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Whale Shark Interview – Coachboxsux

Congrats Coachboxsux on becoming another one of our Whale Sharks, 1000 messages on the Msg Boards!!
Thank you Rob, and the rest of the staff at FantasySharks. I would also like to congratulate Longhorns76 and ballitup13 for joining Whale status. Just think… these 1000 posts might have been on another site.

Ineed. So, tell us a little about yourself. Looks like your occupation is Medical Sales.
Sure, I hit the big 30 this year. I have been married for 5 years and we have a 2½ year old daughter. We have another one that should be here by the end of January. (most likely during the Super Bowl) After college, I went to work for a medical sales distributor. We provide instruments and implants that are used in surgery. My first total knee that I saw, I nearly passed out. You are lucky if you have never smelled burning flesh on an empty stomach! I mainly specialize in the spine, so I have seen some really weird stuff!

Yuk!! (But, congrats on the new baby!) Well, we all know where your last Fantasy Football site was. But reading from the message boards, looks like you’re ready to change your name to something else. Ready to reveal it to everyone?
I must be suffering from a little amnesia, because I can’t remember that other site. Yes, it is time for a name change. I am afraid that I am giving that site some publicity. There are some great names that people have come up with. Longhorn has given me a couple ideas, but if I use them I might be kicked off this site. Let’s just say that I have narrowed it down to a few. Sounds like the majority of sharks want it to be Mr. Sux. Don’t know if I like that, but I will probably put 4 names in a poll and let everyone choose for me.

Cool. So, you’re from Minnesota. Vikings fan then?
Yes, sometimes it is tough to admit that, but I bleed purple. Vikings fan, Yes! Tice fan, No!

And what do you think of their season so far?
Although they are in first place, they really should have a better record. Losing to the Giants, Chargers, and Raiders might cost us a playoff spot. I just wish the fans up here would stop blaming Culpepper for the losses. The real fans know that it is our defense that is at fault, not our quarterback.

How about your favorite NFL Player, past and present?
Well it’s not Tim Biakabatuka! (Inside joke) Actually, my favorite player in the past would have to be Barry Sanders. I respect him for everything he did for the game, and not for chasing records just to chase them. My favorite player playing today is whoever the quarterback for the Rams is that year. Yes, I am part of the Bulger cult! I just love that Rams offense. On a side note, my favorite Viking of all-time was Korey Stringer. The Vikings and the state of Minnesota miss that guy.

That was very sad indeed. Ok, how about a Super Bowl prediction from you.
Last year was Gruden going up against his old team. This year I have a feeling it will be Vermeil playing his former team. S.L. over K.C. in a great Super Bowl!

Nice. So how long have you been participating in Fantasy Football?
My Dad and I would play in a 2-man league when I was growing up. That got pretty old, so 8 years ago I started up a 10-man league with my buddies.

And how many leagues are you involved in?
Currently I am in 3 serious leagues. A re-draft, an auction style, and a keeper league. Next year we will be adding a dynasty league which should be great. I am also in 2 public yahoo leagues, but I don’t really count them. I was just craving a draft before my real ones started.

And the Team Name(s). Any meaning behind them?
In my keeper league my name is “The Plunger”. This is the third year for that league, and the first two years I was in the toilet bowl. I needed a name that reflected my past. The Plunger must have some magic to it, because I am in first place with a record of 11-2.

I changed my name in the Auction to “I hate Santana.” Santana Moss single handedly beat me three weeks in a row.

I also changed my name mid-season in the draft. I am now called “Horn’s Bitch.” I have lost two times this year to a guy that never beats me. We tied for first place in our division, but he held the tie-breaker. If I win this week, I will play him again. Revenge will be sweet!

So, are you going to make your FFL playoffs this year?
I am in the playoffs in the keeper and the draft. I am also leading the league in total points in both of those leagues. The auction is another story. I have never had a team with so many busts. Just to name a few: Garcia, Maddox, Faulk, Garner, Hambrick, Canidate, Owens, Price and Gramatica! I guess that was more than a few. I was lucky to have a record of 4-9. If you have never tried an auction, I would highly recommend it.

What about your best and worst pick of the year was?
My worst pick was taking Warner in the 4th and Vick in the 8th.

My best pick was getting Ahman Green in the middle of the 2nd round. In my keeper I picked up Holt with the #7 pick and Manning with the #16 pick.

Actually, what has made my teams this year are my trades. In the draft, I traded Vick, Mack, and K. Johnson for Bulger, Mason, and C. Martin. I also traded A-train for S. Moss.

In the keeper, I traded Dillon and D. Jackson for Tomlinson.

Great. Let’s talk about a bit. How did you come to find us from that other site?
The greatest thing happened to me. I was kicked off a site for stating an opinion on that McCardell goofy play. The owner of the site said that if I didn’t agree with him, that I was running a rookie league. I took it personal, and called him out. He edited his original statement and I called him a liar. He told me that he was paying money out of his pocket for me to chat on his site. He also kicked off my buddy, CB Who for saying he didn’t like the power rankings at coachbox, and that he went to another site for rankings. I have been locked out ever since. After that, I remembered a post that asked what are the best free fantasy football sites. I visited everyone that was on the list, and found one that I really enjoyed. So the rest is history. I became a shark, and a couple months later I turned into a whale! Wow, my parents would be so proud.

How about your favorite FantasySharks feature or article?
I spend most of my time in the forums. Best message board that I have been in. I love the contests that you offer. I wish I would have found those at the beginning of the year. I also really enjoy reading the interviews that you do. Great Job, Rob!

Aww..Shucks. Ok. On to the message boards. How’s the community going these days? There’s a ton of activity lately.
A ton is an understatement! The secret of this being the best fantasy football site is out of the bag.

And any particular poster that you respect the most?
I respect them all. From chum to Matt! I really appreciate Dynasty and Paddler for taking the time to help me set up a league for next year. Longhorns and Cleffed Up crack me up! Matt and Sock answer every post, props to them. All of the Great Whites know their football! I have to mention that other coachbox character, CB Who. He knows more about fantasy football than anyone I know. I just wish he wasn’t in all of my leagues.

Great. Last question. Still going to be with us at 2000 posts?
I have nowhere else to go. No question in my mind that I will still be here for 2000 posts and beyond. Looking forward to all the new features Tony is thinking about implementing.

Thanks again for being such an active poster on the message boards! And congratulations on becoming a Whale Shark!!

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