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Which RBBC will have a lone breakout?

Your starting back gets all the work all the way down the field. He grinds. Making four first downs and fourty four yards. A failed pass attempt and then he vanishes, only to be replaced by a speedier back. Then as the team reaches the goal line.Your stomach churns as they bring in a short yardage specialist. Doh! Where did your points go? Where is the love? Your guy is no where to be found. Then you see him in on the next series and all you can do is pray he breaks the long one.

RBBC to steer clear of:



Julius Jones has averaged only 4 ypc in his career,

TJ Duckett is a TD vulture, and

Maurice “Gibb” Morris has some flash not only in his disco outfits, but in his running.

Justin Forsett is a project.

Winner: No one


NY Giants:

Brandon Jacobs is the starter but he isn’t as durable as advertised. He tends to run upright, which leads to taking the big hit.

Ahmad Bradshaw is a good runner and may be the third down back.

Derrick Ward has been brilliant when called upon. The problem is you have to guess which one. Jacobs seems to be the logical choice, but I have zero faith in him.

Winner: No one! Steer clear.



Lendale White played hurt all last year. I still don’t expect him to do much better than 4 ypc. Add

Chris Johnson to the mix stealing carries.

Chris Henry also flashed during limited carries.

Vince Young likes to run as well.


White although

Johnson might be worth a flier.



Ronnie Brown is a stud, but he isn’t healed to the point that he can play with the same intensity.

Ricky “ZigZag”Williams is one bong hit away from a permanent ban from the NFL.

Samkon Gado is not the answer. Rookie

Jalen Parmele needs a year to get acclimated.

Winner: No one. Steer clear.

Here’s a few ideas where one man could emerge from the darkness of RBBC:


Tampa– It’s no secret that Gruden intends to pound the ball.

Ernest Graham has shown the kind of durability that makes him stand out from the rest.

Carnell Cadillac Williams is not going to play early on if at all.

Warrick Dunn  will get plenty of opportunities as a third down back.

Michael Bennett was never good.

Cory Boyd is a project and should see lots of opportunities to practice his origami skills on the pine.

Winner: Ernest Graham



Tatum Bell has spent more time in the doghouse than anyone else. He was a tremendous up and coming talent with the Broncos. After a season of pine riding, I see him as a ack up again.

Kevin Smith is a workhorse. He has great vision, and balance. I see him pushing for Rookie of the year honors.

Brian Calhoun is pint sized.

Artose “DeToa” Pinner flashed some skill and quickly returned to the where are they now file.

Winner: Kevin Smith


Pittsburg: Fast

Willie Parker has all the skills. Enter the between the tackles runner

Mendenhall. Add

Melwelde Moore who is used to being last on the depth chart. What do you get? The best RBBC on the planet. Provided Fast Willie crosses the stripe this year, he is the favorite. Mendenhall will be acclimated to the speed of the game by week 5. The second half of the season will be a real treat to watch. Moore may get some work but not enough to warrant a draft spot.

Winner: (Pick ’em) Parker with the edge on the full season, Mendy as a longterm keeper. Tomlin will pound the ball to set up play action and screen passes to Mendenhall. I expect this will be the best tandem.

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