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What do I know? Heading into Week 7


cows out to pasture

What happened to running backs who consistently get 20 carries a game? You used to be able to count on LaDainian Tomlinson, Shaun Alexander, Edgerrin James, Clinton Portis and even Larry Johnson to grind out yards well into the fourth quarter, only breaking for a breather now and again. Now there are specialists for every down and distance it seems. Third-down, short-yardage and goal-line are just some of the designations used to describe these running backups. Of the top 20 running backs through six weeks, only four (Portis – 22.7, Peterson – 21.5, Turner– 21.3 and Forte – 21.2) average over 20 carries per game. Given this year’s outstanding rookie running back class, there will be plenty of outstanding backs to choose from during next season’s draft. The major caveat is only a few can be relied on to carry the bulk of the rushing load. That makes those running backs that carry the ball over 20 times each game even more valuable in future fantasy drafts.

Dallas is OUT

I’m calling this a bit early and forgive my ‘Project Runway’ reference, but consider the Cowboys schedule over their next four games: at

St. Louis, home vs. Tampa Bay, at the New York Giants and at Washington. It is entirely conceivable that the Cowboys could be at .500 after 10 games. That would leave them having to win four or five of their next six to even sniff the playoffs, given their tough division. That’s the good news. Now for the bad news: they are without Tony Romo for a month, lost one of their better corners (Adam Jones) and their top rookie (Felix Jones) for roughly the same time frame (2-4 weeks) and their number one receiver (you know who) is crying about not getting the ball enough, yet again. Granted, they just brought in Roy Williams, but how does that address TO’s concerns about not getting enough balls thrown his way? I think the G-men are for real so I pencil them in as division winners. Philly always seems to make a late-season run and McNabb appears to be healthy this year. That leaves

Washington as the Cowboys’ main competitor for what could be the last playoff spot in the NFC, but the Cowboys already lost at home to the Skins. Sorry

Dallas fans, but I just don’t see how they make it.

It’s in the Cards

This is finally the year the Arizona Cardinals will win the NFC West. Hats off to Coach Ken Whisenhunt who had the cohonas to start aging veteran Kurt Warner over Matt Leinart despite the former’s penchant for turning the ball over. That move alone has helped the Cardinals lead the league in offensive touchdowns (22) through six weeks and Warner’s playing his best football since he was a two-time MVP. The running game, which has been perpetually average at best, is now a two-headed monster with the ultra-reliable Edgerrin James and the Marion Barber-clone Tim Hightower. Even if Edge wears down as the season goes on, the Cardinals have a solid player they can plug in without missing a beat. The defense has been a bit inconsistent, ranking 14th overall (11th rushing, 18th passing) but is tied for second in the league with 18 sacks. Once that unit shores up their weekly performances,

Arizona will become a formidable opponent for any team. They have only played one division game but given that the rest of the NFC West teams are a combined 4-12, the division title is theirs to lose.

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