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What do I know? Heading into Week 7

Top 11 WR review


Through six Sundays, the top eleven wide
receivers in my 2 point per reception league are Hines Ward, Steven Smith,
Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Chad Ochocinco, Larry Fitzgerald,
Marques Colston, Santonio Holmes and Wes Welker. I included eleven because
there is a three way tie for ninth place. There aren’t a lot of surprises on
that list with the exception of the top two, Hines Ward and “the
other” Steve Smith and Santonio Holmes in tenth. The rest of these guys
were all likely drafted in the Top 10 receivers. The fact that two Steeler
receivers made it is even more surprising. It’s official, the Steelers have
morphed into a passing team with a complementary running game. Steve Smith has
really come into his own in the Giants re-juvenated passing game minus Plaxico.
Johnson, Moss and Fitzgerald were one of the top 4 receivers drafted in most leagues
and they’re living up to their ranking. Chad Ochocinco is finally back to his
old ways thanks to a little less talk and a little more focus. It certainly
helps to have a healthy Palmer back in the fold. Wes Welker appearing on the
list is expected but it’s even more impressive because he’s been hobbled by a
bum knee that kept him out of one game. One thing is certain, owners who subscribed
to the stud wide receiver theory when drafting are sitting pretty.





And Then There Were Four


Four unbeaten teams remain after six weekends of
games; the Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints and Minnesota
Vikings. None of their opponents combined winning percentage is above .500 with
the Vikings playing the easiest schedule (.323) followed by the Colts (.357),
Broncos (.471) and Saints (.483). With that in mind, here are the weeks we can
expect these teams to fall from the ranks of the unbeaten. The Vikings first
loss will come this weekend against the Steelers. The Steelers realize they
haven’t put any sixty minute games together yet and they can ill afford to not
show up against a team of the Vikings caliber. Adrian Peterson will still get
his (at least 80 yards and a TD) but I believe the Steelers pass defense will
be ready for Favre and the Vikings passing game. The Broncos are the hardest
team to figure out. They have beaten some good teams in the Pats and Chargers
and their defense seems legitimate but I just have a feeling they’re due for a
let down sooner than later. I say they lose to the Ravens when they return from
their bye in Week 8. The Colts will lose the very next week when the Texans pay
them a visit. I don’t have any good reason for that so call it a hunch. I
expect a high scoring affair but in the end, the Texans will pull it out. Don’t
worry Colts fans, Indy will return the favor a couple of weeks later by beating
the Texans in their stadium. The Saints will continue their roll until they
meet up with the Patriots in Week 12. Then it will come down to a field goal
and the Pats will emerge victorious in one of the best games of the year. Sorry
Saints fans but I don’t see another team running the regular season table and
the Pats will have all the incentive they need to give


their first loss.



Crazy Like a Fisher


Earlier this week, after his team was humiliated fifty
nine to nil in Foxboro by the Patriots, coach Jeff Fisher spoke at a charity
event that former coach Tony Dungy was also attending. During his trip to the
podium, Fisher took off his button down shirt to reveal a Peyton Manning
jersey. Then he stepped to the microphone and jokingly said “I just wanted
to feel like a winner”. Now some people in the media have tried to make an
issue of this particular comment saying that this quote might be interpreted by
the team as they’re a bunch of losers. Well, they’re 0-6. That’s not to say
that the individuals on the team are losers which is what I think some media
members are trying to imply but that the team is losing and Fisher just wanted
to feel like a winner. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t think anyone on that
team can stand up and say they feel like a winner right now even if deep down
they really believe they are. That’s what a 59-0 drubbing will do to your
confidence. Did Coach Fisher have to make a joke about it a day after it appeared
that his team quit on him? Probably not but that’s why he’s a head coach and
not performing stand up on Comedy Central. It certainly wouldn’t sit well with me if I were a
Titans fan because it may seem like the coach just didn’t care as much as I did
about the Titans putrid performance. But that’s a fans perspective. Fisher’s
perspective is obviously a different one, especially in the context of that
event. Part of that context being that the hottest tickets in town when the
Titans first moved to


for Colts games (not Titans games) and there are still many

Peyton Manning fans in the area because he went to college
there. The argument that this comment would be demoralizing to his players
rings hollow to me. If they are demoralized at all, it should be due to their
lack of production on the field not an ill-timed quip made in jest.



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