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Whale Shark Interview – Stuntman

tmidgley: Welcome to the elite… let’s get on with the questions….  (Note that I cut out all of the pre-banter and moved onto the stuff you guys want to see)… You seem to be on a roll lately….  I think I figured around 20 posts a day since you joined a few months ago…  where do you find the time?


Stuntman: I mostly log in from work.  I am an analyst, so I get periods of heavy demand, and some of slow.  Plus my boss thinks that I work 10 times harder than I actually do…so I padded in some time for FantasySharks…:-)



tmidgley: Don’t we all…  The Melon hat… gotta ask, is that your cat or do you have some kind of special connections with <kitties> or what?


Stuntman: LOL…not my cat for real.  But I have done stuff to my cat on occasion.  I do have a connection to <kitty>, but that is probably not appropriate here.  That’s where the name Stuntman comes from… :-)



tmidgley: LOL…. So the lead off question for most is tell me a little bit about yourself….


Stuntman: Well, I was born a poor black child…lol…only kidding.  I am a married man, second time around.  I have a step-daughter (14), daughters (7 and 1+) and a son (3).  We have all the kids involved in sports and stuff, and they all love it.  I coach Babe Ruth baseball in the summers, and work on a computer.  Have a parrot and a cat (not the one in the picture), and spend time doing home improvements.  I have been into FF since 93 when I started a league that lives on today.  Currently I am 5 leagues including the Shark league.  Pats fan and Red Sox fan, so the recent times have been great.



tmidgley: Thats a full house…. how old are you?


Stuntman: No kidding.  I’m 37.  Sometimes I feel like I’m 50, but my wife thinks I am one of the kids.  I play touch football at lunch at work, and it’s not as easy.  Good thing I can throw.  :-)



tmidgley: Getting the kids out of the house early… that’s my theory too… you live where?  Also, what’s your favorite bar in the area and your drink of choice?


Stuntman: I live in southern NH.  Haven’t been going to too many bars lately, but hoping to join a new band and start getting out again.  A band I know just lost their singer, so I am angling for an audition.  My favorite drink tends to be beer…corona usually…with a lime…:-)  Limes are fun…as you can tell from my avatar.


tmidgley: With 4 kids I am not surprised….  Besides the other Kitty reference you mentioned earlier, where does the name Stuntman come from?  Any hidden meanings?


Stuntman: Not really.  I am pretty conservative outside of the boudoir.  Have to be since I have to support the family.  My wife is a stay-at-home mom.  So it’s mostly a reference to my openness and the cat wearing the helmet



tmidgley: Love that…  awesome for the kids…  for some reason I never got the cat in the helmet stuntman ref… duh…  So out of all the people in the tank, who are your favorite sharks or who do you want to send a shout out to?  Besides me…LOL


Stuntman: LOL…of course the great and powerful tmidge.  Also my twin, Vipers.  We entered the tank at approximately the same time.  Paddler my mentor, SuperSock, Stormtrooper, Trilogy, Stank…of course Action, Agenda, Broncogeek, Davlar, all the homies in the Indian Blue Shark league…Wassaaappp!!  There are many more that I enjoy jabbering with.  Many funny and crazy people.  Drbacher is another that I have become pals with.  Love the fun…



tmidgley: All good choices… and your favorite rookie that is moving up in the tank?


Stuntman: I would say probably JZar…I think that’s his new name…lol…he just changed it.  FF Chick is cool too.  Forgot to mention Beerbarian, Nutty, 5XChamps and the Bomb before.  Sorry.



tmidgley: Couple of last minute entries there…  What tank/forum do you spend the most time in?


Stuntman: I used to spend most of my time in the main tank.  But lately I’ve been splitting time between that and general.  Main tank mostly for talk about injuries and projections, and the general tank to let off steam and talk about other stuff.  I need to laugh or I’ll lose my mind, and there are some funny sharks out there…like HND.



tmidgley: (another last minute entry)  And what tank do you wish you spent more time in if any….


Stuntman: I am certainly glad the political stuff is done.  I like all the tanks.  The main tank is a little dull if nothing is happening in the NFL…although it depends.  I guess I wish to have more time in all tanks.  It’s a great community.



tmidgley: fair enough…  what’s the one thing in the tank that you would like to see improved other then dissolving political talk?


Stuntman: I’d like to see more pics of women, contests to win shark gear, and praises for stuntmen…seriously, I think it’s great.  Not sure that I would change anything, but I can’t think of anything at this moment…



tmidgley:  Speaking of, your hottest women strings should be immortalized.  Contests to win shark gear is a great suggestion, are you listening Tony?  Can we at least buy something from you?  We have covered your favorite team the Pats, what’s your superbowl prediction?


Stuntman: Thank you.  I like them too.  Well, I think the Pats could do it if they can get healthy.  The Eagles look unstoppable with the exception of this Sunday.  I think Pats over Eagles, 24-17.



tmidgley: No Falcons?  ugh… 2 more quick ones


Stuntman: Lol…Falcons have a shot too, but I think they’ll stumble in the playoffs.



tmidgley: How would you rate your advise on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest?  You can break it out into FF/non FF if you want


Stuntman: Depends on the subject, but when I give advice, I usually have a good idea.  I would say about 7.  Nobody can predict the future, but I do ok.  I am modest, so I would never say 10.  But realistic.  It’s mostly based on what I hear, and I try to hear a lot.  Then I spout what I hear.


tmidgley: cool… I don’t listen to any of it, but I think about listening to it and that’s what matters :-), last one…


Stuntman: :-)


tmidgley: Your on a desert island…  you get one song and one shark to listen to, what and who?

Stuntman: Tmidge singing “I’m Henry the 8th I am…”…lol…


tmidgley: lol


Stuntman: :-)


Stuntman: Maybe the Bomb singing “Let’s get physical”…


tmidgley: that’s better


Stuntman: :-)


tmidgley: Thanks Stunt… been an eye opening experience for me, and hopefully everyone else.  May I say that you are an asset to the tank and may you reach that 10K god status sometime soon…


To wrap up, I really should have asked what his new band name would be, guess we can cover that in another post… otherwise great interview Stunt, thanks…

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