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What about Brett Favre?

What about Brett


Brett Favre will play this upcoming season. He won’t be holding a clipboard in Green Bay. The Packers haven’t signed a release just yet, but they will be forced to. Packers will send someone to talk with Brett about the possible scenarios. Here they are…

Carolina Panthers:

Jake DelHommage had a great start to the 2007 season throwing 8 td’s to 1 int in the first couple games. However, In the offseason they did everything to make certain that the line was much improved. These offensive lineman average somewhere in the 320lb range, and while size isn’t everything it’s impressive. Newly drafted Jonathan Stewart will make teams respect the running attack, leaving the play action pass deep to Stevie Smith reminiscent of years past. The rumor mill runs rampant. My inclination is that they will stick to Coda Chromie Del Homie making the next team the front runner.

Minnesota Vikings:

The Defense is stout. The running attack is stellar with “All Day”. Add Bernard Berrian to the mix and young Sidney Rice should display his talents. Farve would be an ideal fit here. This team is a contender with solid QB play.

Chicago Bears:

What better place for a lengend? In a city who loves their team even more than Green Bay. Who would he throw it to though? Marty Booker? Perhaps a NFL ready rookie by the name of Earl Bennett? A Tight end with the skill set of a top receiver named Greg Olson? The Bears have been the laughing stock at the QB position for years. The supporting cast is suspect, so this is a long shot. Do they really go in feeling good with Orton at QB?

Baltimore Ravens:

Are they really considering going with Boller or  Troy Smith? Mark Clayton, DMace, and Demetrius Williams catching balls from the ageless wonder. Throw Pro Bowl Todd Heap in the mix for a 10 Td season. My guess is that this is a longshot as well, because the Ravens don’t really want to win now. Can you say rebuilding year? Wait… one team really wants Farve.

Tampa Bay Bucs:

Jeff Garcia didn’t get his deal. Jake Plummer still on the payroll and hasn’t played a down. Add Favre’s name to the mix. Favre would be an upgrade over Garcia. Bucs have little chance at a title shot. I think they area few players away from really being a contender.

NY Jets: Doubtful but always worth mentioning that Clemens and Pennington are not in the same class as Favre. This is not a good place to end up period. I keep hearing rumors though.

My thought is that

Minnesota is the best team looking for a QB. They should be because Jackson is not an NFL caliber QB. They are one player away from the superbowl. That player is Brett Favre. Expect Favre to file for reinstatement by Friday of this week. This will light the burner under the Packers to get a trade done or release him.

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