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Whale Shark Interview – Comebackkid23

Congrats Comebackkid23 on becoming another of our our Whale Sharks, 1000 posts on the Msg Boards!!
Thanks to Tony for the great site. I love this site and will look at it and post to this site for ever. It is the best site on the net! Thanks again!

So, tell us a little about yourself.
A little bit about my self….Alright..I am a softmore in highschool. I am 15 about to be 16 in about 20 days. I am the biggest sports fan you will ever come across. I love Fantasy Football…and really Fantasy everything. I play many sports such as, golf, baseball, basketball, and I used to play football. I wish I still did but my parents took me out of it. Another thing is that I would love to be in the one of the leagues on this site next year.

Now…16 yrs old? Does you mother know you’re on here so often?
Does my mom know that I am on here LOL…She is all the time saying RONNIE get down here and stop chatting with all thoes guys about football. Then I have to tell her sorry mom its a must do. She is really cool about it though. She lets me do about whatever I want to and I love her dearly.

And what’s the deal between you and Vickfan?
I have been waiting for this question for a long time. Me and zeph are just really good friends. We hang out a lot and he is the one that introduced me to FF. We are not related and NOT THE SAME PERSON!

Well I hope that clears it up! So which NFL team do you follow?
The NFL team that I follow is the Cowboys. My dad put a yankee hat on me and a Cowboy jersey when I was born.

And your thoughts on the Cowboys season so far?
My team has played well. Were not at the point we need to be yet but our coach is the man. Parcell’s took that club from nothing to something. All the credit has to go to him. He is a great coach.

Well who’s you favorite NFL Player, past and present then?
My favorite player has to go to Ray Lewis…. He brings so much to his team. Also he is a great preformer and fun to watch. He gets into it and I love it.

How about a Super Bowl prediction from you.
I did say New England and the Eagles…BUT.. miracles are happening in Greenbay. So I think I am going to go with New England and the Packers in the superbowl and Greenbay with the win.

So how long have you been participating in Fantasy Football?
This was my first year and I have learned alot.

And how many leagues are you involved in?

And the Team Name(s). Any meaning behind them?
I don’t really have a team name but I like to call myself the comeback kid. As you see from my user name. The reason I call myself this is because I started the season 0-3 and came back strong to finish 7-5. We started a late league.

So, did you make your FFL playoffs this year?
No I didn’t sadly. I was one game out of it. But its ok because I plan on having a great year next year.

So, what about your best and worst pick of the year?
My best pick I’m going to say was Jemal Lewis. This man was a stud. As we all saw him go over 2,000 last week. The worst pick that I would have to say that I picked was Q. Morgan. He didn’t really do much so I dropped him for D. DAVIS!

Great. Let’s talk about a bit. So, how did you come to find us?
The way that I found this site was through vickfan. He told me what a great site this was and I had to go to it. This site is soooo awesome and I can’t go a day without looking at it. Posting on the message board is fun and I look forword to it. Thanks again for the great site.

How about your favorite FantasySharks feature or article?
This has been a good article. Sorry for the typos that I have had. I was typing this in a rush.

No biggy…I’ll correct them. So how goes the message boards lately?
I love the message boards. NFL is the best one I think but the NBA, MLB, and others are great too. If you like sports you will love this site.

Is there anyone you want to point out that you respect the most?
The person I respect most is Paddler. He Messes and messes with me. But its all good I guess.

Great. Last question. Still going to be with us at 2000 posts?
YES!!!!!! This site is awesome and I plan to be here until the 100,000 post. Thanks for all the help guys!

Thanks again for being such an active poster on the message boards! And congratulations on becoming a Whale Shark!!

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