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Whale Shark Interview – Lundy

Midge: Lundylove… sorry man, but for the longest time I thought you were a chick in the tank with a name like that…  I know I’m an idiot, but could you explain the whole name and avatar choices…


Lundylove: Ok…  Lundylove is the nickname I acquired in high school form a girl I sorta dated. We’ll just leave it at that. Then, It just stuck…  That’s what everybody just started calling me for some reason…  You know how High school rumor mills get. I played high school sports and the rumors were so big in a small town that I grew up in that even the County’s newspaper thought that was my real name…  So that is where that came from.



Midge: that’s pretty funny…


Lundylove: As far as the avatar is concerned…Well, as you may or may not know I am bipolar.  I have a very, very eccentric personality so I decided to try and find something that would best reflect my personality.  So I came up with the bipolar smiley, not much to that, I am just one crazy person, if you can believe that.



Midge: I can believe it, sounds like you found the right tank


Lundylove: yep



Midge: So for all the fans out there… Tell us a little about yourself…


Lundylove: Well, I am single with a ball and chain around my ankle…  I have a girlfriend for what seems like an eternity….  She is as annoying as the clap and twice as reoccurring…  But, for some reason, I can’t get rid of the blood-sucking leech…



Midge: yeah…  I think most of us can relate, although some a little more entrenched…


Lundylove: I am from the coalfields of Red Jacket, West Virginia…  Born and raised in a coal mining family..  It can be the most beautiful place in the World, but it can also be the biggest eyesore as well…. Anyway, we were dirt poor then….  What the hell am I talking about I am still dirt poor… I moved from there to the Big City of Huntington (sarcasm) when I started going to college at Marshal University.  I bleed Green and White, there are no other college teams other then the Herd.  Sorry about that, anyway I have been here ever since.



Midge: ah yes… your college favorite is well known… did you ever play college ball?


Lundylove: No, I guess if they could have used a tackling dummy I could have helped.  At the time I only weighed 140 pounds….  I knew my future wasn’t athletes, so I majored in Psychology, because it was what I found i was good at when I started classes



Midge: oh good, I have been looking for a professional opinion on this…  who do you think in the tank is most likely to snap?


Lundylove: Me, ha ha ha



Midge: lol


Lundylove: I am not a professional…



Midge: all right… lets cover your favorite pro team and how long have you been dedicated to them?


Lundylove: I have rooted for the 49ers ever since the sperm left the Vas deferens…  Maybe even in my previous life…  Seriously I don’t ever remember not rooting for them…I have always pulled for them… I don’t think I could root for another team now…  it would be like cheating on them even though the times are tough.



Midge: well… you’ll always have Montana… 


Lundylove: Yeah that was a long time ago, but man there was some good times…  I guess I have been spoiled because I am not used to them sucking.



Midge: You said your hometown was Huntington, Virginia…. where would we expect to see you on a night on the town then?


Lundylove: Bowling, Miniature golfing, at a Marshall game…  I love to go to High school games around here too…  I am a football and a sports nut… But, mostly I just stay home and chill with the ball and chain, Ugh I mean girlfriend.  Oh, and I love to go to movies.



Midge: Love bowling… cracked my ribs last time I went (over waxed floors)… anyways…  do you drink?  If so what’s your favorite….


Lundylove: Well, I love coffee, especially mochas…  I am a big coffee drinker… As far as alcohol goes I don’t do it a lot, but I prefer wine and champagne.



Midge: ah yes…  mothers milk….  Starbucks? Homebrew?  What?


Lundylove: Starbucks makes good coffee, and sometime I homebrew the hell out of it when I am too broke to buy a five-dollar cup of coffee.



Midge: on to some tank line of questioning….  who’s your favorite rookie moving up in the tank?


Lundylove: I don’t know there are several that i keep an eye on Evil E, SacPT, and Football Junkie…  I think we make up the new breed of Great Whites…They will make it some day.  That is just my opinion though, but they always seem to respond to my babbling posts…  But, I like to haggle with anybody in there.  Also I think Evil E stole my “need a hug” line but I don’t mind.



Midge: lol…  What forum do you spend the most time in and why…


Lundylove: I think I spend the most time right now is the main tank only because I love football, and I eat live breathe and shit football… The main tank was like a dream come true… It was Heaven in cyberspace.



Midge: What forum do you wish you spent more time in if any…


Lundylove: Well, I wish I could really help more people out with their teams and really I try to visit the WSIS and trader waiver and keeper forums…  I just love passing on what little bit of knowledge I don’t have to others…  I would imagine when baseball season comes along I will visit a lot in there…  It is my second love.



Midge: Baseball eh….  who’s your second love?


Lundylove: Oh, the Cubs by a long shot.  Went to a game in Wrigley once…  It blew my mind how awesome it was.



Midge: that’s a nice field…  what’s the one thing in the tank you would change/add or improve on…


Lundylove: I would have more Baseball stuff when baseball comes around but I think they all ready are planning on that….  I think it is perfect the way it is….



Midge: nice… politically correct and all that….  So we know the 9er’s aren’t going to the big show, for the record. What’s your prediction?

Lundylove: I think it will be the Patriots and are you ready for this…  The Falcons…



Midge: that’s right baby!!!


Lundylove: I think the Eagles will once again lose in the championship game



Midge: If there is a correct answer to all this, that was it…


Lundylove: I root for the underdog myself a lot, especially in the NCAAs.



Midge: What player do you think in FF is your sleeper for the rest of the year….


Lundylove: Well there isn’t much left of the year but I I was extremely proud of the fact that I picked up Julius Jones before anybody in our league thought about picking up.



Midge: yeah, he’s been a nice grab for a lot of guys


Lundylove: For the rest of the year, don’t know if he is sleeping but I like the Rb for the 49ers Hicks, I think he will take that job away form Barlow.  I also like anybody that owns Kevin Jones.  He’s got some great matchups coming up.



Midge: Dud?


Lundylove: Barlow makes me sick just thinking about him.



Midge: I should of guessed that one…


Lundylove: I hate him worse that I hate my girlfriend.



Midge: LOL…  How would you rate your advise in the tank on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest?  You can break it out into FF/non FF if you want.


Lundylove: As far as fantasy football goes, i have given some lousy advice this year if anybody keeps track of that stuff… I would not listen to me at all.. I do all the research, and I trey to be thorough, but no matter what I do it always seems like my predictions or assumptions do not come to pass…  I don’t know about a 4.  I don’t try and give to much advice about life in general…  There are a hell of a lot wiser people than me…  As far as the posting in the Tank is concerned I just try to be as entertaining and informative as possible. I just hope that if somebody is having a lousy day, they can log on to the Tank and read something that I read and make them laugh and make their day.



Midge: Here we go with the speed round… Lemonade or limeade?


Lundylove: Lemonade… Limeade sucks



Midge: Favorite TV show? (old and new)


Lundylove: Seinfeld and Spongebob Squarepants



Midge: Favorite Movie? (old and new)


Lundylove: Any of the Star Wars movies I live Star Wars, and I like the movie Frailty a lot



Midge: Favorite vice?


Lundylove: Is gluttony a vice because I love to eat



Midge: oh yeah… one of my favorites.  Legs or breasts?


Lundylove: Breasts definitely the bigger the better



Midge: Butter or Margarine?


Lundylove: Butter                  



Midge: Old school or new?


Lundylove: Old School, I don’t get the new generation at all



Midge: Favorite swear word?


Lundylove: Hell, I say that quite a lot



Midge: all right, last question, your on a desert island…  you get one song and one shark to listen to, what and who?


Lundylove: I don’t know if I had to listen to one song it would drive me crazier than I already am.  But, if I had to choose It would be “Finding the River” by R.E.M.  The shark I would listen to would be 5X, I believe I could talk football with him all the time and not get bored


Midge: awesome… Great interview, congratulations again on becoming a full fledge shark…

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