beckett preseason I do not understand how he is not on any of my teams, maybe I’d be 1st in all of them instead of 2nd had I done something about it!

Chicago Cubs – This team needs some good news, so Matt Garza’s making his return Monday night.  The buy low window is almost closed!

Chicago White Sox – My write up on this team looked a lot different early Saturday afternoon, just when it looks like they’re about to get over the hump they face plant again.  I still think these guys rebound, but good luck guessing who the benefactors are.  The price can’t get much cheaper for Adam Dunn, Gordon Beckham, Alex Rios, and John Danks though.  I’d put a $1 on Beckham and Danks.

Cincinnati Reds – Good thing this squad has nine MLB ready starting pitchers, with all the injuries they’ve needed them…and for once I won’t blame Dusty Baker!  Homer Bailey’s going to make his 4-5 game return before headed back to the DL in about 10 days, so go get him now and sell him before the All Star break.

Cleveland Indians – They have officially entered the slump many have been calling for, they need a spark to get them out of it.  Asdrubal Cabrera can’t do it all, Shin Soo Choo (who is blaming his struggles on getting sauced) is the obvious answer but this team should look to the farm (Lonnie Chisenhall, Jason Kipnis, Cord Phelps) or trade (Carlos Pena would be a perfect fit) instead.

Colorado Rockies – I had a write up prepared about how inconsistently consistent this team is, but then Yahoo! beat me to the punch.  Get off my hard drive!  SoI’ll just play parrot to most other fantasy sites, if somehow Eric Young Jr. is still available, change that.  He’s kind of fast.

Detroit Tigers – Sunday marked the beginning of Ryan Raburn’s season, he was dropped in ¾ of leagues so he’s probably available in all but deep leagues or possibly ones in which he has 2b eligibility.  Add him, then check out his 1st half vs. 2nd half splits.  It’s a spicy meatball!

Florida Marlins – I look at this roster and just don’t understand how they are keeping pace with the Phillies and are above the Braves.  I had a sell high write up ready for Ricky Nolasco, but his last week screwed that up, so this is all I have to say about these guys.  Sorry.

Houston Astros – Jordan Lyles is supposed to be the bright spot for Astros fans during the second half, someone should alert Mr. Lyles because getting lit up by arguably the league’s worst offense isn’t going to cut it.

Kansas City Royals – Mike Moustakas will be up soon, if you don’t know who he is do yourself a favor and add him before reading up.  Trust me.

Los Angeles Angels – Mark Trumbo’s quest to be this year’s Mark Reynolds continues.

Los Angeles Dodgers – This team is only 5.5 games back?  Someone send Matt Kemp a thank you card!

Milwaukee Brewers – These guys have weathered the early season injury bug and are on the brink of taking over the division, get your Brewers before it’s too late!

Minnesota Twins – Joe Mauer is still weeks away, Justin Morneau isn’t right, most of the pitching staff and outfield is hurt, and their only bright spot is a slap hitting middle infielder who has problems staying out of Gardenhire’s doghouse.  This team has deadline seller written all over it.

New York Mets – The best thing for this team would be a losing streak, so they can finally start the rebuild.  They aren’t going anywhere as is and you shouldn’t be targeting any of these guys via trade either.

New York Yankees – The non C.C. Sabathia starting pitchers are due to crash back to Earth any minute now.  They’ve pitched over their heads for two months so they’ve more than held serve but it’s time for new blood to come in and you to ship them off while their values are still high. 

Oakland A’s – This is what happens to this team when the pitching falls apart, a six game losing streak.  The pitching will bounce back, but they just don’t have enough juice in the lineup to compete as any time the pitching falters they will lose.  Gio Gonzalez owners should look elsewhere, Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson are both holds though.

Philadelphia Phillies – Chase Utley’s bat is still playing catch up, but his work on the base paths tell me he’s up for the long haul.  Enjoy the ride!

Pittsburgh Pirates – It’s June so if you’re a Pirates fan your focus shifts toward the draft.  Sorry!  Seriously though, next year is going to be different.

San Diego Padres – Anthony Rizzo is about to get promoted, so his owners need to do the right thing; sell him.  Love the bat, but Petco is where left handed power goes to die.  He’ll need some seasoning before being a fantasy asset in that park.

San Francisco Giants – The injury bug is getting infectious, maybe Panda should wait a little while longer before coming back. 

Seattle Mariners – Another week passes, and this team still lingers around.  It amazes me they have not promoted Dustin Ackley yet as this is the type of player to jump start a team from ‘hanging around’ to ‘front runner.’

St. Louis Cardinals – Remember that time in May when you were freaking out about Albert Pujols?  Hope you stayed patient, this Albert’s just like the old one – lethal.

Tampa Bay Rays – He’s had a couple of rough starts, but Alex Cobb is a name to watch over the next couple of starts.  An opening is there for the taking if he takes advantage and while his arsenal isn’t over powering he has the command to help immensely in the second half.*

Texas Rangers – Usually June is the time for the Rangers bats to wake up, but the arms owned this weekend.  They are heading home though so expect the bats to wake up next week, so have patience Kinsler owners.

Toronto Blue Jays – Brett Lawrie’s promotion has been delayed a week, expect him up by the weekend after a start in AAA on Wednesday.

Washington Nationals – Holy Michael Morse!  Don’t expect this to keep up, but ride the hot streak for now.

*AL East disclaimer, just don’t start him in New York or Boston

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