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When The Real World Interferes With Fantasy Football

Sometimes in this real world, you just want to get away
from what is known as life. There is nothing better than to take the edge off
of the everyday stresses of what is the new grown up world. As a kid, you could
use your imagination and play all day as there was nothing ever to worry about;
at least not yet. However, being an adult is an entirely different matter, as
you have to face the reality of responsibility and doing what you have to do to
survive in this cruel, cruel world. Usually, I find outlets to alleviate the
stress and monotony of real life, with fantasy football being one of them.

With the fires in

Southern California

, and the wars across three time
zones in the


, it
is nice to sit down and try and figure out who you are going to start in your fantasy
lineup, then following the match up all day on a computer to see if you have
won. Unfortunately, you can’t always do that as real life can get in the way of
fantasy football. Just in case you were wondering why my articles have all but
disappeared, this is the main reason why. I have less and less time to get
anything done, much less anything to do with fantasy football. I barely even
get my lineups submitted in all 8 of my leagues.

But, this is not about me. This is about all of us that
has ever felt the weight of reality pushing on us to where we simply ran out of
time for the fun stuff, and that includes fantasy football. Surely, if you have
a family, you have gone through this at one time or another. Perhaps, you have
had a child who is sick or in the hospital, or maybe your wife needs an
operation. All of the sudden, deciding on whether to make that trade in your
league is not as important.

Then, there is your job and maybe they have added more and
more responsibility on you. You have gone from 40 hours a week to working more
like 60 hours, then you realize how much less time there is in the day for leisure
activities. If you want to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly,
you do not complain. I am sure your boss will understand perfectly that you do
not have enough time to run an efficient fantasy team. He would tell you to “Get

Maybe it is another entire reason entirely. Perhaps, you
have had all this free time on your hands because you were single and all you
had to do is pay attention to yourself. Well, then you have to fill up your
time with something, right? Why not fill it up with fantasy football? It surely
seems logical, doesn’t it? Then, you meet someone and fall in love and you have
less and less time to spend on fantasy football. You know, because, certain
someone wants all or most of your attention. Since you are not stupid and this
your only chance to score, you comply to her every request and need. One thing
then leads to another….

And, then all of the sudden, you notice yourself married
and she is pregnant. This all happens so fast, but as a proud future Papa, you
do not care. You will do anything to make the mother of your child happy, and
guess what? That takes up a lot of time from what used to be important, fantasy
football. After the birth of your child, there is even less and less time,
because kids need a ton of time. If there are 24 hours in day, a child needs 50
of it. If you are a parent, you understand this statement.

So, where does this leave fantasy football in the pecking
order; Pretty low on the priority list. It doesn’t matter how much you try and
try to get back into it. You cannot possibly effectively manage 12 teams like
you used to. You Get a Job, get married and have children and surprises happen
all along the way, cutting into what used to be one of your favorite hobbies. That
is the sad reality of well, reality. No matter how long you try to escape it,
it is going to happen to all of us in one shape, form or another. Real Life is
going to interfere with your fantasy football teams.

What can you do? Well, you can start by managing your time
better. You could cut down on the amount of teams that you have. You don’t
really need 12 teams, anyway. Eventually, your kid is going to grow into a
teenager and your wife will learn to ignore you leaving you with plenty of time
for fantasy football. Until then, you are just going to have to face reality;
that there is less time for fantasy football.

As always, if you have any hate mail, fan mail,
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