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When Life Hands You “Lemons”… Make Lemonade.

When Your Fellow Owners Leave You “Lemons” Make Lemonade.

You’ve sat there during your draft listening to Rb, Wr, and Te names being called. You cross name after name off the same crappy cheatsheet that every owner in your league clings to. You grimace as all the prospects that you thought that would make your team great are gone. Your hopes and dreams of a good season that leads you back to the promise land vanishing with every pick ahead of you.

Take a deep breath and focus. Remember the old addage…

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Don’t get all sauced up and accidentally draft Cleo Lemon. I’m not talking extreme measures here. I had a friend who did absolutely zero research and had a few too many pre-draft brews. He ended up drafting Chip Lohmiller-K in the first round. So be forewarned that drinking pre-draft leads to poor decision making. Sit back relax and know that there is great value to be had.


Here’s a look at the 2008 fantasy football ”

Lemons”.  These guys are where you can get great value at a moderate price. In my leagues, running backs dominate the first two rounds. Good receivers can be had late, while some teams reach for rookies. Quarterbacks can be feast or famine depending on the price. Tight ends, kickers, and defenses are always in good supply. For this article we will focus on RB’s, WR’s, and TE’s.  I’ll cover QB’s, Defenses, and Kickers in my next piece entitled ”

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”



Earnest Graham– Is a very consistent performer. When he gets the carries, he makes the most of them. Expect him to start as the Cadillac is always in the shop with “transmission” problems. Consider Graham to be the Ford truck of the draft. Should the Caddy not be in game shape, expect Graham to start most of the season. I am not saying Cadillac can’t make an impact, but he’ll be hard pressed immediately to contribute. Pick Graham up if you have early bye weeks, and if you can get him at a value pick. You’ll be happy you did.


Julius Jones– Seattle’s landscape isn’t as predictable with TJ Duckett in the mix. First indication is that Jones will get a little more than half the carries as the approach RBBC status. Maurice Morris can tote the rock as effective as Jones but his durability is in question. Take the time to watch the battles during preseason. I’d take Jones with a late third rounder if he falls to me. I can get Morris for cheaper but his value is limited with Duckett getting the goal line work.


Kevin Jones– Expect to see jones on a roster in the next few weeks. Chicago would be a good place to land since Adrian Peterson and Garrett Wolfe have proven very little. Should the Bears decide that they need another, Jones is a decent prospect. If he hasn’t signed by draft day, which would be rare case scenario, he could be had for a last round pick.  Jones is far from done.


Fred Jackson/Xavier Omon– although Xavier Omon has more upside, Jackson will get the nod if Lynch continues to be a jackass and not cooperate with authorities. My guess is that a suspension is emminent for Lynch. Grab either one for a great value pick in the late 6th to 7th rounds.



Reggie Williams– After losing his disappointment title as a rookie, look for Williams to return to glory. I can see 8td’s this year and 1000+ yards. An excellent big bodied receiver, with a quarterback on the rise equals a great value pick mid rounds. If he drops to round 5, I’ll do the happy dance when I select him.


Anthony Gonzales– With Marvin ailing and almost done, Gonzales has excellent mid to late round value. Manning will throw 30 td’s again and

expect the former Buckeye to grab 8 to 10 of these as Wayne draws the double coverage.


Troy Williamson– Late Late Late rounds as a flier because this guy has the tools and is just learning to use them. He is blessed with great speed. I will pick him in the last round if he is there on potential alone. Expect Jerry Porter and Williams to be 1 and 2 Wr’s in Jax and Williamson to play the slot after they realize the Matt Jones experiment didn’t work. I am enamoured with Garrard’s ability to make great decisions and all the throws. The running game is solid and sets up the play action pass. I like Williamson for the slot because of his great speed and RAC ability. Grab him late and expect a few snickers from the other guys. He has been labelled a bust previously. I believe the jury isn’t quite out on him.


Lee Evans– Expect him not only to be the WR1 but to lead all in deep receptions. Former Wisconsin star is on my Radar at round 2-3 and early.

He’s a good value at that spot. If he falls to round 3, I’ll be very surprised in keeper leagues. Edwards looks like he will continue to improve and if he can unleash the deep ball, Evans should score 10 td’s.


Sidney Rice– I don’t expect more than 6 td’s, but he is a great fill in for Bye weeks. Look for Rice to pleasantly surprise you as Berrian mentors him. Rice has more upside than Berrian. I don’t expect Jackson to throw more than 15 td’s. Play the situational start during your bye weeks with this guy if he has a quality matchup. do not take him before the last round, your fellow owners don’t think very much of Travaris Jackson either.



Chris Cooley– with rookies wr’s everywhere in washington, look for Cooley to continue on his quest to be a redzone wonder. I expect you can have Cooley mid to late rounds because of the hype that surrounds Gates, Witten, and Winslow. Cooley is a good value and a solid contributor. His rapport with Skin’s QB Campbell is excellent.


Dallas Clark– Forget about the porn mustache. This guy creates matchup issues as he is usually on a linebacker who he can out run, or a cb he can run over. Expect a few less Td’s this year at 8 as the colts lean more on receivers and backs. He will be a yardage monster though.


Algennon Crumpler– If you slept on Gates, Witten, Winslow, Cooley, Vernon Davis, and Shockey. This is your guy. The dropoff after this guy is enormous, and you’ll have to roll the dice with a rookie. Rookie tight ends are way too risky. He has lost 10 to 15 pounds and is a redzone monster. Despite VY being a joke as a passer. I expect crumpler to have 6-7td’s. He also has one of the coolest names in football.

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