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Weekend Box Score Review – May 16, 2011

Arizona Diamondbacks – As recently as two weeks ago I feared Brandon Allen was destined for the Kila Ka’auihe treatment, wallowing away in AAA not getting an opportunity to progress and only get a three week cup of coffee at the end of the season and a three week trial to begin next season.  His recent hot streak may get him up sooner, don’t forget about this guy just yet.

Atlanta Braves – Undoubtebly, Julio Teheran is the talk of today with Brandon Beachy’s injury paving the way.  I’d take the wait and see approach in regards to starting him, but if you’re just reading this now and hoping to go pick him up you’re probably too late.

Baltimore Orioles – Mark Reynolds’ start to 2011 has been nothing less than disasterous, owners expected the terrible batting avg. but the slg of .333 is appalling.  He’s a must bench in weekly leagues, and has been for a while, but hopefully you have room to keep him there to see if he figures his problems out.  His upside is obviously there, but he’s a mediocre start vs. weak right handers and a must bench vs. everyone else.

Boston Red Sox – Waiting for that Adrian Gonzalez hot streak?  It’s here!  12-31, 7 R, 5 HR, 12 RBI in the last week, the buy low window (if there was one) is officially closed.

Chicago Cubs – Unlike Gonzalez, don’t be late to this buy low party – Matt Garza’s closes this week.  The 11.75 K/9 and 4:1 K:BB is very real, the 4.17 ERA is not.

Chicago White Sox – Jake Peavy may be the last chance to be a shot of adrenaline to the downtrodden White Sox, the most important thing I took from his first performance was he did not walk a batter.  If he doesn’t get this team together I don’t think anyone will.

Cincinnati Reds – The Homer Bailey dilemma, is this the year he finally breaks out? or is this his four start hot streak before he breaks down and ends up back on the DL?  Bailey owners will probably have to wait and see, but if the President of his fan club resides in your league test the waters.

Cleveland Indians – The sell high window for Grady Sizemore closed Friday, owners are going to be wary of those balky knees regardless of what happens the rest of this season.  If all goes well he could hit 25 HR’s, but even 10 SB’s smells of pipe dream at this point. 

Colorado Rockies – Some don’t believe in sell low’s, but I’m not one of them.  If you can still get 60 cents on the dollar for Ubaldo Jiminez, do it.  He’s a mess.

Detroit Tigers – Magglio Ordonez to the DL may be the best thing for Brennan Boesch as the 3 hole is now his for the foreseeable future.  Jim Leyland’s lineup construction no longer can be blamed, as it should have.

Florida Marlins – I’m not ready to say I was wrong about Mike Stanton in 2011, but by the time I am it will be way too late to acquire him.  It looks like those leg problems may not cause him problems all season after all.

Houston Astros – Mark Melancon

Kansas City Royals – Eric Hosmer gets the same treatment as Julio Teheran, buy now but don’t start just yet.  In fact, with his 2 HR first week I’d explore trade offers to see if someone has man love goggles on.

Los Angeles Angels – With Kendrys Morales down for the count can Mark Trumbo keep this up all season?  Absolutely, and possibly even better.  At worst, he’s Garrett Jones without the platoon predictability and at best he’s Mark Reynolds circa 2009.  Those are the types of fliers that win leagues, too bad I already sold…

Los Angeles Dodgers – I’m pretty sure I’m the only remaining Jonathan Broxton believer, I’m convinced the guy pitched hurt all April and that this DL stint is the best thing for him and the team.  It isn’t like the lethal arm of Vicente Padilla will keep him from regaining the job upon his return.

Milwaukee Brewers – Chris Narveson – His performance to date and lack of over powering stuff gives me pause for concern, but the raw data suggests his ERA is severely over inflated.  Have pitching problems and missed the race for Teheran and Homer?  Not a bad plan B.

Minnesota Twins – Unless their season takes a serious turn for the positive in the next few weeks this team has the makeup of as a deadline seller, unless Joe Nathan and Matt Capps are slated as Type A free agents (doubtful) with both marked as free agents at season’s end their could be a changing in the guard at the end of games for the Twins – a.k.a. a cheap buying opportunity for save vultures.  Neither of these guys are anymore than just stopgaps, but Kevin Slowey and Glen Perkins are two to stash or keep a close eye on, depending on league depth.

New York Mets – I wanted to write about something else, but I keep seeing the name Fernando Martinez emerge and I just wanted to put this to rest.  No, do not add him, he’s a lousy baseball player, he’ll do more bad than good while he gets AB’s and he won’t be getting them anymore once Pagan and Davis return.

New York Yankees – Three weeks ago I was convinced this was the end of Jorge Posada, then he started to have hits that weren’t just home runs, then this weekend happened.  I think his career service gives him a few week mulligan for his antics Saturday but unless the numbers start trending northward it will be off to waivers at that time.

Oakland A’s – Should you add Tyson Ross?  No, he doesn’t strike guys out, he walks too many, and his stuff isn’t that good.  It won’t be long until teams get the book on him and even if he has a few more quality starts he could one of those 1 1/3 IP starts that cancels out all of the good he has done.  Let him do that and kill the K/9 on someone else’s team.

Philadelphia Phillies – I was late in both of my leagues already but most still have Domonic Brown available, he had lots of problems early on and I feel better about probably June call-up’s like Brett Lawrie and Lonnie Chisenhall than Brown but he’s still an upgrade to someone in your OF.  Get him.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Pedro Alvarez is fat and lazy, there I said it.  I’m also too stubborn to drop the guy even though I should, he’s benched though and he should be on your team too.

San Diego Padres – Due to some health problems on my deep dynasty roster here in the tank I have explored a Chris Denorfia/Will Venable platoon over the last week, between the three days Denorfia started (5-14, 3 R, 1 HR, 1 SB) and Venable (6-18, 2 R, 2 RBI, 1 SB) I got 11-32, 5 R, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 2 SB from one roster spot.  Those in daily leagues, I’m just sayin’…

San Francisco Giants – I’m not one to usually advocate selling the farm for a potential rental, but the Giants need to do just that for Jose Reyes.  He’s the missing piece on this slow and old team with poor defense and no real lead off hitter and the worst case is they get two 1st round picks if he does walk, which he might not do.

Seattle Mariners – Brandon League has made this a real ugly closer situation, unlike the other messy closer situations you really can’t trust anyone in the back end right now.  Jamey Wright is the clear add, but both him and League belong on the bench until either League corrects himself or Wright is named the interim closer.

St. Louis Cardinals – Speaking of messy closer situations, glad I stayed away from this one!  Even if any of the candidates are available, I’d spare myself the headache and roster space in all but the deepest of leagues.

Tampa Bay Rays – Holy Matt Joyce!  He’s done this in spirts before, so until one of these is not followed up by a prolonged slump I’d keep him on a short leash but he has the talent to keep this up.  Much more value in daily leagues as he doesn’t start vs. lefties.

Texas Rangers – This offense is on life support and losing everyone to the DL, thankfully Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton could be back in the next week or two.

Toronto Blue Jays – Jose Bautista’s the lead story here, but talking about him won’t help your team.  Keep a close eye on Jayson Nix over the next few weeks, he had a solid start to the season but has been on the shelf for a few weeks.  With Brett Lawrie raking in AAA he is going to feel the heat, will he crumble? or rise to the occasion?  Speculative adds are in order here.

Washington Nationals – Patience is beginning to pay off for Jayson Werth owners, 6-24 5 R 2 HR 5 RBI 1 SB in the last week against some tough competition.  Expect a strong finish to May, so get the buy low bids in now.


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