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What to do with Josh Gordon?

Well, if it’s a dynasty league it’s a no-brainer. You keep
Josh Gordon

. He’s young. He’s healthy. Not fully banned (yet).

The vast majority of redraft leagues don’t draft until late July or August and we should know the 2014 fate of Gordon by then.

Half-year? All year? Straight suspension or will he have to apply for reinstatement? And if he loses a whole year, will the Cleveland Browns even want him back? (Of course they will, they don’t have any real scruples that we’re aware of. What are they going to do, make
Miles Austin

their long-term plan?)

But what if you’ve got one of those rare, goofy re-draft leagues that will start the draft before the Gordon decision is made in the next month or so?

Sans suspension, Gordon was easily a second round pick. If it were only a four-week suspension, that might still hold true. But an eight-week suspension– the likely minimum – is two-thirds of a fantasy team’s regular season.

You don’t draft him. You don’t draft
Josh Gordon

until you have secured enough starters for your team. That means … about seventh round at the earliest. That, of course, means some nimrod is probably going to nab him in about the fourth round and laugh in maniacal victory for having beat everyone else to the punch.

You can silently snicker victoriously to yourself. A half-season suspension still means that he would most likely need a few more weeks to adjust to playing with his team and particularly his new quarterback. So assuming that is a good match, it may be fantasy playoff time before he is ready to be productive for you.

And if you blew a fourth-round pick on him, there’s a great chance you missed out on a
DeSean Jackson

Bishop Sankey
or a second-tier quarterback, which may seriously put you in jeopardy of not being in the postseason in the first place.

In short, that’s too much faith in too many unknowns to put into one player. You can’t let the fear of “what if someone else gets him and he beats everyone at the end of the year.”
Josh Gordon

is not the be all, end all of wide receivers in the NFL and you can most certainly win without him. Let someone else take the chance.

Keep an eye out for Gordon. There’s a good chance he doesn’t come up for auction and would be a great $1 add after the draft!

If Gordon does get suspended for the full year, look to see who has him in your league. If it’s a team that has many holes, try to broker a deal to get him on the cheap. Then when he’s reinstated and returns to the league, wait until he has a few great games and sell very high for draft picks. I “flipped”
Calvin Johnson

last year and loved the results! (A topic I can discuss at another time.)

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