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Weekend Box Score Review – May 23, 2011

Atlanta Braves – The panic button regarding Jason Heyward’s health shouldn’t be pressed yet but it needs to be close by.  Regardless of whether he needs to toughen up or if all of these lingering injuries are legit this many injuries to a 20 year old is not good.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Paul Goldschmidt is going to force his way to The Show this summer if he keeps this up, those in need of a power boost keep tabs on this guy.

Baltimore Orioles – Given the Orioles anemic offense if Nolan Reimold shows even a glimpse of what he used to do playing time will follow, deep leagues should make the speculative add while shallow ones just need to add him to the watch list

Boston Red Sox – Jarrod Saltalamacchia must have just realized he was about to lose his job, three home run’s in four days will keep him around…for now.

Chicago Cubs – The bottom hasn’t completely fallen out on Alfonso Soriano yet, but it will soon.  Owners, get out now.

Chicago White Sox – The buy low window on Jake Peavy has now officially passed, unfortunately there isn’t another one on the roster as John Danks and Gordon Beckham both look completely lost.

Cincinnati Reds – It’s too late to do anything about it, but this isn’t just another hot streak from Homer Bailey; this is legit.  Only gamble remaining is health, and given his history it’s still another large hurdle to cross.

Cleveland Indians – I was all about Asdrubal Cabrera this off-season, but this is unsustainable.  What the Indians are doing is legit, but what Asdrubal is doing is not.  Cash in on the career day.

Colorado Rockies – His owners probably already have, but it’s time to give up on Dexter Fowler.  Guys that rely on their speed for their value can’t have numbers like this, 2 SB vs. 6 CS.  Dump him.

Detroit Tigers – Jhonny Peralta has been swinging a hot stick lately, he’s the type you ride when they’re hot and dump when they’re not so if you’re hurting for a MI right now he’s your guy.

Florida Marlins Josh Johnson would be talked about in the same conversation as Roy Halladay as the best pitcher in the game if he could just stay healthy. 

Houston Astros – Bud Norris has officially taken the next step in 2011, his walks are now under control and he’s not giving up the big hit with men on base.  If he’s still out there, buy.

Kansas City Royals – The parade of prospects continues as Danny Duffy came to The Show this week, he’s not a big piece in fantasy though as his control limits his upside.  The next one could be the best of all of them, Mike Moustakas awaits, he’s just a Wilson Betemit cold streak away now as he’s been tearing the cover off the ball lately in the minors.

Los Angeles Angels – Given Jordan Walden’s struggles lately, earned runs in four of his last seven, those speculating on saves need to dial up Scott Downs.  He’ll help with your ratios in the meantime while you wait for him to get the closer’s job.

Los Angeles Dodgers – Did the light switch finally flip on for Jerry Sands?  A 5-7 weekend is nothing to sneeze at.  Hopefully those in deep leagues didn’t jump ship yet, and if you did hop back on now.  Shallow league owners, another add to the watch list.

Milwaukee Brewers – Catcher problems?  Go get Jonathan Lucroy, he won’t blow you away with power but he’s getting on base at a good clip and this is sustainable.

Minnesota Twins – Joe Mauer begins extended Spring Training this week, most optimistic timeframe to get back is two weeks.  Will they be too far back at that point for his return to matter?

New York Mets – Is Justin Turner really the most interesting person to talk about on this team?  Blow it up already!

New York Yankees – Amidst all of the turmoil in the Yankees clubhouse, Curtis Granderson is in the midst of a career year no one is talking about.  For shame.

Oakland A’s – The formerly deep pitching staff of the A’s is getting battered and beaten, it’s starting to show in the win column too.  If this continues there are a host of prospects to keep your eyes on as their veterans on one year contracts get traded or benched, stay tuned.

Philadelphia Phillies – Dominic Brown gets called up right when Shane Victorino heads to the DL…and then they go out and sign Scott Podsednik.  Good signing for the team, but I’m beginning to doubt how much faith the Phillies have in Brown to help them this year.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Joel Hanrahan’s name has surfaced in trade rumors, if they predictably tail over the next month or two expect him to be dealt.  It’s a mess behind him currently, per usual in Pittsburgh, but if someone emerges like Chris Resop or Evan Meek a speculative add will be in order.

San Diego Padres – Michael Pineda and Felix Hernandez made this inept lineup look silly this weekend, Anthony Rizzo cannot get here fast enough.

San Francisco Giants – Brandon Belt’s call is not far away and he won’t disappoint this time.

Seattle Mariners – Dustin Ackley’s about to provide the boost this offense needs, given the state of their pitching and the rest of the division this team could compete this year.  It really depends on the health of the Rangers.

St. Louis Cardinals – Colby Rasmus is going to hit a hot streak sooner or later, the five walks Sunday was ridiculous.  Eventually pitchers are going to start pitching to him, probably about when Pujols starts hitting, any day now?

Tampa Bay Rays – The countdown to Desmond Jennings is getting lower and lower, it’s time for the speculative add.  He’s got BJ Upton’s upside, here’s hoping he doesn’t have BJ Upton’s head.

Texas Rangers – Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton both return Monday and Texas is still in first in the AL West, a big month for the Rangers is coming.

Toronto Blue Jays – I was wrong about Jose Bautista, I was wrong about Jose Bautista, I was wrong about Jose Bautista, I was wrong about Jose Bautista.

Washington Nationals – The wheels are starting to come off, the pitching is keeping them in games but the offense is a mess.  Friday night’s 17 run outburst withstanding.

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