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Whale Shark Interview – Tmidgley

Congrats tmidgley on becoming another of our Whale Sharks, 1000 messages on the Message Boards, and now you’re a Great White Shark. Sorry it’s taken so long to get this interview done.

No problem, I was actually hoping to get to 2K by the time the interview started…. I have had my proper alcohol intake tonight so I am ready to go for it.

So, tell us a little about yourself.

Can’t tell you my real name (if you haven’t figured it out yet my last name is Midgley) but I’m 32 with three kids… I figure I they will all be out of the house by the time I am 44. Gotta love that. I have been married for 10 years to a wonderful woman that puts up with all the traveling I do around the world to install computer equipment. My favorite hobby outside of FF is Frisbee Golf, just bought a house backed up to a 26 acre green belt with a great course so if anyone is in Austin and loves the sport, let me know. Favorite country outside the US is Russia, least favorite is France. MWM… I like moonlight walks on the beach and… nevermind…

We’re all here for a main reason. How long have you been participating in Fantasy Football?

Going into my 4th year now online, got serious this year though. Have played various versions of the game in bars for the last 10.

How many teams do you have this season?

Five teams this year, put a lot of time into three of them. The other two are freebie shark leagues on Yahoo that are competitive but secondary to my main ones. Money league comes first, then the league I commish, then Shark tank, then the yahoo leagues.

Any special meaning behind your team names?

I am a rookie in my money league so I didn’t get to pick the name, they started off with Kansas City #$#%# then changed it to #$%$ load of dimes now its Chooch load of scubs… I am leading my division so I think they are a little salty about the rookie coming in and taking over. The great part is that Stank invited me into the league and really thought I would be a pushover, yet he is 2-6 and I am 5-3…
The league I commish is 2GOOD4U…. Self-explanatory
Sharks use my username which will hopefully soon be shortened to just “Midge”
One of my Yahoo Shark leagues is the infamous Cheese league where I took on “Head Cheese” which has nothing to do with cheese, but I liked the play on words.
And the final league I joined I took on “Gluttons” which of course was an additional league where I just had to join in.

Any chance of getting into the playoffs? Are you a reigning champ?

At this point in the season I have hope for all of my teams, my best shot is in the money league, it is the only one where I am leading my division, but I just made a dumb move trading Tiki for Jones so I am not in good spirits right now. I took it all in the league I commish after a rough start last year but am now working on the wild card at best.

What’s your best pick/worst pick? What about your best wire pick up?

Curtis Martin was my best pick this year aside from Holmes in a separate league, he has done awesome this year and was picked up late in the rounds. My best wire was covering Lewis during his absence with Chester, the sucky guys really get the people that are coming up in all of my leagues due to waiver order. I am not in any leagues where guys go 8 rounds on the wire after a good week. I still think hanging on to McCardell all season is going to pay off. Worst pick had to have been Hearst, I really thought he would rule Denver this year. (Actual Quote)

Great. Let’s talk about a bit. How did you come to find us from that other site?

One of the guys in the league I commish, grichards, broke the prime rule of the tank and let me in on it last year. I really got serious in the tank about 3 months before the start of this season. I was on the road and had a lot of free time, during those months the tank is pretty slow with most of the regulars, once I got to posting with them it was pretty addicting… they taught me a lot, you can tell from my initial mock drafts to what I ended up with in my final two leagues.

On to the message boards. How’s the community going these days? There’s a ton of activity lately.

Crazy man… I took a break for a couple of weeks when the season started traveling to Africa, when I came back I couldn’t believe it. What really surprises me is all of the guests that are always browsing on the boards but not logged in, unbelievable numbers. I think Tony and crew have done an awesome job on getting the formats together (which some I didn’t initially agree with). The best part is all of these guys that are here for good. I normally don’t give Kudos’, but for the interview I suppose I can. Shout out to Ice, Matt, Action, Storm, Agenda, Pad, Tazz, Stunt, Stank, CBSux, Socks and all the other guys and girls that have made this tank so much fun.

How about your favorite FantasySharks feature or article?

The Ben Ice interview links on the main page are my favorite, I like being able to listen to FF input, sitting at this computer all day and typing/reading, it’s a nice change of pace. The general tank is becoming fun to read, everyone has become so serious in there with the elections I love to break in with something really off the wall stuff.

We started these before the season started – How about a Super Bowl prediction from you…

I am sticking with the post in my signature line…. New England 13, Atlanta 12. I love the underdog, but am realistic. If Atlanta gets a safety in an overall defensive game and my prediction is correct, I should be given a job in the tank as the official superbowl predictor. Picking scores and teams where the outcome is too probable is just not my style. On a side note, it explains why I am a Falcons fans… Was a Niner fan during their era, but it got boring watching them beat everyone every week… So I got me an underdog, which Atlanta has been good for since. I love those guys, anyone that is a Vick hater is just out of their minds, entertainment is the key and this guy is fun to watch regardless of how many passes he completes.

Priest Holmes or Ladanian Tomlinson?

Gotta stick with Holmes, I play for the now and no one (even LT) comes close to Holmes in any of my leagues.

Compact car or SUV?

SUV… not that I ever take it off road, but I love my 98 Durango, the good year before they became Barbie.

Cubicle or field work?

Field work… I’m always afraid they will find out how little I really do when I sit in the Cubicle J

Pizza or Cheeseburger?

Pizza… pesto sauce preferred with any kind of meat

Action or Agenda42?

Are those two different people?

MatheuofVA or SuperSock69?

Socks… No particular reason other then I haven’t seen Matt much lately…

Fantasysharks or coachbox?

What the hell is coachbox?

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