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Who Sharks are Starting is Back

Just in time for your lineup deadlines, the automatic, often erratic, undogmatic, mathemagic Who Sharks are Starting is back up and running for the 2009 season.

Tom Brady,

Roddy White, and

LaDainian Tomlinson are at the top The Tank’s collective brain. Take a walking tour of these dynamic rankings, from

Anquan Boldin to 

Cortland Finnegan to

Dave Zastudil — yes, even punters.

If you missed it last season, Who Sharks are Starting offers dynamic and rankings pulled from the rosters of the fantasy owners in the site leagues and the leagues formed within the Shark Tank community. Other sites tell you things like 99% of owners are starting Randy Moss, as if that helps you. Who Sharks are Starting looks past the starting lineup, and into the individual decisions on complete rosters to compute a confidence rating. You get a ranking to see where players stack up, and you can even see the actual choices sharks are making — some sneaky, and some, well, not.

You start with quarterbacks, where there are no big surprises until you get around

Carson Palmer. Click on his name to see him starting ahead of

Peyton Manning,

Kurt Warner,

Aaron Rodgers, and even consensus QB1

Drew Brees. Hopefully these are just week 1 oversights, and the The Tank hasn’t been overrun by members of the

Mike Martz family. Big Bay Ups to the one guy going to war with San Fran’s

Shaun Hill at the helm with just

Jake Delhomme behind him — With drafting like that, you need to run, do not walk, to your nearest Kinko’s and fax your resume to Oakland immediately.

On to the runningbacks, you passed on him at 1.01 this year, but LT is a strong #1 this week. Head to the deep end of the RB2 pool though, and things get a little wacky.

Willie Parker against Tennessee doesn’t excite me,

Derrick Ward isn’t even atop the depth chart of Disney Land’s answer to the Raiders, and I want nothing to do with an injured rookie on a team that couldn’t get through the offseason without pissing off their quarterback.

Apart from just a ranking, you can also think of the bottom of this list as a waiver shopping list.

Carnell Williams is back,

Mike Bell is suddenly relevant, and

Mike Goodson seems just a breath away from playing second fiddle to

DeAngelo Williams behind the Carolina O-Line. These and some other guys might still be on the wire, and you should correct this ASAP. Speaking of corrections, I’d better not see the suspended

Marshawn Lynch ahead of

Darren Sproles on Sunday. I know who you are, you’re in one of my leagues, and I will make you famous.

I was going to run through more positions, but now I need to figure out just how miserable I’m going to make this Lynch owner. It’s just as well, since I’m sure you get the idea by now. You’ve got all offensive players, IDPs, coaches, and even punters, pulled every hour from the rosters of the sharks, sliced, diced, and glued back together again into a convenient color-coded package.

While looking through players, I hope you appreciate my philosophy on loading messages — if a computer is going to make you wait, it should at least try to amuse you. I’m not going to have much time to add new real functionality this season, but if you’ve got some ideas for new loading messages, drop me a message in the Feedback Forum. Enjoy Who Sharks are Starting all season, and good luck this week — unless you’re facing me.

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