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What Did We Learn? – Week 2

Happy Overreaction Tuesday! Peyton Manning is on track for 112 passing touchdowns, Terrelle Pryor will rush for nearly 1800 yards, and the Jaguars will score only 32 points this entire season…

(Ok, so the Jaguars might actually score only 32, but it’s a long shot.)

Everyone calm down. Take a breath. To those of you who are on top of the world: congratulations. To those of you who feel like crawling into a hole: take it easy. It is, in fact, possible to win your league after starting 0-1. It doesn’t mean you will go winless, just that you won’t be undefeated. It’s just week 1.

Look at this year’s first rounders. Chances are you were let down by the guy you had entrusted to be your rock. According to FantasySharks.com ADP ranks, here’s a look at the top 10:

Adrian Peterson – 93 yards rushing, 18 yard receiving, 3 touchdowns.

Doug Martin – 65 yards rushing, -1 yard receiving, 1 touchdown.

Arian Foster – 57 yards rushing, 33 yards receiving, 0 touchdowns.

Jamaal Charles – 77 yards rushing, 23 yards receiving, 1 touchdown.

Calvin Johnson – 4 catches for 37 yards, 0 touchdowns.

C.J. Spiller – 41 yards rushing, 14 yards receiving, 0 touchdowns.

Ray Rice – 36 yards rushing, 35 yards receiving, 1 touchdown.

Marshawn Lynch – 43 yards rushing, 9 yards receiving, 0 touchdowns.

Trent Richardson – 47 yards rushing, 30 yards receiving, 0 touchdowns.

LeSean McCoy – 184 yards rushing, 5 yards receiving, 1 touchdown.

With the exceptions of Peterson, McCoy, and Charles, was anyone really all that happy with their first round pick? I own McCoy in two leagues, but other than those two, I was disappointed this week. In fact, I’m in a league with this guy, let’s call him Bob, and he has Peyton Manning who put up 60. He still lost, because his opponent had a really good day, and Marshawn Lynch scored just 4 points. Then again, Bob is a loser anyway.

Just in case there are some guys who are panicking with their rosters and looking to make deals, here are some guys I’d be targeting:

Any of the guys listed above. They were first rounders for a reason. They’re studs, and they’ll bounce back. If you can get them for 50 cents on the dollar, steal them from someone.

Dez Bryant: I know it’s silly, but some people are now scared by his performance in week 1. He was double-covered. The Giants were terrified of him. He’s going to get open, and when he does, look out.

Roddy White: The Falcons pulled a Belichick. He’s still making his way back from a high ankle sprain. He’s not going to miss time, but he should be worth it eventually. You may be able to get him on the cheap.

Le’Veon Bell: He’ll be the bell cow in Pittsburgh once he’s healthy. There are rumblings from the Steel City that he could make his regular season debut on Monday night in Cincinnati.

Here are some guys that scare me a little. I’m not saying they can’t turn it around, but I’m worried and not opposed to dangling them to other owners:

Maurice Jones-Drew: I know that he’s really good. And he’s been effective on bad teams in past years. But the quarterback situation in Jacksonville is rough, to put it gently. Thanks to the quarterback pu pu platter of Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne, MJD will face stacked boxes and 8-man fronts all year long. I’m not saying he can’t do it, just that I’m nervous.

Stevan Ridley: Ridley’s fumble issues go back to late last season. He then made two more gaffs on Sunday, one of which was overturned. Belichick and Brady will not tolerate miscues. Fortunately for Ridley, Shane Vereen is also on the shelf now, undergoing surgery on Monday after breaking a bone in his wrist during the game. Ridley will retain the job, but his leash is a bit shorter.

David Wilson: Wilson also has some ball security issues on Sunday, putting two on the ground. He was replaced in the game by something called a Da’Rel Scott, whatever that is. Similar to Ridley, Wilson should retain the starting gig by dumb luck, since Andre Brown is out with an injury and Scott is not the answer. Word broke on Monday that the Giants will work out a few free agent running backs, including Willis McGahee and Brandon Jacobs.

Mike Wallace: Wallace’s calling card in Pittsburgh was the deep ball. Now he’s a Miami Dolphin. And while Ryan Tannehill can chuck it, it seems that he and Wallace have never been able to get on the same page. It’s also worth noting that he was being shadowed by Browns cornerback Joe Haden, who has quietly become one of the top corners in the game. He’s a guy worth watching.

Denver running backs: Knowshon Moreno, Montee Ball, and Ronnie Hillman all have value. I just don’t know how much. At this point, none of them are startable. Once we get to the bye week portion of the schedule, it’s possible that someone will have emerged. I still rank them as I’ve listed them above. Moreno is the best pass blocker of the bunch, which will make him Peyton Manning’s favorite.

Here are a few guys that may be on your waiver wire and are worth considering:

Julian Edelman: Edelman started off his 2013 season with a bang, hauling in seven of nine targets for 79 yards and a pair of scores. The Patriots’ passing attack looks a little awkward without a marquee tight end, but there seem to be enough balls for Edelman and Amendola to share nicely, and Tom Brady clearly trusts him. With Shane Vereen now out following his surgery, Edelman’s role will continue to get him looks, especially in the red zone.

Marlon Brown: After a promising preseason, Brown was thrust into the limelight on Thursday night after Jacoby Jones sustained a knee injury. He caught four balls for 65 yards and a touchdown, and will now work all week with first team, as the Ravens look to rebound at home against Cleveland. With Torrey Smith sure to get plenty of attention from Joe Haden, Brown may play a big role for the foreseeable future.

Jerome Simpson: He’s still the starter, as rookie Cordarrelle Patterson learns and matures. The knock on Simpson has never been that he isn’t talented, but rather that he’s really a knucklehead. This was probably his best game of the season, and we can’t forget that he still has Christian Ponder throwing him the ball.

Whoever the Giants sign at running back: It’s worth considering that David Wilson struggles to hold onto the ball. If he does, and the Giants wind up signing Willis McGahee or Brandon Jacobs, that back could wind up paying dividends.

Good luck in Week 2.

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