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Welcome to Fantasy Sharks 2004!

Well, if you haven’t noticed by now (how could you miss it?) we’ve given the site a little facelift in preparation for the 2004 season.  As chief web designer for Fantasy Sharks, I’d like to invite you to browse around, get used to things, and make yourself comfortable in our new digs.  The site is not 100% converted yet … we will be fixing up some of our apps and other pages over the next few days, so bear with us while we clean up the nooks and crannys.

This new design fills many purposes for us – It allows us to fit more content on the home page, gives us some flexibility with the sizes of our advertising banners, and adds a little more “pop” graphically, all while hopefully keeping load times the same or even reducing them slightly.  We’re expecting a huge surge in traffic this year and we want our server to be able to handle that load, while still providing our members with quick access to the best fantasy football information on the Internet.

Of course, the changes have already sparked a flurry of activity in our forums:  There were a few early comments from the peanut gallery:

TaZZ – “It looks great Tony … Nice Job.”
Paddler – “Beige and gray uh? Bold.”
Choo – “Smooth and refined, like Billy Dee Williams.”
Chief Brody – “No this works…’s got a certain Urine-ish hue to it. Very modern.”

By page 5, the thread leads into posting of various shark pictures, most of which are absolutely hilarious.  You gotta love the Shark Tank.  Be sure to check it out and leave your comments for us.  Or use the link at the top of the article to send me an e-mail directly.  And get ready for one awesome year at!

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