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Weekend Box Score Review – May 9, 2011

Saturday May 7, 2011

Chicago Cubs 3

Cincinnati Reds 2

Nothing much to see here, Francisco Cordero blew the save but he’s been solid to this point and Dusty Baker clearly has his back.  Unless this turns into a trend this is just a blip on the radar.

Tampa Bay Rays 8

Baltimore Orioles 2

A good day to be an owner of Rays players, notably BJ Upton (2 home runs), Evan Longoria (1 home run, 4 RBI), and Ben Zobrist (4 hits, 3 runs), but the real takeaway from this game is the continued scuffling of Sam Fuld.  Branon Guyer is breathing down his neck for playing time, the tock is ticking close to midnight on Fuld.

Detroit Tigers 9

Toronto Blue Jays 0

If it weren’t for one hell of an at bat from J.P. Arencibia this would have been a perfect game for Verlander, who was still hitting triple digits on the gun in the 8th and 9th innings.  Hat tip

Milwaukee Brewers 4

St. Louis Cardinals 0

Just when you were ready to (correctly) jump ship on Yovani Gallardo he takes a no-no into the 8th inning, this would probably be a hotter topic if it weren’t for Verlander. 

Boston Red Sox 4

Minnesota Twins 0

It’s too bad Clay Buchholz’s outing was an abbreviated one due in large part to the weather, he had his ace stuff today.

Philadelphia Phillies 3

Atlanta Braves 0

So top prospect Julio Teheran didn’t come out guns a blazin’, he still threw a solid game; he just didn’t get any run protection.  He’s a name to remember come September.

Pittsburgh Pirates 6

Houston Astros 1

Your buy low window on Andrew McCutchen is probably closed, 9-30 5 BB 5 R 2 HR 7 RBI and 2 SB in the last week.

Washington Nationals 5

Florida Marlins 2

Slumping Danny Espinosa was bumped from the top of the order all the way down to #8 in favor of the hot hitting Roger Bernadina.  Hope it’s not a trend, but the volleying up and down the lineup for both Nationals middle infielders has been frustrating.

Kansas City Royals 4

Oakland A’s 3

Aaron Crow couldn’t have picked a worse time to yield his first earned runs of the year, in the form of a 3 run bomb to the usually soft hitting shortstop Cliff Pennington.  The Royals still pulled out the W thanks to the A’s leaving the surprising Brandon McCarthy in one inning too long.

New York Mets 4

Los Angeles Dodgers 2

Andre Ethier’s hit streak comes to an end at 30, good run Andre!

Texas Rangers 7

New York Yankees 5

With Nelson Cruz heading to the DL even more playing time is going to open up for David Murphy, Mitch Moreland, Chris Davis, and Julio Borbon.  If any of them are sitting on your wire, add them.  All had big games in this one.

Arizona Diamondbacks 6

San Diego Padres 0

Stephen Drew’s groin pulled up lame again, with Willie Bloomquist about ready to return to action if he was dropped a waiver move for the base path burning infielder is in order.

Cleveland Indians 4

Los Angeles Angels 3

Jered Weaver did not have his best stuff in this one as Cleveland got to him for a 3 run 5th and the league’s strikeout leader did not fan a single batter.  Nothing to be too concerned about though, this is just a blip on the radar.  On the Indians side, Alex White is far from a finished product, but he will be a name to back pocket for 2012 drafts.

San Francisco Giants 3

Colorado Rockies 2

Aubrey Huff continues to scuffle, please free Brandon Belt again!

Chicago White Sox 6

Seattle Mariners 0

It was only Doug Fister, so don’t get too excited but this game is exactly the sort of remedy a slumping offense like Chicago needed.  Six of the nine White Sox starters had multi hit games, notably Adam Dunn, Alex Rios, and Gordon Beckham who have all been especially bad this year.

Sunday May 8, 2011

Detroit Tigers 5

Toronto Blue Jays 2

Austin Jackson went 3-5 with his 2nd HR, making him 14-38 since April 29.  The early season slump is being corrected, if he was dropped in your league now is the time to pounce.

Tampa Bay Rays 5

Baltimore Orioles 3

Wednesday’s implosion must have lit a fire under B.J. Upton, 7-14 with 2 HR’s and RBI this weekend vs. the Orioles.

Boston Red Sox 9

Minnesota Twins 5

Adrian Gonzalez is overdue for a hot streak, isn’t he?  A 3-5 with 2 R 2 RBI and 1 HR day would be a good start.  Jacoby Ellsbury’s roll continues as he hit for the 16th consecutive game and went 13-35 with 7 R and 5 SB this week.

Los Angeles Dodgers 4

New York Mets 2

The top of the Dodgers order remains a trainwreck, but Jamey Carroll remains an uninteresting yet productive stopgap for this with injury/ineffective issues in the middle infield.  He’s 9-24 with 5 R scored this week.

Florida Marlins 8

Washington Nationals 0

A lot of near no hitters this weekend as Anibal Sanchez took one into the 7th, but this day belonged to Gaby Sanchez who went 4-4 with 3 R 3 RBI and one moon shot.

Pittsburgh Pirates 5

Houston Astros 4

It was a fun week for Jason Bourgeouis, but he’s headed to the DL, Clint Barmes should be the benefit in the 2 hole for those desperate enough.  Meanwhile James McDonald continues to spit in the face of his drafters who already gave up on him, as he has now accumulated a 16:7 K:BB with 2 ER over his last three games (18 IP).

Cincinnati Reds 2

Chicago Cubs 0

A successful return for Johnny Cueto, 6 IP of 0 ER ball is great but given his biggest issues the one BB is the greatest takeaway from this one.

St. Louis Cardinals 3

Milwaukee Brewers 1

The carousel at closer for the Cardinals continues as Eduardo Sanchez did everything he could to blow it before Salas came in to clean up his mess and net the save.

New York Yankees 12

Texas Rangers 5

Yes, I saw the line, no Jeter is not back.  You don’t get stats for players who have already completed their game.

Los Angeles Angels 6

Cleveland Indians 5

I realize that Grady Sizemore is not going to keep this up, but you still aren’t going to get fair value for him in a trade.  Hang on, and enjoy the goodness.

San Francisco Giants 3

Colorado Rockies 0

Jorge De La Rosa losses usually come with plenty of walks, this one was no exception.  He’s this close to being a top pitcher, but just can’t get over the hump.

San Diego Padres 4

Arizona Diamondbacks 3

Jorge Cantu hit his 2nd home run in May, his home runs usually come in bunches so hop on before it’s too late.

Chicago White Sox 5

Seattle Mariners 2

The White Sox showed sign #1 of breaking out of their offensive funk Saturday, they showed sign #2 Sunday – a late inning barrage against a previously dominant pitcher for a late inning win.  It’s been a rough start and they have a long ways to go but it’s a start, buy in now before it’s too late.

Atlanta Braves 5

Philadelphia Phillies 1

Jair Jurrjens has only had one issue throughout his career, health.  When healthy, he is one of the league’s best,  Enjoy.

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