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What do I know? Heading into Week 14

The Wild, Wild AFC West

The Denver Broncos are currently

leading the division with a 7-5 record and should wrap up the division crown in the next couple of weeks but due to their meltdown a couple of weeks ago at home against the Raiders, there are three teams with a chance to win the division. It is highly unlikely that the Broncos lose the rest of their games and the Raiders win all of theirs but just the fact that the possibility exists is baffling. Repeat after me, the Oakland Raiders still have a chance (albeit slim) to win the AFC West

this year. That brings me to the San Diego Chargers. Could their window be closing? I mean, they were projected to be one of the top teams in the AFC and here they sit at 4-8 with four games left. Despite their awful showing to date, they still have a legitimate shot to overtake the Broncos thanks to a home game vs. the Broncos in Week 17. Here’s how it could play out, Denver loses to either KC or Buffalo in weeks 14 or 16 and also loses to the Panthers in Week 15. That would put them at 8-7. Of course, San Diego has to win the rest of their games but their only really tough match-up is at Tampa Bay in Week 16. Assuming they win those 3 games, we may get to witness a very interesting Week 17 game for all of the AFC West marbles.

Plaxico, we hardly knew ye

I already commented way back in

Week 4

that the dude is a fool but I’d be re-miss if I didn’t mention him again given his latest incident. That may be a little harsh but it’s clear there is something more going on with him than we’ll know. I don’t know all of the legal ramifications of his latest transgression but if it’s as severe as it sounds, he may go the route of Michael Vick and not be seen on the football field again for a couple of years. If anything will wake his sorry ass up, this should do it. Whether he wants to re-dedicate himself to his vocation after his likely incarceration remains to be seen. One thing is certain, he was blessed with skills that have made him a rich man. It will be hard for this fan to empathize with his plight, given that

he chose to make decisions that jeopardized his livelihood and lifestyle. Not that he’s asking but here are my words of advice… don’t drop the soap.

Game of the Week

Tampa Bay at Carolina on Monday night. Generally I would pick a match-up here that features teams that are clawing to make the playoffs but this game could go a long way in determining the #2 playoff seed in the NFC and a guaranteed home game. Both of these teams sit at 9-3 in the NFC South and the winner of this game would have the inside track for the division crown. Tampa’s remaining schedule is at Atlanta then home against San Diego and Oakland. The Panthers remaining schedule is home against Denver then at the Giants and Saints. On paper, the Panthers need this game more than the Buccaneers, assuming they will lose to the New York Giants in Week 16. The Panthers will also want revenge for the Week 6 drubbing at the hands of the Bucs, when they lost 27-3. In that game, Warrick Dunn went off to the tune of 115 yards. If Carolina wants to stay close, they will have to feature their re-juvenated 7th ranked rushing attack. Tampa Bay’s defense ranks 9th against the rush and 3rd against the pass so the Panthers offense should have their hands full, even at home.

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