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Weekend Box Score Review – May 2, 2011

This week’s addition of The Weekend Roundup is going to be a little different, and no it has nothing to do with some guy in Pakistan getting sent to his grave Sunday.  There was just so much that happened on the diamond this weekend that rather than highlighting each game I want to highlight one big thing to note for each team…because it seems like there’s at least one for every ball club!

Atlanta Braves – They made more noise off the field than on it this past week,
Lowe’s poor post DUI performance may be something to worry about if he were a kid but this guy’s a vet; he’ll bounce back.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Out of nowhere April performers
Ryan Roberts and
Willie Bloomquist have now been benched and disabled, respectively.  I’d say it’s the first baseman’s turn, but the veterans currently manning the roster are scuffling and
Brandon Allen is doing the same at AAA.

Baltimore Orioles – I think it will take
Zach Britton carrying a sub 3.00 ERA into September to make me a believer, initially I pegged his division as the problem and now I’m just waiting for the rookie wall.  Eternal pessimist, aren’t I?

Boston Red Sox – In a weekend full of third basemen getting crippled the Red Sox should feel lucky
Youkilis is only out with a sore hip, or at least that’s all they hope it is. 

Chicago Cubs
Alfonso Soriano usually has solid April’s, but this one was especially nice.  Yes, that’s your queue to sell.

Chicago White Sox – I’ll just quote
Ozzie Guillen when he had to watch his ball club play from the comfort of his own home, “it was painful to watch as a fan.”  Ouch!  Even for Ozzie, ouch!

Cincinnati Reds – Patience
Jay Bruce owners, his hot streak is coming soon.

Cleveland Indians – It looks like the doubters are starting to come around, this team is legit and geared for a division title run this summer. 
Justin Masterson has finally realized his ace potential, and no wall is in sight.

Colorado Rockies – Remember when
Ubaldo Jiminez could find the strike zone?  Until he does benching him if you can is the correct move.  In his first four starts he has issued 11 free passes in 20 IP’s and in his last two outings he has 8 walks in just 9 innings.

Detroit Tigers – The only things going right on this team are
Miguel Cabrera,
Brennan Boesch, and the starting pitching.  If you have anyone else, run.

Florida Marlins – When healthy,
Josh Johnson may be the best pitcher in the game.

Houston Astros
Brett Wallace is not doing what his drafters expected, hit for power, but he’s showing the maturity of a veteran by spraying hits all over the park. Buy in before the inevitable hot streak. 
Brandon Lyon owners, keep enjoying the BS/W, eventually the job will be handed over to
Mark Melancon.

Kansas City Royals – Unlike the Indians, at some point this team will come back to Earth.  In the meantime, owners of
Gordon, Betemit, Melky Cabrera, Francouer, etc. – enjoy this.

Los Angeles Angels – Weaver?  Pfft, we don’t need no stinkin’
Jered Weaver.  Ok, we do, but we still won without him and while spotting the Rays five in the first.  Nice, huh?

Los Angeles Dodgers – Holy bullpen mess, Batman!  My money stubbornly remains on
Broxton, if for nothing else other than his competition sans Kuo (who Chipper Jones thinks is fragile) is terrible but concern is strong and getting stronger.

Milwaukee Brewers
Zach Greinke is back on Wednesday, a much needed lift this team needs right now.

Minnesota Twins – Finding something positive about this team right now is exceedingly difficult, but I’ll try. 
Justin Morneau hit his first home run!  Ok, sorry, didn’t work.

New York Mets – The medical chart is long with
Chris Young, but when this guy is healthy he has lethal potential.  I was skeptical about him benefiting from a spacious home park, but what he did to the Phillies this weekend sold me.

New York Yankees – Many, myself included, gave up on Curtis Granderson ever being anything more than a frustrating to own 20/20 hitter.  It looks like we may have thrown the towel in one year too early as he belted home run #8 on the season Sunday.

Oakland A’s – In case you didn’t know, the A’s pitching is kind of good.  Buy high if you still can.

Philadelphia Phillies – How bad is
Jimmy Rollins playing when he only has five RBI hitting third behind a guy hitting almost .400 and in front of the league’s RBI leader?  Oof.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Don’t look now, but the Pirates may (somewhat) compete this year.  The bullpen is solid, the starting pitching is at least adequate (much better than projected), and this is all while the bats which were the perceived strength in March are scuffling. 

San Diego Padres – If
Dustin Moseley could put in a transfer request he would, he deserves better than what he’s gotten to date.  This offense is epically bad.

San Francisco Giants – Apparently
selling Panda high would have been the right move, by luck, but correct nonetheless.  The Giants are going to sorely miss his bat, which is gone until late June.

Seattle Mariners – Expectedly,
Brandon League is forcing a tough decision from manager
Eric Wedge when
David Aardsma comes off the disabled list sometime in May.

St. Louis Cardinals – I am glad my buying attempts at
David Freese were universally unsuccessful, like the rest of the barrage of injured third basemen this weekend he will be missed sorely.

Tampa Bay Rays
Evan Longoria is on the mend and hopefully we will never hear of Felipe Lopez ever again.

Texas Rangers
Neftali Feliz should be back when he is eligible to come off the DL, the honeymoon was wonderful Darren Oliver.  Thanks for the memories!

Toronto Blue Jays
Rajai Daivs tried to make up for lost time this weekend, 5 swiped bags in three games.  You’re forgiven, Rajai.

Washington Nationals – It wouldn’t be right to finish this without another injured third basemen, so those who thought they were getting
Ryan Zimmerman back in the next week or so – hernia surgery, out until late June.  Boo-yah!

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