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Whale Shark Interview – Evil E

tmidgley: EvilE…  now then….  I am guessing there might be a story behind that name…

EvilE: Yeah my name is Erik, and friends just started calling me “Evil E” LOL! Evil E was the DJ for Ice T back in the day…..

tmidgley: ah… back when Ice T wasn’t an actor

EvilE: exactly! I’m old!

tmidgley: The start off question gives you a chance to tell us a little about yourself… go for it….

EvilE: I was born in Minneapolis Minn, grew up in Denver, and now live in Mesa, AZ (for the lat 19 years). I am Married, no kids yet (working on that) and have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a Bearded Dragon!

tmidgley: Bearded Dragon?  What the hell is that?

EvilE: It’s a lizard from Australia

tmidgley: I’m making my best flapping tongue noise right now, but you cant hear it….

EvilE: LOL!

tmidgley: Well, how on earth did you become a Cowboys fan living no where near Dallas?

EvilE: My dad and brother both watched football all the time when I was growing up, and I always saw the Cowboys on TV–Dorsett, Butch Johnson, Drew Pearson etc. etc.—I liked the helmets and wanted a team to cheer for of my own, and chose them–at around the age of 4 or 5! 26 years later, I still cheer them on!

tmidgley: Nice… gotta love life long fans…  So hometown Mesa… what’s your favorite bar for those of us who may someday visit?

EvilE: a place called Thunder Pass–it is near me, and is a restaurant/sports bar/ club all in one! It is great, and the food is nice also!

tmidgley: Thunder Pass…. sounds fun…  favorite drink?

EvilE: Fat tire, but I kinda stick to Miller Lite, to keep my nice figure! LOL!

tmidgley: Yeah… right…   Who is your favorite rookie in the tank right now?

EvilE: I would say 4thandGoal–he pm�d me for advice on his game, and he took it, and won big time, and gave me couple sandollars for his thanks! He didn’t have to do that–nice guy!

tmidgley: ah yes…. good old sand dollars…  What tank/forum do you spend the most time in?

EvilE: I go all around, but post mainly in the main tank

tmidgley: And what tank do you wish you spent more time in if any….

EvilE: Well, the NHL, but they are in a lockout as you know, so it’s a bummer–I love to watch hockey

tmidgley: The NHL is in a lockout… What’s the one thing in the tank that you would like to see improved…. ?

EvilE: I know it sounds corny, but I like pretty much everything about it! I do dislike the spammers that post their website to try to recruit us all, but I don’t know how that is to be avoided.

tmidgley: What�s your favorite way to spend sand dollars and what would you like to see more of as far as a way to spend that dough?

EvilE: I don’t really pay a lot of attention to the sand dollars–I kinda forget about them, so I haven’t spent any. It would be cool to be able to get like a fantasy sharks t-shirt or something I suppose.

tmidgley: Any thoughts to poker or the weekly bets that seem to occurring more lately?

EvilE: I don’t know how to play poker, so no, but the bets seem like a fun thing.

tmidgley: We know your favorite team is Dallas… what�s your superbowl prediction for the record?

EvilE: Indy, and I hate to say it, but Philly–Indy will win it all I believe.

tmidgley: ouch….  that will rub a lot of people wrong this week coming from a Dallas fan… what do you think about all the hype in the tank this week on that subject?

EvilE: I think people are getting way to emotional about it. Tempers are flaring, and things being said, with put downs etc. etc.. I have done some of that too, but it’s only a game, not the end of the world! But I would love to see the Cowboys win it of course! Go Cowboys!!

tmidgley: Good luck with that…  Sleeper of the year for the rest of the season?

EvilE: I don’t know if he’s still a sleeper, and I may be biased, but I love what Julius Jones has been doing! He is trying to stay on Parcel�s good side, and secure his spot as the teams back of the future, so I don’t see him slowing down.

tmidgley: How about Dud?

EvilE: Plummer–as in Jake “shouldabeena” Plummer

tmidgley: Interesting choice…  How would you rate your advise in the tank on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest?  You can break it out into FF/non FF if you want�

EvilE: I seem to give others better advice than I give myself–I say 8

tmidgley: Cool… on to the speed round�. Lemonade or limeade

EvilE: limeade

tmidgley: Jack Daniels or Guinness

EvilE: Guiness

tmidgley: Favorite TV show? (old and new)

EvilE: Oh boy�. I don’t really watch much TV these days except sports

tmidgley: Favorite Movie? (old and new)

EvilE: Goodfellas and the Sixth sense

tmidgley: Favorite vice?

EvilE: vice?

tmidgley: uhh…. crack?  Women?  food? beer….. etc…

EvilE: LOL! Of course! Women/beer with sports and videogames right up there!

tmidgley: Favorite ex president?

EvilE: Clinton

tmidgley: Legs or breasts?

EvilE: Breasts

tmidgley: Butter or Margarine?

EvilE: butter

tmidgley: Old school or new?

EvilE: old school

tmidgley: Favorite swear word?

EvilE: F%*K

tmidgley: nice… end of speed round… two more questions… first is one is who are your most respected people in the tank…. Send a shout out here!!!!

EvilE: Man there are so many! Of course you (tmidgley), 5xchamps, Lundy, 3rd and real real long, squidward, footballjunkie, Paddler, FFchick, there are many others!

tmidgley: all right, last question, your on a desert island…  you get one song and one shark to listen to, what and who?

EvilE: LOL!!! What a question! I would probably say FF chick, cause if I were on a desert island, I would certainly want to be with a chick, and the song would have to be “What it’s like” by Everlast—or any song by Everlast/and or House of Pain–big big fan!!

tmidgley: awesome… great interview EvilE…  welcome to the elite in the Tank…  may you bring many more posts to a great community!!!


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