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Where have I gone wrong? And how do I fix this?

Those who followed my draft plan (;;; are likely looking at the same problems I am.  You’re killing it in the pitching categories, albeit while playing with some fire, and you’re slumping enough with the bats to keep you out of the first two spots but remain within striking distance.  Unless some of you were lucky/good enough to land Josh Hamilton in round 2 or 3 instead of my preferred choice – Giancarlo Stanton.  Now the real questions become do you shake it up a bit? or stay the course and bank on your guys returning to form?  I’m going to highlight a few players and tell you why you need to pursue trading them or stick it out.


The Easy ones

All of the top 7 corner infielders (i.e. Albert Pujols, Evan Longoria, Adrian Gonzalez, etc.) and Andrew McCutchen.  The latter has finally heated up the last few weeks after a scary April, but the rest of them aren’t carrying your team like Matt Kemp and Josh Hamilton are carrying there’s.  They will, eventually.  They have to.  It’s not like you can flip them for any real value as you’ll have to flip them for over achievers outside the preseason top 10 and hope they maintain, that’s just not a winning strategy.  Your only options are to trade amongst them.


Pablo Sandoval – he got hurt, again.  He’ll be back soon and he’s been incredibly productive when he is on the field, you have to hold steady here.

Giancarlo Stanton – I was in sell at the first opportunity mode in early May because I thought his knee wasn’t right (his spray chart was very worrisome) but over the last few weeks not only has the power returned but he’s replacing ground balls and fly balls with line drives too (26.4% on the season, career 17.9%).  Glad I held on!

Test the Waters

Howie Kendrick – I actually bought him in one league, but there are some red flags emerging – BB% is down, K% is up, SwgStrk % is up, GB% is up.  However, when Pujols corrects himself (and he is in the process of it now) I think pitchers are going to start giving Kendrick more to hit.  If there’s someone hot for Kendrick you may be able to get a nice return though.


Ryan Zimmerman – I’m convinced he is going to go all Rickie Weeks on me and finally go nuts the year I refuse to draft him after owning him for half a decade, nevertheless him and I are done.  He can’t stay healthy and it’s messing with his game.  I don’t expect him to maintain his current 7.1% HR/FB, but that’s your ammo to get a trade done.  He can correct himself and return to the 30 HR hitter we all thought he was, but it won’t be for an extended period of time.  You’ll get a nice return.


If you would like to discuss other players please post about them in our Baseballsharks forums,  For now, you want to target moving and targeting specific players.  Over the next few weeks we will focus on prospects and eventually ‘team specific’ trading, but that’s a discussion for future you and future me.  Go get those bats!

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