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Whale Shark Interview – Deucecoupe

Congrats Deucecoupe on becoming another of our our Whale Sharks, 1000 messages on the Msg Boards!!
Thank you very much!

So, tell us a little about yourself.
Not to much to tell, I am a simple guy from KY, I am married with an 11 year old child. I work in the computer industry, and love to play competitive softball.

And what does Deucecoupe mean?
Well that came about from an old softball team I played with, my number was #2, and still is, but the guys came up with the Deucecoupe as a chant for when another HR was hit.

What about that quote of yours, “Sell crazy somewhere else…we’re all stocked up here”, what’s the story there?
That quote came from the movie As Good as it Gets. That peticular line was from Mr. Nicholson, and it stuck in my head when I watched it. Couple that with the simple fact that I could not think of anything else, and voila there you have it.

So, you live in Northern Kentucky, but you’re a Denver Broncos fan. How’s that?
My first NFL game I ever watched was The Broncos in 1977. I was 5 and remember Craig Morton throwing the game winning TD, and that game left a lasting impression on me. I have liked them ever since. I occasionally make the trip out there, and have even been to 2 games at the old Mile High.

And your thoughts on the Broncos season so far?
With the injuries that they have sustained, I am hard pressed to believe that they are in the front running for the wild card at this point. They have taken some serious injuries, mainly in the LB corps.

Well, who’s you favorite NFL Player, past and present then?
Big John Elway and Barry Sanders…too hard to pick one, but they both had a modest sense about them, and were the best sports role model in the game

How about a Super Bowl prediction from you.
I think that Philly has the edge in the NFC, the AFC is a little tighter, but when the smoke clears I think that you will see Indy there for the AFC.

Nice. So how long have you been participating in Fantasy Football?
My first year was 1990, and I can remember having Emmit Smith, but I am not sure how far down I drafted him, I did not fair so well that year, but since then have been competitive in several leagues.

And how many leagues are you involved in?
This year, I had to cut it back to 3, too much insanity being created.

And the Team Name(s). Any meaning behind them?
Buster Hymen, Raging Vulvas, Howie Feltersnatch…need I say more LOL.

No you don’t. So, did you make your FFL playoffs this year?
I am still alive, I just beat a guy that only lost one game all year, that is nice to take the big dog out.

And what about your best and worst pick of the year was?
The worst pick was getting Curtis Conway in the 5th rd. but by far the best has been my first 2 picks (Clinton Portis, and Jamal Lewis).

Great. Let’s talk about FantasySharks.com a bit. How did you come to find us?
I did an Internet search and stumbled across your site, man I am glad I did that.

How about your favorite FantasySharks feature or article?
The big gigantic post is my favorite (Does Mattheuof Va live on here) that offers a break from the grind.

Ok. On to the message boards. Everyone still happy in there?
Yes, but they are starting to thin out for the year, I hope that they all return we are all kind of like good friends through the posts.

Is there anyone you want to point out that you respect the most?
I really like certain guys, Donk is my boy, and the others are Paddler, Stormtrooper, MattheuofVa, PrimeMover, Stinky, and MrKKTI, who is trying to get to whale status too. All of these guys are great, I am sure that I missed some, but these are the opinions that I truly value…oh yeah and Bomb gets her props too (our First Lady of FF)

Great. Last question. Still going to be with us at 2000 posts?
No doubt about it…I am going after MattheuofVa…LOL

Thanks again for being such an active poster on the message boards! And congratulations on becoming a Whale Shark!!

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