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Welcome to A Deeper Dive

Over the last year, media outlets have estimated that more than 20 million people play fantasy football. Among this population are many serious competitors that contend in multiple leagues and are always looking for an edge to defeat their pool of opponents. Most fantasy experts will confess that winning your league is seldom based on draft strategy alone, but rather a combination of factors including matchups, schedules, injuries, weather, workload, waiver pickups, trends, trades etc. This is fantasy football in its most dynamic form, which is why I welcome you to “A Deeper Dive.” 

Have you ever snorkeled in the ocean? I have hovered just beneath the ocean’s surface in absolute awe as I snorkeled above a plethora of amazing living wonders in their most unadulterated state. A collection of marine life including eels, turtles, coral and fish of every size, color and share are in my sight as I snorkel by. As breathtaking as the sight appears, it would become more vivid and intimate if I could swim deeper like a scuba diver. I have learned that fantasy football is comprised of many snorkelers, but very few scuba divers that are looking to dive deeper into the world of fantasy football. Not only are these managers trying to win their league, but also looking to enhance their understanding of

’s most popular sport.

In my weekly feature, “A Deeper Dive,” I will analyze a sample of players at each position along with a defense. The objective of the article is not to state who to start or bench, but rather educate you on the variables affecting the complete matchup.  For instance, Drew Brees is generally a must-start every week. However, he may be less effective playing against the New York Jets in a cold, snowy outdoor night game with Darelle Revis patrolling the secondary. You may second-guess starting Brees if you also have Joe Flacco at home against

Kansas City
, whom he torched for more than 300 yards and three touchdowns last season.

My next article will prepare you for Week 1. As you strive to start the season with a win, I will coach you on several key aspects to consider before you lock your lineup Sunday morning. Although, my “precap” will stand unbiased, my goal is for each fantasy shark to feel confident and informed in battle each week.

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