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What do I know? Heading into Week 4

The defenses will catch up to the offenses

I have read many football analysts expound the first few weeks of the NFL season favor the defenses. They must not play fantasy football. Every season, guys come out of the gate strong who have not made any consistent contribution in their careers (see Reggie Williams last year and Brandon Lloyd, Julius Jones or Matt Jones this year). Teams will dissect enough tape to figure out how to defend whatever it is that is working for these guys and they will fall by the fantasy wayside yet again. Bank on it. Meanwhile all the true fantasy studs, the guys who produce no matter the opponent (think LT and P. Manning), will regain their footing and make their traditional fantasy impact over the course of the season.

Parity is dead

Remember the phrase “any given Sunday”? That used to be a legitimate NFL cliché, but now there are a number of awful teams (Rams, Chiefs, Lions, Bengals, Raiders and Browns) that are essentially becoming guaranteed wins for their opponents. Sure, some of them will put up a good fight, especially when they play at home, but no longer are the days that just any challenged team can rise up and beat a good team. Yes, I know about the Patriots last week but let’s face it, they were due for a let down after 21 straight regular season victories, and the truth is New England has more holes than they care to admit. Unless they find a new quarterback (not a game manager) in a hurry, they will be fortunate to make the playoffs this season.

The NFC has caught up to the AFC

The NFC is 7-3 against the AFC through three weeks. The NFC East alone is 10-2 overall, 3-0 against the AFC. The Eagles pummeled what was a fairly sound

Pittsburgh team through two weeks. The defending Super Bowl champion Giants, Cowboys, Eagles, Packers, Vikings and Panthers will be tough outs for whoever has to play them. Meanwhile in the AFC, Indy is struggling on offense, the Pats look mortal with their lack of a consistent passing game, the preseason darling Jags are banged up and showing it, the Steelers were exposed up front and

Denver has to outscore teams to get their wins. The few potentially strong teams in the AFC are the Bills, Titans and Ravens, although

Baltimore has only played the winless Bengals and Browns, both at home. Those three teams are a combined 1-0 against the NFC, with

Buffalo’s 34-10 Week 1 win over

Seattle. The only other AFC teams to get wins against the NFC are

Denver, who barely outlasted the Saints, and

Indianapolis who pulled off an unlikely victory when the Vikings imploded the last quarter and a half.

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