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What do I know? Heading into Week 2

There’s a New Sheriff in Town


So much for the fantasy run of LaDainian Tomlinson as a stud running back. It’s over. Sorry, LT2 fans but the handwriting is on the wall. The fat lady is singing. Stick the fork in him. Do I need to keep listing cliches? No, nor do I need to remind everyone that he passed the dreaded age of 30 for fantasy running backs this past summer nor do I have to say that he has lost a step. But I just did. The fact that Darren Sproles did the heavy lifting on the Chargers week one game winning drive is all that needs to be typed. Sproles had 246 all-purpose yards, catching two passes for 24 yards and two 5 yard carries, including the game-winning carry with eighteen seconds left on the final drive



Tomlinson had a pedestrian 55 yards on 13 carries, 1 reception and 1 fumble, a play on which he injured his ankle.

I remember a time when it was unfathomable for anyone but LT to get the rock when the game was on the line. That time has passed. Unless he finds another gear quickly expect the time-share with Darren Sproles to continue this season. Forget about LT’s comments comparing himself to Adrian Peterson. At this point in his career he’s not even the best all-around back on his own team. Sure there will be quality matchups for Ladainian and he’ll still be able to rack up some good fantasy games as a result but once he does, deal him and don’t look back.


Enough of the Overtime Controversy


It is perfectly fine the way it is except in the minds of people who like to use stats to make their points. The fact remains that BOTH teams know what the rules are before overtime. After the coin is flipped, the refs don’t suddenly tell the defending team that they have to stop the offense or they will lose. They don’t have to because that’s the defense’s JOB. If they fail to do it in overtime or for that matter regulation time, they deserve to lose. Now everyone can cite the stats but let me make this perfectly clear, they’re meaningless. The coin flip is meaningless. The only important point is that the defense must do their job if they want to win the game. If they don’t, they will lose. It really is that simple. Is there more pressure on the defense to stop the offense in overtime than in regulation time? Sure because defenses know if the offense scores, the game is over but it can be argued that the defense had their chances to prevent the game from entering overtime in the first place. If teams don’t like the overtime rules (not that the complaints are coming from them) then here’s a novel thought… make the plays necessary to win the game in regulation. Don’t blame the coin flip when the defense didn’t stop the offense from gaining the necessary yardage to get in field goal range. To complain that it is unfair when every team understands the ramifications is just lame.




Why the Favre Fuss?


I get it coming from Green Bay Packer fans who are nervous that his vendetta against Packers GM Ted Thompson may come back to haunt them but many “fans” seem to dislike him because of his inability to make up his mind. Somehow that trait casts a pall over his legacy. I just don’t get it. I will not remember him for waffling back and forth over his desire to play each off-season. True football fans will remember him as being one of the most exciting competitors to suit up at the quarterback position in the history of the NFL. If jersey sales are any indication, many football fans agree with me.

Over a 10-day span following his joining the Minnesota Vikings, Favre’s No. 4 jersey was the top seller on the NFL’s merchandise Web site for the entire sales period from April 1-Aug. 28. It costs $80.

Even if his detractors could somehow justify how Favre is ruining his legacy, so what? It’s his legacy. Why do people care? So, he’s a prima donna. Unless his prima donna-ness is causing his team victories, I don’t see why it matters. Ultimately, his situation wouldn’t even exist if there were no coaches who still believe in his ability to win at the professional level. It takes two to tango and who cares who his partner is? I don’t but I am excited he’s back for another season. The NFL is better with Brett Favre under center.

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