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What do I know? Heading into Week 6

Spirit of the Call

Ed Hochuli needs a vacation somewhere warm. He has been in a downward spiral since his blown call against

San Diego and now he is struggling to make the obvious call. He seemingly blew another call last Monday night when he failed to uphold the Adrian Peterson fumble. This isn’t just about him, though. He has been a great referee for some time so I will give him a break. What is more alarming is the lack of consistency in the calls coming from the officiating crews. Here’s a novel idea: let the players play the game. Unless a player obviously hits someone without the appearance of making a football play, let it be. Case in point was the hit that Ryan Clark put on Matt Jones last Sunday night. The ball was nowhere near the receiver and

Clark went out of his way to put a hit on Jones. The personal foul was warranted and correct. On the other hand, James Harrison’s hit on David Garrard while he was throwing was legal, and Deebo even let up on him rather than drive him into the ground. All I am asking for is consistency with the calls. I won’t hold my breath.

Not your average mammal

Everyone knows that Dolphins are known for their intellect and the

Miami coaching staff is living up that billing with their implementation of their Wildcat offensive formation. You’d think at the NFL level teams would have broken down the tape of the Patriots game enough to relegate this formation as nothing more than a fad. Either the Chargers didn’t do enough homework last week or there really is something to that offensive set that will continue to confound defensive coordinators. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has already stated this week that the Dolphins have more tricks up their sleeve. Given the current state of the AFC East without Tom Brady, the Dolphins may very well prove to be the best comeback story of the NFL season.

Fools gold in Colorado

I know

Denver is off to a 4-1 start but considering that their last three victories have come by an average of two points, color me unimpressed. This is the smallest margin of victory by the six remaining 4-1 teams over their last three wins. The Broncos boast the league’s 2nd-ranked offense (415 yards per game) but over 70 percent of their offensive yardage is gained through the air. There are six other teams who have a higher pass/run yardage ratio than the Broncos and their combined record is 13-15 with only the Cardinals having a winning record. Meanwhile, the Broncos’ 29th-ranked defense has yet to hit their stride, giving up 388.4 yards per game. If one believes the axiom that teams who run the ball and stop the run win, Denver

has to improve on their 14th ranked rushing game and 25th ranked rush defense if they hope to continue their winning ways.

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