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Who Are We?

Welcome to We’re glad you stopped by. We’re a team of writers, editors, bloggers, pod-casters, radio hosts, software developers, statisticians and content managers all working on making this project go.  We’ve assembled an all star crew so that you don’t have to!  Enjoy your swim, we hope you enjoy our offering.


fantasy football staff Tony Holm – Founder
A 3-time Fantasy Hall of Fame nominee, Tony believes that it’s the journey that matters not the destination. Yeah, whatever…


fantasy football staff Jim Bukowski – Content Manager/Senior Editor
Keeps the writers in line and is quick with the whip and wit.


fantasy football staff Jeff Madigan – Senior Editor
Understands the proper usage of a double-dash and keeps the writers honest. Well, as honest as any one man can.


fantasy football staff Greg Kellogg – Sharks Radio Host (Retired)
Hall of famer Greg Kellogg and team sound off about all things fantasy. Always a hoot, give it a listen.


fantasy football staff Greg Dietz – Social Media Director
Greg is all things Facebook and Twitter for Sharks. Social media is his ‘thang see.



fantasy football staff Mark Chamberlin – Writer/Stats Team
Fantasy Baseball and Football, Mark helps on all fronts including the AFC North Projections.


fantasy football staff Doug Coutts – Senior Writer/Stats Team
Weekly waiver wire, division projections, random thoughts, NFC North Projections, Fantasy Baseball team, Doug is all over Fantasy Sharks and has been since day one.


fantasy football staff Ben Doughty – Stats Team
Our NFC West Projections predictor. Ben has been many things for us, writing, projecting, helping. Take a page from his book as he knows how to steer your team into the winners circle.


fantasy football staff Mike Rumsey – Stats Team
Our AFC East Projections wise guy. We get local people to cover their local divisions and Mike is one of those, an AFC East fan, living in AFC East country. It’s how we bring the projections closer to you.


fantasy football staff Joshua Simmons – Writer/Stats Team
Our AFC West Projections guru and frequent contributor to all things fantasy.


fantasy football staff Matt Wilson – Senior Writer/Stats Team
NFC South Guru and famous for his extensive player analysis pieces. We’re honestly thrilled to have Matt on board as he consistently ranks at or near the top as one of our most endeared writers. Though we question the year his profile pic was taken.. there’s something just a little suspicious going on here.



fantasy football staff Tom Braun – Podcaster
Want to hear what Sharks are thinking? Listen to Tom Braun and Chris Dolfi’s weekly podcast.


fantasy football staff Chris Dolfi – Podcaster
Is there an echo in here? Just listen to Tom and Chris weekly, only here at Fantasy Sharks.



fantasy football staff Ed Bonfanti – Writer
General thoughts and musings on the fantasy season.


MJ Brown – Writer
If you’re a fan of keeper leagues, then MJ’s your guy. Join him weekly as he brings you his take on the keeper-league landscape sprinkled with his unique brand of humor.


fantasy football staff Thomas Casale – Writer
Former Patriots beat writer and Sports Illustrated columnist, Thomas brings his unique take on the situation, only here at


fantasy football staff Walter Collazo – Writer
Best known for his Brew Crew Corner, Walter is one of our top contributors to the site. Deep wisdom exudes from his being.


Dan Collins – Writer
Dan is Fantasy Sharks’ equivalent of Mel Kiper, sans the hair. He also brings his deep knowledge of player evaluation and team needs to his fantasy ramblings.


Trey Daubert – Writer
For those of you in dynasty and keeper leagues, Trey’s your guy, as he keeps us updated on who the stars of tomorrow will be.


fantasy football staff Gary Davenport – Senior IDP Writer
Gary is one of our IDP guru’s. He eats, breaths and sleeps IDP. If you don’t read Gary, that’s your problem.


fantasy football staff Tim Davoll – Senior Writer
Our resident virgin and user of big words. OK, that didn’t sound so great but he writes our weekly contemplative retrospective.


fantasy football staff Jordan Gingery – Writer
Jordan is new to us in 2012 after blowing us away with his quality and quantity of work. Plan on spending a little more time with Sharks this year just to keep up.


fantasy football staff David Grey – Senior Writer
The one the only, his Grey Report has been an internet staple for years. Exclusive to Sharks and we’re darn proud to have him.


fantasy football staff Marc Griffis – Writer
Fantasy Football and Baseball team. Marc writes A-Z for us, his talents are only limited by the amount of time in a day.


fantasy football staff Eric Hartvigson – Writer
A 2012 rookie, he draws the short straw and will have the 1st deadline of the week with his Monday morning wrap up. Better luck next year rookie.


fantasy football staff Curt Kestila – Writer
Curt brings his humorous take on the world of fantasy football and even tries to give us some winning advice from time to time.


fantasy football staff John Lanfranca – Writer
JL’s observation deck is what he writes as he opines from on high.


Todd Latzke – Writer
A veteran of many fantasy football campaigns, Todd goes deep to keep us updated on all the relevant rookies.


fantasy football staff Nick Pagliuca – Writer
Nick’s our daily game expert doing his best to put a little extra cash into your pocket.


fantasy football staff Steve Rudy, Jr. – Writer
Steve brings his weekly lockdown players of the week and dishes up weekly sleepers for your lineup. A must read each week.


fantasy football staff Walton Spurlin – Writer/IDP Team
Wally is a man who likes to work both sides of the ball as he provides in-depth IDP coverage to go along with the ever-popular Start/Bench series.


fantasy football staff Patrick White – Writer
In his short time with Fantasy Sharks, Pat has carved out a deep ravine by producing some of the best content we’ve seen. Other sites wish they had Patrick White.