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Were we watching the same games?

You all watched the same games right? Were you amazed by Ronnie Brown‘s day?

Three of those TD’s were setup up by the same play. Ricky Williams took an end around from Brown.

Once the defense had that vision that they needed to stop getting beat wide, the Dolphins shifted through the gears on some decoys and ran the same off tackle play 3 times for pay dirt.

Since that look had benefitted Williams once and Brown twice, the Pats thought they were going back to Ricky again.

Get that? Same play three times for TD’s. The one time there was pressure on Brown, he threw the ball to a wide open Anthony Fasano for a TD. They sold it well right off with Ricky. They scored on an off tackle right with the direct snap to Brown.  The bottom line is they exploited a weakness in a pretty good defense.

Imagine that: A running back mimics handoffs and runs it in. A player whose primary job is to run.

What I know is: If you put a QB on the end of the line for whatever reason, I am going to smack him in the mouth taking himself out of the play. Then you’ll need to use your RB to play QB for the rest of the season. 

Now how smart are you? Are you going to run the same gimmick plays every week? Probably not. Consider this an isolated incident; expect Ronnie brown to average about one TD every week for the rest of the season. He is a pretty good runner anyway.

Le’Ron McClain,

Baltimore’s fullback, has more value than Ray Rice. I considered picking him up in a 12-team league but couldn’t pull the trigger on a FB.

Turns out he can be found as a tailback with his 4.85 speed at 265 lbs. McClain has lots of tread as he was rarely used at ‘Bama. I think his value is limited but he seems to be making quite a splash early in the season.

A fantasy market correction occurred on Rodgers and Anderson owners.

Rodgers has looked good but the Packers simply aren’t good enough to hang with the likes of the Cowboys. I think he’s blessed with a great supporting cast but he’s not going to really put up more than average numbers on an every week basis.

There was no question once they got behind that the big play ability was not there. At least with Favre you could have had that chance.

It was disturbing to see no urgency from the Packers once they were down by 11. They only started moving once they were down by 18. (too late)

McCarthy should have a warm glass of humility when he watches Favre display something other than the dink and dunk.

Derek Anderson tried 12 passes to Winslow and completed two of them. He was 14-for-37 and looked awful Sunday. He is more than losing his grasp on the starting job. He lost it already.

Winslow owners like myself are sick to our stomachs when we roll a zero with so much talent.

Brady Quinn isn’t the answer. The only NFL second-string QB to have a commercial on TV should get his chance to prove that he’s no better than Derek Anderson, Tim Couch, Charlie Frye and all the other gems I forgot to mention.

Get it over with and fire these guys:

Jim Haslett (Rams DC)

Scott Linehan (Rams HC)

Matt Millen (Lions president)

Mike Nolan (49ers HC)

Lane Kiffin (Raiders HC)

Get on the horn and get yourself a coach like Cowher or Billick.

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