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Whale Shark Interview – TheBomb

Congrats thebomb on becoming another of our Whale Sharks, 1000 posts on the Msg Boards!!
Thanks! It’s great to finally be a member of the elite group.

Well…we’ve all been waiting for you to become a Whale Shark! How’s it feel to be the 1st lady of Fantasy Football?
I think I’d have to share that title – there are too many other ladies here that know their football! I’ll settle for 1st She-Whale and be quite proud of that.

So, tell us a little about yourself. I know you’re a hard worker from reading your posts and you like “partying with your peeps”!
Do I detect a note of sarcasm there?! I do normally stay fairly busy at work, so I don’t get to check in as much as I’d like to. Luckily our industry tends to slow down over December and January or I’d still be chum.

Outside of work I like a lot of things. I love being outside as you can tell by a lot of my hobbies – fishing, playing softball and volleyball, cycling, jogging, and recently playing golf (terribly). I’ve been fortunate to find several groups of friends that enjoy a variety of activities.

And since I know my fans want to know, I do wear thongs.

Yikes….ok, now go easy now! Kids are reading. And I’m even hessitant to ask after that last one…But, is that picture really you?
Such an insolent question – that’s 10 lashes for you mister!

I like you so I’ll be honest, it’s not me and there’s a story behind why. I ordered the outfit for a Halloween party and I keep getting backorder notes. When I showed my boyfriend a picture of it he suggested using it as my avatar until we could take a real photo of me in my dress –she does look a lot like me. Of course, now she’s a part of my identity so I don’t know what I’ll do if it ever gets here.

Ha! So, you’re from Houston. I’m assuming a Texans fan through and through.
It’s hard not to be. I love seeing a young team grow! And I’ve completely become engrossed with the whole experience – from getting to the tailgate at 8:00 in the morning to practically losing my voice watching the games.

And what did you think of their 2nd season?
They did a lot better than I expected. I really believed it would take four to five years for them to go anywhere, so when they stepped up and won big games I was pleasantly surprised. I have no idea why they were ever starting Mack over Davis. He, Carr, and A Johnson could easily lead us to the playoffs soon.

Indeed. How about your favorite NFL Player, past and present?
I’d have to say past favorite is Earl Campbell, though I think that’s more of my dad talking. I was still a kid the first time Earl won MVP but he brings back fond memories. My present favorite has to be Aaron Glenn. He’s a great defensive player for the Texans that went to Texas A&M. What more could a girl ask for?

What about a Super Bowl prediction from you.
I originally said I wanted Favre and Manning in Houston and would love to see Manning win a Super Bowl. That plan was foiled this weekend but I’ll stick with Manning – I think it will be tough but I have got to have faith!

That’s tough…not choosing my Pats. Ok, so how long have you been participating in Fantasy Football?
This is my first year with my own team. My brother got me interested, he travels a lot and used to call me to make changes in his lineup. I guess he got tired of my giving him advice because he finally told me to get my own team.

And how many leagues are you involved in?
One right now, it’s a group of people I play softball with. Next year I’ll be in the Guber league as well as this one again.

And the Team Names. Any meaning behind them?
I was told that my last name means “the bomb” in Spanish (apparently it means “porn” in Portuguese, but this is a family site, right?). I really like it so my team in my local league is The Bomb Squad and my playoff league team is The Bombanators. Though thanks to my fellow sharks I think next year it’s going to be The Bombinatrix!

So tell us the female perspective on fantasy football. Are the leagues you are in all women? Or are you the only woman in it?
There are three ladies in my current league. One of them really annoyed me because she just didn’t care much – I don’t think she’ll be back next year. The other was pretty tough competition, just not as obsessed as I am.

I actually think the fact that I’m a girl gave me an advantage once I started making my own decisions and following my intuition. There’s something to be said for women’s intuition. How many times have you watched a girl pick teams to win or players for totally irrational reasons and still win? It’s weird, sometimes you just know who will go off.

Plus we’re more emotional than men. We often see the world differently and I think it’s a perspective that works in this game. I take the statistics and projections and factor in what emotions I think are driving my players. Who are the ones each week that have the most to prove? They were the ones that made it into the lineup.

How did your FFL season go this past year?
I finished in third place during the regular season, with the second highest points. I went on a four-week winning streak to claim my virgin year Championship!

Congrats!! And what was your best and worst pick of the year?
I only had two good picks this year, Tomlinson and Manning. I bought into Willie Nelson-Green, Koren Robinson (whom I like to call Pinhead), and just about every other disappointment of this fantasy season. I made some good trades and WW pickups, and was incredibly lucky.

Let’s talk about a bit. So, how did you come to find us?
My boyfriend told me about the site when we were getting ready for our draft. I felt pretty lost draft day and he thought it would help me out. Little did he know he was creating a monster!

And how about your favorite FantasySharks feature or article?
I like the whole site, I’m very impressed that you guys maintain all this and keep it free for us poor folks. I especially liked the Lineup Coach. I didn’t follow it much but it was a good tool when I was totally torn between my #3 WR or #2 RB. I also like the Weather forecast – kept me away from the snowy games. And the Observation Deck always provides a good review of the weekend action.

Ok. On to the message boards. “The Boyz” been treating you nicely lately?
The boys do get a little racy sometimes but are very well behaved. I’m impressed with the level of maturity and respect in the boards. I really enjoy talking with this group.

Well…this is probably a dicey question. But, you must enjoy beating up on them a bit then.
I’m shocked! Me? Totally innocent!! OK, I confess I do like a little smacking around … and tying up … and … never mind, this is a family site!

Indeed it is. Tony keeps tell me to keep it clean for all the 11 yr old kids!  Nevertheless, I know they all want me to ask…so, which one of them are you most likely to date?

Ha, ha – got your attention! Actually, my man’s on the site occasionally and has managed to find my favorite character as his avatar so I’ll stick with him.

And any other particular person that you most like to chat with?
Here’s where I’m supposed to give you the diplomatic answer because I’m sure I’ll forget a bunch of guys and gals I like! I will say that when I first joined the “old school” group really helped me turn my team around. I got some great advice and some good laughs too – Dynasty, Paddler (how can you not like a guy with a Paddle), Hemol, Matt, Sock, Prime, the donk, dgack, hard 10, Duece – I could fill up the page but won’t, the rest of you know who you are!

Great. Last question. Still going to be with us through the off-season and next year?
Of course! There’s so much to trash talk for Uber-Guber and now it looks like a third league is joining the fray. And there’s still the “General Talk” and other sports boards to get us through. I’ll have to slow down when work gets busy again but I’ll be around.

Thanks again for being such an active poster on the message boards! And congratulations on becoming a Whale Shark!!
Thanks for such a wonderful site to be a part of. Keep up the great work.

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