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What do I know? Heading into Week 3

Consider Randy Moss a #2 receiver for fantasy purposes

I’m sure coach Belichick will find a way to get balls to him now and then but he was due for a decrease in production from last season with Brady. Now he’s got Matt Cassel, who has performed well for all of one start. Coach will make sure Cassel is not put in a position to fail but that doesn’t mean he’ll have many opportunities to utilize Moss as Brady did. The Patriots offense will return to more a smash mouth, run-first philosophy with the occasional shot down the field to keep teams from loading up to stop the running game as they did when Brady first took over the team. Coupled with increased attention by teams to cover Moss, his owners will be disappointed in Randy’s production given where he was selected in most drafts.

Carolina is the team to beat in the NFC

The Panthers have survived the suspension of arguably their top offensive weapon by leaning on their running game, defense and special teams. Now with Smith back in the fold, their offense becomes balanced and dangerous. Any questions about Delhomme’s elbow were answered week one when he threw a laser between multiple defenders to beat San Diego on the last play of the game. Julius Peppers seems to be back to form as well after a down 2007. I think this team matches up very well with the Cowboys and it should be an exciting NFC Championship game assuming Dallas makes it there.

2008 is the year of the rookie running back

This is stating the obvious to many of you but this draft class has the most exciting running backs to come into the league in some time. Matt Forte and Darren McFadden are among the top five rushing leaders after two weeks with a number of other guys (Johnson, Stewart, Smith, Jones, Hightower and Rice) already making significant contributions to their teams. For those of us bold enough to draft a fair number of these players on our fantasy teams, this season is going to be very fun to watch. The only downside I see is deciding which of these guys to start on a weekly basis if you have more than one of them to choose from.

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